Day 1, 21st Century, 9th year

My name is Anya, and I have the nasty business of writing out what the world does not want you to know. We are surrounded by the supernatural. You name it and I can almost certainly guarantee that it exists. I'm aware of how vague my statement is and even how ludicrous it is, but, perhaps, I can help you to understand.

Have you ever felt a cold chill run through you with no visible reason? Ever heard a new house creak uneasily in the night? Ever seen something out of the corner of your eye only to dismiss it later? Or maybe you became one of the unlucky few who has encountered one of the beasts. Ever woken up feeling as though you'd just run ten miles? Or even in a cold sweat from a horrid dream? Perhaps you have even felt a nasty sting simply by sitting still or walking on what you know to be even pavement and not always on your feet. We are surrounded by those who wish us harm, yet do not be afraid.

I tell you my story now, not in the vain hope that you will become a Sybil--the name given to humans with "the second sight"--but that you will be on the lookout more acutely and you will be more prepared than I was. I cannot tell you much more than I have, for time is short and I write this from my accounts as I saw them, heard them, and felt them.

Do not be afraid. Fear is what feeds them...Ah, I have said too much and my time is short. I will write what can be written, interspersed with my own journal entries.

May you be warned, the world you percieve is not at all what it seems...