Chapter Three

Brielle didn't know why Hannah and Naomi were trying so hard. It was a bit ridiculous to her. They had pried her from her lunch spot in the library, and always made sure she looked okay, fixing her hair, and making sure she had lip gloss on. It was every girl-at-school's dream-except Brielle's. She knew that they had an ulterior motive…she just hadn't figured it out yet.

"Hey, Cade's birthday is this week, right?" Hannah asked, and Brielle shot her a sideways look.

"Yeah, why?" Brielle asked.

"Are you guys having a party? Naomi asked, twirling her fork.

Brielle might have been shy, but she sure wasn't stupid. The goal of their little game finally clicked. One, maybe both of them, wanted Cade.

"No. He's staying at school," the lie rolled off of Brielle's tongue easier than it should have.

"Oh," the girls said at the same time, disappointment apparent on their faces. Brielle suspected she might have to warn Cade about this sometime after his birthday.

The two girls launched into a conversation between themselves, expecting Brielle to pay attention. She let her mind wander instead, before taking her cell phone out of her backpack. She quickly sent a text message to Jonas before she either got caught, or decided not to. She was glad that Cade was coming home tonight, contrary to what she had just told the girls. Baking had been a good outlet, but she needed some one-on-one time with her brother and a soccer ball. She'd made the cookie pie the night before, ad even picked out a fancy outfit for the occasion.

Her phone buzzed in her lap, causing her to look down and smile. She was glad that she was going to be able to spend some time with Jonas at lunch, something that used to happen on a daily basis, even though he was miles away. Her eyes read his messages as fast as he sent them, filling her in on how it was going at NYU, and of course, the new boy he'd met.


The stern reprimand caused Brielle to look up from her phone sharply, her cheeks pink. The two girls were watching her, annoyance apparent on their faces.

"Yes?" she asked nervously.

"I asked if you were working tonight," Hannah snapped, her arms crossed over her pushed-up cleavage.

"Um. No. We're closed tonight. My dad's coming home from China," Brielle told them, omitting the real reason as to why the Bakery was closed. The answer wasn't a lie; Daniel was coming home from China, but Carlie had decided to close the Bakery early so they could celebrate Cade's birthday with him.

But she wasn't telling them that.

"Oh," Hannah said snappishly, and the bell rang, saving Brielle from their attitudes. She quickly walked to Trig, praying she didn't do as horrible on her homework as she thought she did.

She was happy when Mr. McCormack handed her back her paper with a 75 on it. It wasn't the best score, but it was better than she expected to get. She sat through the class, trying to concentrate on sine and cosine and their equations.

By the time the final bell rang, she had already planned her escape route as to not run into the girls. She wanted to get off of school property as fast as she could. She didn't even turn her radio on until she hit Main Street. She stopped by the Bakery quickly to pick up the cookie pie, before high-tailing it back home.

Jonas had been the only person Brielle had ever brought home. Since they were well off, the Mason family had a huge, well-designed house. It wasn't a mansion, but it was close to it.

It was two stories, with an in-ground pool, a nice garden, and a small soccer field. It also had a ballroom, and a wing of rooms that had been added on for guests who were to drunk to drive home after said balls. It was always home to Brielle, even though she was slightly embarrassed about it.

Brielle pulled into the driveway and her excitement blossomed as soon as she saw Cade's car in the driveway. She quickly parked and got out of the car.

"Brielle, what the shit are you wearing?" her brother called from the porch, disapproval harsh in his tone. And this was one of her tamer outfits. A black, longer skirt, and a bright pink tank top that showed off her flat stomach.

"Blame Daphne," Brielle responded, carefully taking the giant cookie out of the car. She kissed her brother's cheek, punching him in the arm when he tried to peek at the pastry, and made her way into the house.

"You up for a game?" Cade asked her. She turned, and took a moment to look at him. His dark hair was meticulously spiked, and his dark eyes shone with excitement. He was wearing a pair of basketball shorts, along with a Manchester United T-shirt. He might have gained a bit more muscle than before he went to school, but other than that, Cade hadn't changed. It was a small relief for Brielle.

"I guess I could whip your butt," Brielle said, turning, and continuing on her way.

"Put some clothes on!" Cade called after her, and she shook her head.

She stopped momentarily to drop the cookie pie off in the kitchen, before making her way upstairs to her room.

The downstairs consisted of a living room, formal dining room, the kitchen, a baking kitchen, an of course, the ball room. Upstairs, was the library, her parent's room, Cade's room, Daphne's room, and of course, Brielle's room. Each room had their own bathroom, which Brielle was thankful for. Her siblings took forever in the bathroom.

She walked into her room, grabbing an old pair of jeans before deciding she wanted to wear one of Cade's old jerseys if they were going to mess around in the backyard. She opened the door to Cade's room, blinking for a second against the harsh red of his walls. He was a huge Manchester United fan, so his room was red, black, and gold; compared to Brielle's green and purple stripes.

She made her way to his closet, and pulled his high school jersey off of a hanger. It was blue, their last name and his number, 11, written across the back in white lettering. She turned around and froze, clutching the jersey to her chest. Unbeknownst to her, someone had been showering in Cade's bathroom. Said person was too busy towel-drying their hair to notice Brielle in the room. The person stopped and looked up suddenly, his green eyes crashing with her's. she noticed then, that he only had a towel slung around his narrow hips, and he was sporting a well-defined six-pack.

"Brielle?" he asked in shock before she squeaked, and high-tailed it out of Cade's room and down the hallway into her own, slamming and locking the door behind herself. She stood and caught her breath for a moment before calming down enough to finish changing.

She opened her door to find Pryce standing in the hallway, looking at her sheepishly through his damp bangs. Thankfully, he was fully-clothed this time, wearing dark-washed and grass-stained jeans, along with a green shirt that matched his eyes.

"I-I'm really sorry. I didn't know you were in there," Brielle stammered, her eyes trained on the hardwood floor.

"I didn't realize anyone else was here beside Cade and I. I would have stayed in the bathroom instead of waltzing into the bedroom like that," he told her apologetically. She smiled shyly at him, and he grinned back.

"Come on, let's go find him before he comes looking for us," Pryce said, and she nodded, leading the way downstairs. They found Cade in the living room, attempting to spin a soccer ball on one finger.

"Put some cleats on, buys! You take so long to get ready!" Cade whined, not stopping his attempts with the soccer ball. Brielle quickly laced into her cleats before jogging out onto the makeshift field of their backyard. There were two nets on either side that her Dad had purchased a few years ago when Cade had become serious in regards to soccer.

"I kneed to work on my goalkeeping skills. You two take shots at me, okay?" Cade told them, taking a ready stance at one of the goals. I kicked the ball o Brielle, and she dribbled the ball to midfield. She kicked it around a little bit before lining up her shot, trying to keep Cade from reading her body language. Finally, she kicked the ball, putting all of her pent-up energy into the shot. Cade dove fore it, missing it by quite a few inches before it landed in the safety of the net. She grinned to herself and walked off to the sidelines as Cade stood up and brushed himself off. She caught Pryce staring at her with an open mouth, and blushed, looking down to the ground.

She looked up to see him readying up for his shot. He and Cade stared each other down before he wound up and took the shot, sinking it into the corner of the net. /Brielle was impressed with his form. He looked like he was a natural.

"I didn't know you played," he told her as he passed her on the way to the sidelines.

"I don't," Brielle told him before scoring herself another goal. He raised an eyebrow at her as they passed each other again.

She watched him as he took shots at Cade. He was really good at sending them into the net. Finally, Cade called them off, and the three of them trudged back into the house, all a little bit dirty. Cade was a bit filthier than the other two, but it didn't stop his mother from flinging her arms around him.

"Happy Birthday, sweetheart!" Carlie exclaimed, kissing him on the cheek.

"C'mon, Ma!" Cade groaned as Pryce chuckled. Carlie untangled herself from her son, and smiled widely at Pryce.

"Pryce Edwards," he introduced himself, holding out one of his large hands.

"I'm Cade's Mom, Carlie. It's nice to finally meet you," she said clasping his hand in her own.

"Likewise," he told her, shooting her a smile. Caught off guard, Brielle marveled at his perfect, white, smile.

"Did you guys have fun? Carlie asked as she lead them to the kitchen.

"I didn't know Brielle played. It was fun to have someone else kick Cade's arse with me," Pryce said, and Carlie laughed.

"We kept trying to get her to join a league, or at least play at school, but she wouldn't hear of it," Carlie told him, and Brielle blushed.

"Well, I guess we'll have to play more often then, won't we?" Pryce asked, discreetly winking at Brielle. She blushed and averted her eyes.

"Why don't you kids get cleaned up? Carlie suggested, and Brielle ran upstairs as quickly as she could, trying to get her cheeks back to a normal color.

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