Disclaimer: Anne Hibbard is of my own make. However, the Proctor family (including Benjamin Proctor), the Putnam family, many other characters and the situations pertaining to those people are not. Some of the events have been altered for plot purposes. This story is dedicated to those who were falsely accused and killed in the hysterical summer of 1692.

Salem Massachusetts, July 1692

My name is Anne Hibbard. I know the horror of Salem. I live it. I am fourteen years old. This winter some of the girls, most of them a little younger than I, started acting really funny. I don't know what it was, but it certainly had most of us rather spooked. Reverend Parris was so spooked that he called in experts to find the cause of this all.

I do believe that there are witches. I do. But I do not believe that there can be so very many of them right in this town. Many of the people who they say are witches or wizards cannot possibly be. I have known them since I was a wee child.

I was betrothed before all this happened. I was betrothed to Benjamin Proctor. But unfortunately, in all the hysteria, my marriage has been postponed—possibly indefinitely. On April 8th, my betrothed's mother, Elizabeth Proctor was taken and arrested for witchcraft. The venomous Putnam family, whom I would well like to tell to deal with their troubles, has accused her.

Now, Goody Proctor may be a somewhat stuffy-seeming woman at times, but I would never have thought her to be a witch. Neither would I think many of the women that they have accused to be witches to be witches.

And the accusing does not stop at women. Oh, in no way does it. There are men too. Curse you Abigail Williams! Curse you Elizabeth Parris! Curse you Mercy Lewis! Curse you Ann Putnam! Are you not ashamed of what you do?

They have taken Benjamin now too. And his father, and his sister, Sarah. Soon they say his whole family will be gone. His mother, or so go the rumors, is not to die, as she is pregnant. But Benjamin's father is to die. Do they not feel horrid for what they are doing? Do they not feel any remorse?