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"Mike! Leave that wire alone! You're going to short the circuit," Laura yelled across the classroom. Mattie looked up from her section and rolled her eyes. That was the third time in the last twenty minutes Mike had been yelled at for touching something. She supposed he was too bored to not leave it alone. She turned the screwdriver one last time and checked the connection.

"Hey, Matilda, hand me a slinky" called Tom from a spot in the room where he was working. Even without looking Mattie could tell he had a smirk on his face.

"My name is Mattie! Why do you need a slinky anyway?" Mattie hissed

"Heating element so I can have some hot chocolate," said Tom innocently, Laura and Mikes ears pricked up at the mention of chocolate. Room full of genius's but mention hot chocolate and you risk loosing them to the sweet, thick, creamy goodness this is proper hot chocolate.

"Why would I have a slinky? Ask Laura, she has random crap in her bag" Mattie said, she replaced the panel over the wiring. Laura was the one who had brought in a bottle of nail polish remover for no particular reason.

They were making a model of the Large Hadron Collider like the one about 50 years ago in 2008, except theirs wouldn't break. Instead of sending protons around it would send ball bearings so they could see the affects. Mike's parents were very wealthy and had funded the project, they didn't mind it, they were happy to help.

They had almost finished it, it had taken two months and a load of fail attempts, the whole thing was only 9 metres diameter. Each of the students in the class had their own part to work on. Mattie was finishing lining up the magnets while Mike was supposed to finish the wiring at the console. He had obviously finished.

Laura sighed as she threw one of the ball bearings at Mike as he reached for the console again. It hit his hand and he recoiled. The rest of the class clapped at her good aim, Laura couldn't be trusted to throw a tennis ball if you wanted it any where near the target.

"Matilda, I need some duct tape, there should be some around," asked Tom from under his section of the circle. Something in front of him sparked and Mattie quickly located the tape and threw it over, her aim was better than Laura's was so it was a direct hit. On his head.

"My name is Mattie!" Mattie said with a sigh, Tom used to be really quiet, after being put in the class he was defiantly more open. Three weeks ago he would never have had the nerve to call Mattie by her real name. Tom quickly finished up with the tape and threw it back.

Mattie heard a tap on the door behind her and turned to see Ed trying to open it with a tray in his hands. Being the nice person she was, she opened the door for him. Ed hadn't been expecting the door to move suddenly and stumbled through the door almost spilling the trays content, some of the components jerking around in the tray. He was closely followed by two tall guys. The others had voted them to get the last piece since they were taller and the item was on a high shelf.

"Don't drop that" Mattie called out in alarm as Jacobs's hands slipped a bit. Dan compensated by taking a lot of the weight. The seven of them made up an A-level physics class, and the seven of them were the brightest in the school.

Not necessarily in physics though. Each of them had their own skills and made the ideal team. Dan and Jacob took the object over to Mattie and set it on the table near by. Then they moved over to their own consoles. The thing would be ready as soon as Mattie hooked up the last part.

"Hello grade A. Everyone ready?" asked Mattie, she couldn't help but grin, the object had been installed in no time and the project had no reason to fail. Her parents had taught her to solder when she was ten, they hadn't been too pleased when she had picked biology as well as physics. They thought it was a wussy subject, Mattie didn't care, she was good at it she was scientifically minded.

"Station Alpha is green," each console had a code name, it wasn't in any order, each of the students had Greek letters for nick names. Laura had wanted Alpha for Alpha of the group. She was the one who put the groundwork of the theory down.

"Station Delta is green," said Tom flicking a few switches, he had Delta because it was change, he had changed a lot since he had started the course. No more mousy boy, he was the second most charismatic boy in the class.

"Station Lambda is green," Dan said twisting a dial. Lambda was the sign for wavelength, being a musician he dealt with sound waves a lot. He often would be found drumming on the edge of a desk. The others had threatened him but it was in his blood so they lived with it.

"Station Pi is green" Jacob liked circles… and pie. Enough said. He was a weird kid, constantly trying to beat his brother in marks. His brother who was the one who lifted the school average.

"Station Omega is green" Ed was always last to class so it seemed fitting he was the last letter in the Greek alphabet. He couldn't help being late though he never gave a reason. The class had its theories though.

"Station gamma is green" Mike was unstoppable, like Houdini nothing could hold him. Much like gamma radiation. If he set his mind to something or someone he would get it and he knew exactly how. He was the number one charmer, the only one who was able to get off with out doing homework by flirting and flattery.

"And station Mu is green" said Mattie. The class had been unanimous with this decision. Mu sounded cute and Matilda was the one who looked twelve. That and Mu was a small measure of units and Mattie was short. She insisted it was genetic but her younger brother was taller than she was. So she had gone with her second excuse, he stole her tall genes.

"Activate on my mark" Mattie said pressing a few buttons. Being the one who had designed the thing she had been put in charge of the operation of the model. The room was quiet in anticipation. The first ball bearing was prepared in the launcher. The others were ready behind it so they wouldn't have to get to near the machinery when it was working.


"Wait! Station Gamma is red. Abort!" called Mike in alarm, his console was flashing and a whine was being emitted from the back. The whole structure seemed to crackle with electricity. Half of the stations had been activated. Mattie hit the massive red button for emergency shutdown only for a bunch of sparks to burst out of her console. Everyone was trying to shut down the thing, most were using some form of obscenity at the ring.

She pressed a few switches and buttons to no avail. The ball bearing was released and accelerated around the structure. Nothing she was doing was going to change that anytime soon.

"The wiring's shorted in the override, failsafe is down. We need to slow them down," Mattie said anxiously. Mike cringed; he had been working on the override when he had gotten bored.

A second ball bearing was released going in the opposite direction on an inner circle. If it reached a high enough speed it would move over a ridge to the outer circle and collide. The speed for both was increasing rapidly. It wasn't supposed to be going this fast. The plan had been for them to gently collide so not to kill them with the ricochet.

"Get some water or something liquid to slow them down," suggested Laura franticly, Mattie was panicking as she tried in vain to do something short of shoving her hand in and stopping it that way. Tom who was nearest a tap, turned it on and placed his finger over it to direct the flow to the structure. Things seemed to slow down as the water arced over to it. As it connected there was a flash of light as it overshot hitting the console in front of Mattie.

"Shoot!" The thing sparked as water dripped onto the contraption slowing down the ball bearing a small amount. It wasn't visible though the balls were just a shine blur. It was to late though, the two metal balls collided with a huge crack. Two more had been released into the inner circle going in the same anticlockwise direction and they started going even faster, they looked like a blur.

The colour in the centre of the circle started swirling. Everyone instinctively took a step back. Last time they had seen something like this was when someone had decided to watch an old episode of some sci-fi movie, it hadn't turned out well in the film. Mattie bumped into a workstation behind her and instinctively moved forward to move around it. The moment her fingers moved over the circle she was sucked in to the vortex that was forming in the centre.

Funnily enough this happened in the movie.

The six people remaining looked in shock to where their classmate had been. Laura stepped forward. To make sure she wasn't just fooling around but there was no sign of her. Laura lent towards the circle the others mimicking her movements, as scientists they would want to see for themselves. That and they were too curious for their own good.

The second they got near the collider they were sucked in. As Ed was sucked in his foot got caught on a lead tugging it out just after he got sucked in.

The collider went dead, its power cut off. A room full of genius's and no one thought to disconnect the power cable. In the collider two ball bearings lay split cleanly in half. The other two slowed down to a halt. A couple of scorch marked littered the consoles and one of them sparked every so often.


Mattie hit the ground with a dull thud. The sunlight was making everything overly bright as her eyes adjusted to it. It looked like a semi barren wasteland and she was laying sprawled facedown across a dirt road covered in dust.

"Well, I ain't in Kansas anymore" Mattie remarked to herself, she picked herself up of the floor and looked around, it wasn't as barren as it first looked it was just the same kind of colour. No deep greens and dark browns that she was used to, just a tan green with little variations. No tall trees or short grass. It looked like it hadn't rained in months.

It didn't look like England. She tried to remember what happened but came up with blanks for who knows how long. She doubted it was a hangover, no splitting headache for one. Maybe amnesia. Mattie did a quick check and found a lump on her head which was lightly bleeding and signs of blood on a particularly jagged rock. That was probably the cause. She couldn't feel it, pain in her head was nothing, with her siblings she had pretty much a permanent headache and had gotten used to it.

She checked her phone only to find she didn't have it, this was unusual, she always had it. The only other things she could find were a pack of soft mints, a rubber band and some duct tape in her jacket pocket. Maybe she could build a jeep and get away from here. Why did she have duct tape anyway, this was defiantly weird.

"I might as well start walking, nothing else to do." Mattie shrugged, there was no one else to talk to so she might as well talk to herself.

"Hmm, left or right" she pondered, both led to a bleak expanse, the sun was high in the sky giving no indication of direction.

"Left" she decided, she started walking determined to get somewhere before the sun went down. To pass the time she tried to identify some of the plants and gain an idea of where she was. Most of the things could be found anywhere, the run of the mill kind of plants. Still no clues to her location.

The sun was part was down a beating against her back, she was heading east then. She could feel the back of her neck cooking. She was glad that as a sixth former she had no uniform and was allowed to wear boots. If she had been stuck with school shoes she would have a billion blisters.

She heard a sound behind her and naturally turned to see what it was. A jeep was heading down the road towards her, it looked old in the distance. Maybe she could hitch a ride to somewhere that wasn't the middle of nowhere. As the jeep drew closer she could see a red cross on white coloured on the bonnet. She was proud of her eyesight, it was the best in the class, she could spot a fly from across the gym.

If she remembered correctly the Red Cross meant doctors or nurses or at the very least help. Mattie wasn't going to deny it, she was desperate for something, the solitude and boringness of walking were driving her nuts. The jeep drew level, a light haired man was driving and a peroxide blond woman next to him, they were both in army fatigues but the mans were less orderly. The uniforms looked old, nothing like the stuff Mattie had seen in the war films. Upon seeing the dried blood in her hair, both rushed over to her taking out medical aid kits.

"What are you doing in the middle of nowhere?" asked the blond woman as she applied a dressing over the bump on Mattie's head.

"Walking, it was such a nice day," Mattie said sarcastically.

"Hey look, it's a mini clone of you Pretty boy," said the woman dryly.

"Unless I'm secretly a man, I don't think so" retorted Mattie, the woman gave her a level stare.

"What's your name kid?"

"Mu" both adults raised an eyebrow, it was clear they didn't believe her. Mattie probably wouldn't either if it had been her but she didn't know where she was and wasn't going to take chances.

"What kind of name is Mu?"

"What kind of name is Pretty boy?"

"Ah, touché, this is Major Jane Everson, the only one with a normal name it seems unless you count obscenities"

"Nice to meet you both," Mattie somehow missed the fact Major meant military and that meant war. But to be fair she was the one who had suggested very small tweezers on one of her tests as a way to separate amino acids. Her excuse… taking the test on an empty stomach but then again she did have a tendency to forget to eat.

"You need a ride somewhere"

"Beats walking somewhere, I don't even know where I'm going," said Mattie, she hopped on the back and sat amongst the cases. She grabbed hold of a case when the jeep jerked forwards.

"Where are you going?" Mattie asked.

"MASH 3096"

"Ok, let's pretend I'm an idiot with concussion, what's MASH 3096?"

"Mobile Army Surgical Hospital"

"Army?" Mu's eyes were wide. Army meant fighting, and fighting meant pain. Something she was adverse to most of the time.

"Hey they aren't even telling kids they're going to fight. This is Korea kid." There was a thump as Mattie fell of the back of the jeep. The two adults stopped the jeep and got out to help her.

"This may be a strange question but I blame the head wound. What year is it?"

"It's 1951, May the third to be precise"



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