Chapter 4

"Thank you so much for driving us home!" Kanon thanked with a bright smile.

"It's not a problem! Well, it's pretty late already so, take care!" Alex replied with a smile, and drove away.

"Hey, your boss…he's such a nice guy!" Kanon exclaimed.

"Hmmm, I guess. But don't you think it's kind of strange why he's being so nice?" I asked.

"That's just you. You always think too much! Come on Kari, think about it this way, maybe he's just being extra friendly to co-workers. He's new anyways, regardless of the fact that he's the CEO. So maybe, he just wants to get along with everyone right now." Kanon replied.

"Hmmm…makes sense. Anyways, let's go…I'm getting really sleepy now." I dragged her up the stairs.

"Alex! Where were you last night? I was gone for one second and you disappeared!" Joe came in the office, casually.

"Oh, I had some business to take care of." Alex answered, without looking away from the piles and piles of documents on his desk.

"I saw you with a lady at the party…she's from the company right? Which department is she in?"

"From the design department, I think."

"Oh? Are you interested, by any chance?" Joe chuckled.

"Haha, she's got a good personality. I saw some of her previous works, she's actually quite talented. But, it's really a waste for her to stay in the design department as an assistant." Alex replied.

"So…that's why you're so nice to her?"

"Hey, I have to run down stairs for a sec, you should head over to your office." Alex left with a pile of documents in his hands.

Joe watched him as he leaves the office, with a chuckle.

"Mister…Mister!" Kanon called out.

"Huh? Oh…you're the one from last night…with Kari." Alex answered.

"Yes. Um…Kari forgot something important today…her cell phone. So I was wondering if you can give this to her…if you have time." Kanon took out the cell phone from her pocket.

"Actually, I'm a little busy right now."

"Oh. I'm so sorry. I thought about giving it to one of her co-workers from the same department. But…um…I don't remember which floor it's on…" Kanon replied, looking disappointed.

"…Well, if it's alright, I can take this to her at lunch." Alex insisted.

"Really? Oh my god, thank you so much, sir!" Kanon smiled.

"Here, your cell phone." Alex tossed the cell phone to me.

"What? Why do you…have##!!2#$$." I tried to reply, while eating my lunch at the same old place.

"Finish your food, then talk."

"I said…" I continued.

"I know what you tried to say. Your friend came by this morning and asked me to give it to you. " He replied.

"Oh, then thank you." I smiled and took the cell phone.

"So, I'm guessing you've known your friend for a long time?" Alex sat down beside me.

"Yep, we were from the same elementary school!"

"Whoa! Elementary school? That's…quite unheard of." He said.

"Ha…I know. But the strange thing is, we've only had one class together though we were together for such a long time. We were in the elementary school up until high school." I recalled.

"Yet, you guys are still such good friends. I admire this friendship of yours."

"Hmmm, I'm guessing you don't have a friend like this?" I asked.

"Well, I don't remember much about my childhood…my elementary school years. And, my family moved constantly…so…" He recalled, with such a sad expression on his face.

"Really? You don't remember anything at all? There's got to be something. For me, the elementary years were so much fun. It's filled with stuff like…your first friend…first school trip…first time eating until you're bloated…" I laughed while remembering all those times.

"Hmmm…not that I can recall…Well, there's this one time in elementary school."

"Oh? What happened?"

"It was in grade six, I believe. And…oh, let me get the call." He was interrupted by a call.

"Sorry, I have to head back to the office. Umm…I'll see you later." He suddenly got up.

"Alright, see you later!" I went back to my lunch.

"Oh yeah, you should thank your friend for bringing your cell phone. Your friend…she's…she's actually quite cute." Alex added just before he left.

"Huh?" I looked up, but he was no longer there.

"Kari, you're home? Did you get your cell phone?" Kanon asked.

"Yep, thanks for dropping it by." I thanked.

"It's getting late, I'm going to sleep. Good night!" Kanon left for her bedroom.

I can't help myself but think about what had happened today at lunch. When I put myself into a guy's perspective and I think about it…there would be no doubt that Kanon is completely irresistible. I mean, she's cute, considerate, and best of all; she's always there for you. But the thing that keeps recurring in my mind is that, why couldn't he just tell me properly...that he likes her? "She's cute…" What kind of confession is that? If he had told me properly…I would have…I would have…What exactly would I have done, if he had told me that he likes her? Would I…tell Kanon?

Ah…this is so frustrating.

I should ask him. Yes, I should, first thing in the morning tomorrow.

Just to get an official answer, I arrived half-an-hour early for work. Since the office I work in is not open yet, I had to walk around the lobby, to wait for him.

"You're here early." He came.

"Oh, yes! Uh…do you have time at lunch? I need to ask you something. It's very important!" I asked him, with dead serious expressions.

"I have a meeting at lunch." He replied, heading to the elevator.

"What? Ahhhh…" I was frustrated, shaking my head aimlessly.

"Well, if it's that important, just meet me after work today. Though, I don't know what could be so important…" He replied.

"Ok! I'll see you…uh…at the lobby?"

"Sure…the lobby." He smiled.

"So…what is it?" He arrived right after work, and led me to a coffee shop.

"Uh…well…uhem…" I tried to start.

Though I had it all planned out in my head, it was difficult to start the conversation. After all, he is the CEO. So, if I displeases him with this conversation, I could potentially get fired and never wake up to see the beautiful sunlight, shining on my favorite lunch spot, ever again.

"It's ok, take your time. I'm not in a rush anyway." He drank his coffee and waited.

"Uh…well, it's about the thing you said…yesterday…at lunch." I stuttered.

"The thing I said? Be specific, as a matter of fact, I said a lot of things."

"You know, about how you said Kanon is cute…and stuff…" There, I said it.

"Oh, that." He continued to drink his coffee.


"Why are you so curious about that?" He answered with a smile on his face.

"Well she is my best friend, and…and…you are the CEO of my company…so…so…If you guys get together, I want to make sure that you really like her…and…and…" I stuttered, again.

"Whoa, hold on a sec. Take a deep breath! I just said she was cute…I didn't say anything about getting together...and whatever you're thinking about." Alex interrupted.

"You…you're not even together with her yet, and you're already being irresponsible!" I shouted at him.

"How am I being irresponsible?" he argued.

"You…how could you? If you didn't want to get together with her, why did you say all that stuff about her?"

"Will you just think about it logically? All I said was that she was cute…that's it!" he continued to argue.

"Well you know what? She's also very considerate and very fun to be with."

"Are you saying that I should get together with her, or something?" He asked, with a frustrated look on his face.

"You know what...I'm…I'm gonna leave." I grabbed my coat and got up.

"It's fine if that's what you want!" He yelled after me.

I felt that I couldn't communicate with him. It was frustrating. I couldn't understand what he wanted. I was so sure that he likes Kanon…but now, I just don't know anymore.

Why is he so difficult to understand?

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