"Rob! Rob!" I yelled. I stepped into the lobby of the airport, from security. Then I sighted him, my best friend and the hottest new A-lister young actor, Rob Johnson. He turned around and smile at me.

I have known Rob since I was born. Him being two years older than me everyone thought it odd being such close friends, best friends. In every sense of those words, he is my best friend. I tell him everything without fear of him blabbing to everyone. He keeps every secret I share and doesn't laugh unless he finds it won't hurt my feelings. Of course that doesn't mean we haven't fought before. Oh, God, have we. But we always forgive each other. I know he will always be there for me. He was first person I told who my first crush was, when I got my period (much to his disgust), told my fears to. And it was vice-versa, he could tell me anything and I wouldn't blab or laugh unless I couldn't help it. So the summer I needed him the most he was there like always.

"Rob! Rob!" I yelled. I stepped into the lobby of the airport, from security. Then I sighted him, my best friend, and the hottest new A-lister actor, Rob Johnson. He turned around and smiled that million dollar smile at me, that I've been getting since I was born. Next to him on his right was his mother, Evelyn. She turned her blond bobbed head and smiled widely, searching behind me for my mother. Behind me I could hear my mom carrying my sleepy 4-year-old sister, Nadia.

"Fiona! Over here!" Evelyn cried happily.

My mother, Fiona, and Evelyn have known each other since childhood. They traveled from Ireland to the States seeking adventure, together.

"Pru, dear, slow down." I slowed down so she could fall into step with me. I looked back and found little four year old, Bridget on her older brother's shoulders. She giggled at us.

"Nada!" she squealed at my sister's sleeping form in my mother's arms. As the crowd cleared we reached them. I threw my bags down as Rob lowered his sister, then pulled me into a tight hug.

"Pru! I missed you!" He mumbled in my ear. We broke apart when we heard the two little girls squeal in delight. I found our mothers embracing and whispering to each other. The two broke apart and Evelyn pulled me into a gentle hug.

"Hello, Evie." I murmured into her blond hair. She stroked my dark brown curls.

"Prudence, how are you holding up?" She whispered.

"Uh, not to bad. It's nice to be with you guys." She pulled away to examine me at arms length. I know I changed since she last saw me, which was last Christmas. I had grown taller, which wasn't much. Lost some weight and got my womanly curves, as mom put it. My hair grew longer and curlier. God, my boobs grew huge, too!

Now, I looked at her. She didn't really look different from the last time I saw her. She was still tall, pale beautiful skin. But her once long blond hair was cut to a short bob. She was young looking, but then again she was only 37. Then suddenly a set of arms was squeezing me around the knees. Bridget lifted her blond hair to send me a toothy grin. I picked her up.

"Hey, Bridgey!" I cooed. She brought her tiny arms around my neck and squeezed tightly. I winced slightly, hey she was strong for a four year old.

"I missed you, Pru!" She yawned and nuzzled here head to my neck. I chuckled softly.

"I missed you too, Bridge."

I grinned when I caught sight of Rob in the same position, holding Nadia, who was already asleep. Mom and Evie grabbed our discarded carry-ons and led us to the luggage carrier. As they collected the bags Rob and I stood by the doors holding the sleeping girls.

"How are you? Really?" Rob asked in a lowered voice. I shifted my weight onto my right foot, glancing at him,

"Can I tell you later?"

"Yeah, later." he replied.

After collecting the luggage we made our way to the car.


Bright lights everywhere I stumbled at the sudden bright lights in the dark parking lot. What? Who are they?

Duh! Paparrizzi, that's what you get when your best friend is famous.

Through the blinding flashes I found my friends making their way to a tiny dark blue car. Evie was hurridly stashing the luggage in the trunk, while Rob was putting Nadia in a car seat. Mom plucked Bridget out of my arms putting her in the other car seat. Rob grabbed my hand and opened the passenger seat of his black jeep. I climbed in and he slammed the door shut, rounding the bumper. He jumped in stated the engine, checking that Evie and mom left, they did, he backed out carefully. Soon the camera men were dispersing. Rob sped out of the airport and onto Pacific Coast Highway.

"Sorry about that." Rob said quietly.

I just gaped at him.

"Why are you apologizing?"

"Because people will be following me. And I'll be doing interviews, premieres. I'll be on set." he said in a rush. My mouth dropped again.

"On set?!" I screamed. He laughed, still looking at the road. I was jumping up and down in my seat in glee. "Did you get a movie?! A TV show?"

He glanced at me, and cleared his throat, fiddling with the radio. He was doing this to frustrate me, and he knew how to do it well.

"Well?!" I cocked an eyebrow and threw my hands up in frustration.

"Yes. I got a movie. We start filming next week."

I shrieked with happiness.

A.N.- Okay, so the plot is kinda a funny one. The whole best friend is famous deal I've never read anywhere before and the idea has been stuck in my head, so I thought I'd try it out. Read and Review plzz or i Probably won't finish it, lol