A/N: This poem probably won't apply for everyone, but quite honestly, I'm sick of the stereotypical type of poetry. What, because I don't hate myself, I can't right? The stereotypes that say pretty people are actually ugly on the inside, and super shallow is a bunch of stupidity. And the stereotypes that say people who live in the back of the class room with no friends, bad grades, and a bunch of black tee shirts are the most sensitive and deep people ever are sometimes even wronger. As someone who used to be a wannabe-loner, I can tell you from first hand experiences that just because you like the color black doesn't mean you are the flippin best thing since sliced bread. Why is it people who hate themselves still manage to think they're better than everyone else, without really thinking about it? Sorry, I know that this is a dumb rant, and that it won't change anything, but seriously. For people who say to be completely not shallow, you seem to spend a lot of time on what people think. Alright, I'm done. Please review :) Peace out!

If You Knew What This Was About, Would You Still Read It?

I believe that I am beautiful

That I'm perfect just the way I am

Does that mean that really

I'm a terrible person inside?

That because my parents love me

And I don't self-inflict pain

I'm somehow uncaring towards everyone

And I only think of myself


Well guess what

I've been there, and done that

And wearing black everyday

Didn't make me different

Wallowing in self-pity

Somehow seems to be more selfish

Than being beautiful and nice

What do they call it? Popularity?


Since you know now

That I make good grades

And have a loving family

Will you still listen?

Now that you know

My life doesn't suck

And I'm actually happy

Will you still read my poetry?


And I can hear the chorus of answer

"No, I will not."

Because who wants to hear life is good

When there is so much to complain about?

Yet I still see the people

Reading my poems and smiling

And I think that maybe poetry is more

Than just looking for sympathy