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Chapter 8 Freak-out Fun


Again my face is rugged looking and ALL man. *wink wink* nothing froggy about it. If I have a frog face you have the face of a snail. You wouldn't know B/S if it smacked you in the face. And as for your so called "intellectual prowess". I'm currently in the top ten students in my year so how's that for intellectual prowess missy!

You realize that you said you had fairly good aim then proceeded to tell me you accidentally pegged a guy on accident...and not to worry he didn't go to the hospital...there is no fucking way that I am going to play baseball with you anymore! I also doubt any of my friends would either after that little balls killer confession!

...if you don't decide then I'm going to draw you a unicorn that shits rainbows...

haha I know it was an innocent little kid mistake but it's still hysterical.

I'm sorry I couldn't quite read that were you apologizing to me? Might want to write that again because I might have my sight back since that blew my mind and I didn't quite believe it since it was so smudged up in that paragraph for some reason.

uh...should I feel offended that I'm beneath your friends, complimented that you won't let your friends date your pen pal either, or offended again because you think so low of me and see me as a creep when I was just joking with you like I don't usually do with girls?..maybe this is why I don't.

I would say I'm looking forward to meeting your friends too but I'm afraid you'll take it the wrong way and bite my head off I'll just say I hope they have a good time here...

*-Moscow, Idaho-*

"Hey Viv, what's with the guilty look on your face?", Gwyn asked throwing her bag on the ground by her chair and setting her lunch on the table.

"Well, I might have yelled at my pen pal. At the time I didn't think anything of it but now..," she said trailing off guiltily. "I might've been too hard on him."

Gwyn raised her eyebrow as she opened her boxed lunch, "And why did you have to yell at him in the first place?"

"He was joking and said something about me setting him up with one of my friends and I freaked," she mumbled folding her arms on the table and lying her head on them. "Now he's angry with me. I couldn't even finish the rest of his letter."

Gwyn grinned, "You like him don't you."

She shot up eyes widening heart suddenly caught, "What? No I don't! We're pen pals and have become good friends is all!"

Gwyn pointed her chopsticks at her, "You, my love, are in denial."

She rolled her eyes, "I am not. We've just talked a lot so we know each other better is all."

"What exactly do you mean you've talked a lot? We've sent a lot of letters yes but is there something you aren't telling me Scarlett Vivian?" Gwyn asked narrowing her eyes.

"Mmmm...well," she mumbled looking away.

Gwyn's eyes widened, "What have you been keeping from me little Vivian?"

"Not much. I mean," she paused, "we just IMed during Thanksgiving break is all. You know how Thanksgivings are at my house so he helped break up all the craziness going on."

"Aahh, so you had a lovely bonding moment then eh? What are you doing to do when Christmas break gets here? Be on the computer all the time?" Gwyn asked. "Don't forget you're also going to spend a lot of time at my house!"

"Don't say it like that! We just had a very small bonding moment. I don't know about Christmas I work a lot too. Maybe I'll ask for his phone number," she furrowed her brows. "Or would that be too weird?"

Gwyn started laughing, "Yes little Vivi that would be too weird, seeing as how you're a total weirdie! Honestly though, I think it'll be fine."

She sighed, "Maybe if he's not mad at me anymore."

"I bet he's not mad at you. Finish the letter then write him back. You'll see his response next week and life will go back to being good because he's not going to be mad at you."

"You make me sound so pouty."

"That's because you are pouty!"

"Oh, just go back to eating your bento you brat!"

"Don't mind if I do drama queen."


*-Audric's Letter Continued-*

Good advice. I'd major in surfing but you can't really do that. Maybe own my own business? Or become a famous artist like Da Vinci. Both valid options for my future I think.

Well duh. Surfing is amazing. Okay so Sammy went to Italy for some poetry thing she won and when she came back she warned us not to sit on the steps because her and a few friends went to a McDonald's to get some lunch. On their way out of the restaurant, another friend of theirs stopped them and told them not to go to the library steps where they were planning on going to eat their lunch. When they asked her why, the girl said that she had been sitting next to this Italian man eating lunch. This girl in a really short skirt walked by and the Italian man decided that he just couldn't hold himself back anymore, so he started jacking off right there on the steps of the library in front of everybody. Now I will never EVER be able to go to Italy and sit on those steps...and you asked why you couldn't so I told can't blame me for the nastiness of it.

Haha not really. I'm mean to my sister she's a giant pain in the butt.

That's awesome. I applied to Columbia for shits and giggles. Wonder if they'll both accept us.

I appreciate your obsession with them and you're song favorites because those are two truly great ones but you should try listening to The Black Keys sometime.

Batman? Really? I pegged you as a Clark Kent fan, I'm mildly disappointed, I thought you had better taste than that. Superman is the best not the other way around!

O.o assassinate? are you off of your medication? I guess...Justin Bieber because he's an idiot. I mean come on, who manages to hit themselves in the head on a revolving door? And I'd place a banana peal on the ground, he'd fall, hit his head on a glass door and die.

My animal will be AWESOME. Panther body with giant eagle wings and its head will be a falcon with a platypus tail. And I have no logical reason as to why this would be.

What's your favorite movie? Weirdest music video you've ever seen?

I'm the amazing and epic one


P.S. They are awful. My grandma's too crazy to live with and isn't home all that often...though I guess that wouldn't really matter much. Move in with you huh? What about your friends? However will you protect them from me? Haha sorry but Idaho just doesn't really appeal to me right now. Thanks for reminding me that I still have breathing time I've kind of been freaking out about it.

Thanks :)


The face of a snail? That is one of the worst things you could ever say to a girl! I cannot believe you! For shame non-rugged-but-really-frog-faced-BOY! Guess what, mister. I happen to be in the top ten students as well so hah!...actually the fact that we're both in the top ten students worries me considering how we argue. We sound so juvenile.

Aw, I'm sad. We won't play baseball? That's so tragic. My heart is breaking. You and your friends are scared of little ol' me just because I may or may not have good aim.

Well, since you obviously know I wouldn't like that and I told you to draw whatever you thought I would like or something you would like...that must mean you like unicorns that poo rainbows. How...touching? I'm not sure what I should say about this unicorn fetish you have.

Yes, I did apologize and no it was not smudgy! And I'm about to blow your mind again.

I'm really sorry for saying what I did to you. I really didn't mean for it to come out so harshly. Any girl would be lucky to have you, including any of my friends. I guess you should feel complimented that I don't want any of my friends to date you either. Again I'm really sorry! I don't think that you're a creep either. You're a really great person and I'm sorry for completely overreacting. I hope you're not too mad at me. And you can joke with me!

Fulfilling options maybe...valid...might be stretching it a little bit. Give surf lessons maybe? That might be fun.

O.o I can't believe you just told me that! Now I won't ever be able to sit on those stairs if I ever go to Italy! Ugh! You've so almost ruined Italy for me! That's so gross! What type of person just does that in public the little nasty!

Aren't siblings supposed to be mean to each other? I've always wanted to have a twin sister or an older brother.

I bet they will! Maybe..possibly..I hope. I'm so nervous and excited to start college. Still kind of freaks me out to think of graduating but then I think it'll be better than where I am now. It'll be scary but better and a great experience...if the butterflies don't eat me from the inside out.

This is why we are now friends. You appreciate good music. The name sounds sort of familiar but I don't think I've ever heard anything by the Black Keys before.

You pegged me as a...swooning Superman fan? I take back what I said. We are not friends, we are sworn enemies! I'm the one with better taste, kid. Superman's a pansy boy who whines and cries and starts to DIE when a little green stone is by him. Come on now.

No, I'm not off my medication! I'm not on any medication thank you very much. Aahhh Bieber. I approve of that choice. I would choose Barney because he's a creepy purple dinosaur that infiltrates small children's minds with songs of lies. I'd hit him with a sledgehammer and run away. Messy but effective.

A platypus tail? That sounds so sounds pretty cool until you get to the tail. Mine would have the pretty blue eyes of a husky, the body of a horse, head of a wolf, and white giant owl wings. My animal beats yours because it doesn't have a random platypus tail.

Ummm I don't really have a favorite movie. I like 300 and...Prince of Persia and Disney movies of course.

I can't remember what song it was but it was a Passion Pit music video. Weirdest thing I have ever seen in my life. I think the song was "Sleepyhead" but I honestly don't know if that's the right song.

What was your favorite T.V. show when you were a kid? What's your zodiac sign?

If you're amazing and epic then I'm The Flash.

Sincerely the TRUE amazing and epic one,


P.S. That's unfortunate. Well, I guess I understand why you wouldn't want to live in's not aallll that bad you know. It's not all farmland and potatoes thank you. That's what I'm here for :) to remind you to breathe.

You're welcome.

A/N: I do not come up with the Italy story it was actually told to me. Just so ya'll know.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Black Keys, Batman, Superman, Justin Bieber, 300, Prince of Persia, Disney, Passion Pit's crazy music video (you should search and watch it it's so odd), or The Flash (my favorite superhero...just sayin').