Night of the Shooting Star

I remember the day
when the world fell apart.
Alone, I wander aimlessly.
I come to the hill under the starry sky;
the place where we had met.

A single tear runs down my cheek
to be lost just as I lost you.
A blaze of white fire streaks across the sky
and I suddenly find myself remembering again
the night of the shooting star.

What did you wish for,
that night on this hill?
I can't remember your answer.
I wonder if your wish came true?
My mind drifts back in time.

It was all so perfect, back then,
with our fingers intertwined,
or simply walking in the afternoon,
the sun shining on our faces
and the rest of the world at our backs.

And when the rain began to fall,
I'd grumbled then, putting on a scowl.
But you laughed and took me by the hand
and we went dancing in the rain
until the sun shone again.

You've always said people wasted your time
but you always had time for me.
I never thought I was good enough
but you shook your head and smiled at me,
banishing all the doubt.

When you smiled, the world got just a little brighter,
and when you laughed, there was no such thing as pain.
I felt so small beside your vast brightness
but you fixed me with your gentle gaze
and for a while, I could believe...

I should have known then.
It was all too perfect.
I should have known it couldn't last.
Now it's too late to say goodbye,
too late to say I love you.

The rain pounds on my heavy heart
almost masking the tears.
A single rose beside the stone.
You didn't leave on purpose
so why do I feel so betrayed...?

Was it all the promises you made
that you can no longer keep?
You were my hope, my courage,
my friend, my everything.
Now everything's buried with you.

The people surrounding me are so close
but I couldn't be farther away.
They tell me it's alright, but it's not, is it?
because they think the young don't understand love.
They don't realize I had loved you.

No one else seems to notice anymore
and time moves on without you.
I find myself turning around desperately.
I thought I heard your voice but
it was only the wind.

... Time has passed since then.
I am still only half a person
but my heart is all my own, right?
So... is it okay to cry? No... Is it okay to smile?
It feels like such a sin now.

But I will go on
because I think you would want that for me,
and because here, beneath the shooting star
I make my own wish:
to meet you again someday.

What did you wish for,
on that night of the shoooting star?
I think I can remember now... your answer.
I suddenly find myself laughing through my tears.
You're that shooting star I see now, aren't you?