The Cockroach

The girl next door saw a cockroach in her room
And she screamed.
She went forward and held out her left hand.
The cockroach thought the girl next door
Was being stupid and climbed onto her palm
In a feeble attempt to scare her.

But the girl next door closed her left palm,
Used her right fingers and took the cockroach
Out by the antennas.
Dangling on a string,
The cockroach said its last prayer:

"Oh Father Lord, let this be a painless death. And I repent for all the sins I have committed. I am sorry that I brought fear to the lives of many. I repent. I just pray that this will be quick and painless. And see you in heaven Father. All this I pray in the name of Jesus, Amen."

And so the cockroach prayed.
The girl next door took out a pair of tweezers,
Those she uses to pluck her armpit hairs,
And clamped it onto one of the cockroach's legs.

And she pulled.

One by one,
The angelic girl plucked out the cockroach's legs.
Six times; she did it six times, plucking out the six legs.

The cockroach was still alive and
In pain. He screamed and screamed
But none was heard by the human ears.

Slowly, the writhing body of the cockroach
Came to a standstill.
The cockroach breathed its last breath and went to heaven,
Met Jesus and had tea with him,
For it is always tea time in heaven
And they simply move from one chair to another.

The girl next door,
Satisfied with her work of art,
Framed the remnants of now deceased cockroach.

Then she left the room while the framed cockroach
Laid beside hundreds of its eggs on the bed.

It's revenge time!