Chapter One:

'Honestly, when Mr. Rayburn said that our assignment was to have a pen pal, I wasn't all too thrilled. I mean come on. Talking to some random foreign person? In theory, maybe cool but still kind of odd. But then he throws in that our lovely class will be being pen pals to a high school class in Long Beach, California. This of course excites all the bimbo blond girls thinking about sun and hot guys. And the guys start thinking about hot girls and the beach. Rolls eyes. Rayburn can't even finish telling the rest which is much more interesting. During Spring Break we will be visiting Long Beach to meet our pen pals. Crazy huh? Rayburn was always a little on the I-like-to-go-overboard side...but in a good way mostly. I wonder who my pen pal will be. Hope it's not some stupid bimbo cheerleader girl with mush for brains...that would suck. And for that matter will girls get girl pen pals and guys get guy pen pals? Food for thought my friend food for thought. Although, technically, it wasn't all that insightful. Ah well. Oh great. Now I have to go pick out of a hat. Great. Hmm...guess it's random pen pals. I like my guys name it's cool.

Well Mr. Audric G. Wren hope you enjoy being my pen pal.'


'Are you joshing me? Pen pals? What the hell. Since, when are English classes now allowing national pen pals? Not that I would ever know before today....i wonder who I'll get. And where the hell is Moscow, Idaho?! Doesn't matter I suppose. No matter what those little Idahoans are in for a shock at the lovely Cali-for-nigh-a. Miss Rogers is such a dork for making us choose names from a top hat. Honestly, does she keep magician stuff at her house? She had to pull out a freaking LIVE rabbit before she could put the names in.

Hmmm. Scarlett V. Reynolds. Hope she's hot.



Hey, this is your new pen pal. Well, the pen pal that you now have. Honestly, I think this is kind of a stupid assignment. It's not like our English teachers can actually grade this for anything other than a participation grade. It's stupid stupid stupid.

Wow, that was a lovely start...Ok so to start over Hi my name's Scarlett. I've never had a pen pal before and have no idea what the pen pal protocol is. What are we even supposed to talk about? Do you think maybe we could play twenty questions? That'd probably be long but how about we do two questions per letter. I guess I'll start since my letter's the first...I realize that you haven't actually agreed to play but it's extremely awkward writing a letter to someone you've never even met before.

Anyway, Question #1 We'll start with the basics: What do you look like? And Question #2: What's you favorite color or colors?

...Wow I feel so lame. Those are both extremely terrible first questions. And with my luck you'll be someone who hates the game twenty questions. GAH! I'm such an idiot. Oh well, life goes on right.

Well, Pen Pal hope you don't find this letter too excruciatingly boring and stupid.




Hello to you too new pen pal. And I completely agree. It's a lame ass assignment. Want to know something strange I picked your name too. So now we don't have to worry about writing to some other random person.

You tend to rant a little bit don't you? And I don't agree to playing twenty questions it's an extremely stupid game...J/K I don't care. So my answer to question one would be that I'm 6' 1", I have dark brown straight hair that's a little on the longer side, my eyes are blue, and some girls say I'm nicely toned. Whatever the hell that means. I say it's just all the surfing and skateboarding I do. I'm also really tan.

Question two answer is forest green, silver, and midnight blue.

Lmao don't feel lame. Cuz if you're lame I'm lame for answering you. You have to answer your questions too. You know. As well as answering mine. So my questions are: What are your hobbies and explain them in great detail. And which would you pick: the sun or the moon?

Nope didn't find your letter that boring. You of course love my letter so there's no need for me to apologize.



To: Mr. Conceited,

Actually, I found your letter to be completely boring so perhaps you should apologize. And I did NOT rant. I just embellished...overenthusiastically. *raises eyebrow* Nicely toned?! Lmao wow that's a new one. I've got black wavy hair, am about 5' 7", have green eyes, an olive skin tone, and I'm "nicely toned" too. Lamo sorry just had to use that in the description of myself. You surf and skate? That's cool. Snowboarding and skateboarding when I can are two of my favorite things to do. My favorite colors are silver, cherry red, and dark purple.

Fine I won't feel lame but honestly I think you're a little bit on the lame socks side Mr. Conceited.

Hobbies would be snowboarding, skateboarding, hanging out with friends and acting stupid, painting, and working at a music store. Which isn't actually a hobby but I thought I'd throw that in for kicks and giggles. As for the sun or moon definitely moon. It's prettier, you can look at it without hurting your eyes, and it's calmer. I don't know how to explain it but it is. Besides, night's always funner than daytime.

Which would you rather listen to The Strokes or The Ramones?

If all's fair in love and war which would you choose? Love? Or war?

Glad you enjoyed it. I don't know maybe you should apologize. You're writing skills kind of suck. :)



To: The Sarcastic One,

Maybe, if you reread my letter you would find that you actually do love my letter and are in fact now completely smitten with my AMAZING (not bad) writing skills. rolls eyes is that what people are calling it now? Overenthusiastic embellishments? What? You don't believe that I'm nicely toned? I am! I've always wanted to try snowboarding. Isn't it ridiculously cold though?

How am I lame?! I've sent you one letter other than this one and already I'm lame. That is so BS. If I am lame you are lame by association.

Hobbies-surfing, skateboarding, hanging with friends, drawing, and I work at a coffee shop where the owner's completely crazy. I'm all for the moon too. And I get the calmer thing. Surfing at night is so awesome! I'll have to take you when you come.

I would have to say the Ramones. They influenced some bands I listen to now. Not that the strokes aren't good. Shrugs doesn't really matter to me I guess.

Hmm love or war? They're basically the same thing...but not. But I guess love because even though it can hurt you you won't necessarily die.

Ok so would you rather live on a deserted island or an empty city? And your second question is....what's your middle name?

So not apologizing for my amazing letter.


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