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A Cat and Mouse Proposal

Spill the Blood...

Light winds from the west blew throughout all of Efil, whispering messages from its core. It rattled the Burlwood leaves and disturbed the peaceful flower fields. Reds, blues, violets, golds, whites, pinks, and greens all swayed with the wind. It swished and swayed back and forth like the waves of the ocean blue slowly crescendo to a more fierce level by the moment.

Hurt the Souls...

A man of about nineteen winters walked slowly through the rainbow of flowers. His deep forget-me-not blue eyes scanned the flowers intently. His brows in furrowed concentration and frustration. He had lost something that he was determined to find.

The waning first sun glowered over the eastern horizon, alighting his alabaster face in a soft light. The second sun was just rising from the south emitting a same kind of glow from behind him. It is a beautiful time of day, when the dawn and first twilight mix and mingle. It will only be a couple of colors until the second sun sets, a sunset to be witnessed for it is just as beautiful as the first. On this particular day, however, the beauty of the second sunset might not be seen at all, for dark clouds from the west were sparking and thundering towards the young man.

Make the change in which everything unfolds...

Winds began to pick up around him, making his silver locks move furiously about his head. The tails of his dark blue frock coat also moving with the wind. Underneath the coat, he wore a dark gray, silk, collared, long sleeved shirt that was unbuttoned at the top, revealing a part of his highly toned chest. His ensemble was completed with black slacks and matching shoes.

He was beginning to walk into the blue sung flowers, when he heard it. A soft feminine giggle and a shift in the nearby violets. He turned around quickly to that purple patch of flowers.

"Hehe..." another giggle. The violet flowers to his far right moved again. He should have known she would be there. His hard-set expression shifted to that of mischief, the corners of his lips turning upward into a trademark smirk. He's found it! Now, to catch it.

He crouched down low into the tall grass and the many violets. He slowly put his hands on the ground and stealthily began his prowl towards his prey. He approached in a painfully slow and measured way like the catlike Fiere, with its piercing scarlet eyes centered only on its prey and its padded paws landing gracefully on the ground in a silent matter.

Darkness here...

She couldn't see him. She laid on her stomach and her backside was the only sight he could see. It was a very lovely view, that of her a-CRACK! Shit. He hit a tourck mushroom, a hard shelled thing, with his knee. He stopped, his body went rigged and he crouched down even lower into the grass and flowers. His eyes never left her for a second.

Her body too went rigged and stayed like that for quite a while. An intense silence between the two as the winds around them howled furiously. She made the first move. Slowly, her head etched upward over the grass to see if her pursuer was anywhere near. She let out a relieved breath and slowly sat up cross legged on where she had just laid. His hiding place must be good, he wasn't seen at all.

She put her hands behind her head and just looked around the field with her striking emerald eyes. She gave a sigh and fell back onto the violets and grass. Now was his chance.

He approached a bit more swiftly all the while keeping silent. She was humming and her eyes seemed to glaze over in reverie. He recognized the song; it was the squirrel song her father used to sing to her. He could guess what she was remembering as well. She looked relaxed, much more than before. She wore a black short sleeved shirt that fit to her every curve, unlike the extremely baggy clothes she used to wear when he first met her. The shirt was unbuttoned at the top making a 'v' shaped cleavage portal to her breasts. She wore matching black fitting knee length shorts and shoes.

She was becoming closer and closer to him. She closed her eyes to take in a deep breath of air, when he pounced on top of her.

His mouth went immediately to hers. She gasped in surprise. His eyes were closed, but he knew that hers were open and staring widely at him. His lips began to move, but hers didn't move with. Oh cursed lips! Those tantalizing buds he wanted to taste and savor. She would not let him. He removed his lips off hers and stared at her. Greens meeting blues.

Her dark raven hair was displayed around her head like a halo and her emerald eyes glimmered from the dim sunlight. He was laying on top of her, her arms wound around his head playing lazily with his hair. On her lips, a playful smirk. The game was not over yet.

"You know I caught you fair and square, right?" he said to her.

"Yes, you did," she replied running her hands through his hair. God, did that make him feel good.

"Then why didn't you kiss me back?" he complained laying his head down atop her soft breasts.

"Because, we're not at Fall hill. That's where the game ends and that's where you get your prize."

"Violet," he said raising his head and meeting her eyes. She was teasing him, and it was torture.

"Dimitri," she quipped. Her playful smirk turning into a smile, the kind where he would just melt at the sight of it. "If you want the game to end faster, then I suggest you start running. It's my turn to catch you, little mouse."

"A devilishly handsome mouse, my dear cat" he said playing with a lock of her hair.

She cocked her head and laughed, "You want the prize?"

He playfully glared at her, "What is it?"

"I can't tell you now, can I? It's a surprise." He sighed as his head fell back down on her chest.

"Damn your teasing." She giggled and lightly pushed him off of her. He sat up on his haunches and she cross legged. They stared at each other for a long while. She was beautiful in any light, even in the dim light of the second sun. Her lips so full and red against her pale peach skin was just so tempting, he wanted to touch and feel her against him, skin on skin. But he knew that cannot be. Not without her saying. Never without her permission. She was traumatized before and he was not going to make her real first time anything uncomfortable.

She looked up at the sky, "Looks like it's going to rain."

He looked up as well and nodded, "Yes, It is."

Killing there...

She was still looking up at the dark entrancing clouds with interest, his eyes glued to her. Then a boom of thunder brought him to his senses. He better hurry up or else the storm will get them and ruin this game of theirs. So he got up slowly and began to trot on towards the forest. He looked back at his paramour.

"Are you just going to sit there like a wild jurlin and fill your brain with water?" he called out towards her. It seemed to make her snap out of her reverie and look at him. He was several yards away. "Haha. Come and get me, love!"

She giggled and started after him. He ran as fast as he could, she was a very trained and fit girl after all. He looked over his shoulder several times, while trying to avoid roots and bushes. She was only a few yards away, and could outrun a Fiere any day. He zig -zagged in and out of the trees feeling the cold wind whip at his face. He ran until he saw it. Fall hill.

The dark clouds were heavily congregated here, but rain had yet to touch its soft green surface. There wasn't anything special about what it looked like, fall hill that is. It was just another lush green hill with a young, lone, burlwood tree. It was the legend that had given this hill its name. For it was here that all of hell had fallen and when heaven rose into the sky. Where the spiral of death fell and changed into the spiral of life. It was a portal of sorts, an ancient one. Interesting to some, boring to others, and a really beautiful place to make out for Dimitri.


At the base of the hill, he looked over his shoulder. Violet was just a small speck within the forest. He smirked to himself. He started up the hill and climbed until he reached the burlwood tree. He looked back to where his paramour was chasing him. She was still far behind. He began to ascend up the twisted tree and its odd angled branches. He pulled himself up on the second lowest branch and sat against the trunk, waiting to surprise his beloved.

Yes, any second now she will come running out of the forest and up the hill. She will be sorely disappointed to find that he is not there and go wandering around looking for him. Then when she can no longer find him and gives up, he'll descend from the tree, sneak up behind her, and wrap his arms about her and kiss her like there's no tomorrow. Yeah, that's the plan.

A patch of time past while he was making up this brilliant romantic plan of his. He began to worry. It shouldn't have taken that long for her to have gotten out of the forest unless.... He didn't continue the thought. His heart nearly stopped and his breathing shallowed tremendously. He was leaning forward straining his eyes in search of his love. His hands gripped the branch with a white knuckled grip, his eyebrows where furrowed, and his teeth were clenched. The thoughts that were running through his head where scenes of her being in the clutches of someone else, being roughly handled by someone else, and being killed, raped, tortured, by someone else.


He braced himself to jump off the branch and run back into the forest. When...something, no, someone hit him. This movement made Dimitri lose his balance on the oddly angled branch and sent him and the person falling forward onto the soft green blanket of the hill. Oof! Dimitri fell flat on his face, while the person fell right on top of him. Dimitri turned his now grass-stained and dirt smeared face toward the person, but the person quickly pushed his face down back into the dirt. They were straddling his back now, one hand on his face and the other holding his arm in an arm lock. Dimitri struggled to get up or at least throw the person off of his back. It ended with no success. They tightened his arm every time he moved.

"Get Off Of Me!" Dimitri snarled at the person, who in return didn't answer. He struggled again only to find his arm being tightened. "Who...Who are you?"

The person never answered; instead, they leaned in closer to him. He could feel the press of their body against his back and the warmth of their breath against his ear. He still couldn't see them, his one visible eye covered by the person's fingers. His mind was still reeling with the thought of his beloved still in the woods and the anger this person on his back was giving him by holding him down.

"Please...let me go...my girlfriend's in the woods. I fear that-" He was cut off by the breathy laugh the person gave against his ear. A subtle little kiss was placed behind said ear that sent electrical currents through his entire body.

"You fear what now?" she whispered into his ear releasing his arm while placing soft kisses to the back of his neck.

"Nothing..." he breathed in relief. His arm withdrawing from behind to entwine with the back of her head. Her kisses led a trail back to his ear.


"That was completely unfair," he replied indignantly, moving himself so that she was straddling his front.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you like that," she said softly caressing his face, wiping the dirt off with her fingers. His hands went to her waist and secured her to him, making absolutely sure that she wouldn't move from him.

"I thought the worst had happened to you."

"It didn't. I knew you would be waiting for me with some surprise, so I decided to take the long way round."

She leaned forward to lay on top of him, her fingers moving from his face to caress his scalp. He closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling her hands always brought.

"You were so lost in your thoughts; it was easy to slip by."

"You had me worried." He opened his eyes and looked at her sternly. She replied with a light little kiss to his lips.

"Sorry, but I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself. I mean, you've seen what I can do, right?"

"Of course, and that hurts my ego. I always thought that it was the all handsome prince who should save and protect the damsel at all times, not the damsel fending for herself."

"I've fended for myself for nine years, and I've kicked many asses till you came along. Frankly, I remembered almost wanting to kick your ass once."

"Oh, really?" he asked raising his brow and placing a playful smirk upon his lips. "There was a time when you wanted to kick this hard beautiful tush?"

She giggled, "Yes, there was, you vain man. That time in the empty classroom, do you remember? I was exercising, when you so rudely interrupted me by bursting in with your little blond fuck of the morning. You told me to get the hell out. You remember that?"

"Yes," he breathed.

He remembered that day. She was covered in a thin sheen of sweat, her eyes were bloodshot and darkly circled, and her glasses were off revealing a startling deep emerald color. He remembered the words that were shot at him and the idiotic words that were shot back. And he remembered using his status position to lower her on her knees begging for forgiveness. His heart tightened at the memory.

"I never hated you so much as I did that day."

"I don't blame you. I hate myself for ever treating you that way...you don't deserve it... you never deserved it," he said softly his voice laced with emotion. She pulled herself up to his face and stared; into his eyes, into his heart, and into his soul. She leaned in for a kiss.

"I love you," she whispered before claiming his lips.

Pure bliss and emotion surged through him like he never knew before. She was the only one to ever make him feel like that. The only one to ever open his eyes to the world around him and the people around him. The only one that ever truly loved him. The only one, he would ever do what he was about to do with.

They reluctantly parted, both of them gasping for breath. His hand moved to cup her face, stroking her cheekbone with his thumb. She in turn closed her eyes and kissed his palm. He needed to do this. He was going to do this.

"Hey, Vi?" he asked quietly for her attention.

"Hmm?" she replied opening her eyes to meet his.

"I've got a secret to tell you." He was back in that playful moods, his mouth placed in that all famous smirk and his eyes filled with mischief.

"What is it?"

"Did you know that this man loves you?" he asked pointing to himself.

She gave a husky laugh, "Yes"

"And did you know that this man wants to spend his entire life with you?"

"Really? How so?"

"Why, it's really quite simple. This man wants you to marry him," Dimitri's voice slowly diminished to a more light serious tone.

"What?" Violet breathed confused. She looked as if she didn't hear the words right, her brows furrowing and her mouth open.

"Marry Me."

Those two words have been playing through his mind and his heart for weeks now, but he only got up the courage to speak them this day. He was relieved that he had finally said them, but he dreaded her response more than anything. If she says yes, he will be the happiest man on the face of Efil. But if she says no, then...where do they go from there? Will they continue to be together? Will they separate? Or what... Dimitri felt as if the whole world would stop and he would die if they ever separated.

She didn't say anything, just looked at him with awe and confusion. He didn't know if this was a good thing or a bad thing. It was silent for a while, a period of agonizing tension for Dimitri. He couldn't take it any longer.

"Violet Kerr...will you marry me?" he asked tentatively, afraid of her rejection more than anything. Her lips slowly slipped into a smile.

"Of course, you silly ass."

He smiled. His whole face lighting up with euphoria. And without a second thought, he brought himself up to capture her in a truly heartfelt kiss. His insides were bouncing all over the place with joy that was beyond belief. In his head was a mantra, 'She said YES! She said YES! She said YEESSS!!!'

They parted, breathless, laughing, and smiling like mad. Elation shown completely on their faces. Dimitri's head was swirling with happiness, that he almost forgot why they were there.

"So...where's... my... prize?" he asked, saying each word in between breaths. She laughed and gave him a quick kiss before getting up.

"One moment."



He watched as she went behind the large, young, burlwood, completely disappearing from his sight. He smirked in wonder at what his surprise can be... Food? Maybe. Something exquisitely wonderful? A possibility. Lingerie? Ohhh....wouldn't that be nice? But then again, that would be a very brazen thing for his beloved to do, and would consider the chances of that happening to a minuscule proportion. He looked up at the sky...It would rain soon, the dark clouds were already surrounding them.

She came back around the corner holding a rolled up blanket and a brown basket filled with food. So he was correct, it was food, but something in the way that smiled and looked at him that told him that the food was just a mere supplement. She walked haughtily towards him, and for an instant his brazen lingerie idea, might become a possibility. But something caught her eye and she turned her head quickly to the side to see it.

"HEY!" the voice shouted from a far away distance. Dimitri looked up at the sound of the voice to catch someone heading straight at them. They were on a gray barrie, a big bird like creature with four long legs, feathered body, long neck, beak, and small rounded ears on top of their heads.

"VIOLET! DIMITRI!!" the voice continued to shout, their voice getting louder as they approached with intense speed.

Dimitri rose to his feet and stood beside Violet, his hand automatically moving to the small of her back.

"Who's that?" he asked squinting his eyes to concentrate on the figure coming upon them.

"I think that's...Nugen."

"Oh. I wonder what he wants..."

"I do too. I mean, I told him that we had a date today and he knows not to bother us unless-"

"-Unless something's happened." Dimitri looked at Violet, his worried expression matching hers. He grabbed her free hand. "Come, let's see what's going on."

They ran to the approaching Nugen and met him at the base of the hill, his expression terrified and serious. He was out of breath when he stopped to meet them.

"They're...They..." he started, taking quick deep breathes.

"Breathe Nugen, and tell us what's wrong," Violet said trying to calm her friend down a bit.

He nodded and took a long deep breath before letting the news out all in that breath, "Fremiks-made-a-surprise-attack-at-the-camp-and-now-the-rest-of-their-forces-are-coming-this-way-and-we-need-both-of-you-back-at-the-camp-pronto!"

"They're Here Already?!" Violet exclaimed.

Nugen was still trying to find his breath and responded by nodding. Dimitri put an arm around his beloved, as she leaned into him a bit shell-shocked and confused.

Carry the chaos to bring what all must long for...

The wind started to pick up around them and little drops of water began to descend. Dimitri hugged Violet closer to him.

"I thought you said that they weren't going to attack us until the end of summer solstice," she accused Dimitri.

"That's what I heard! I guess...plans have changed..." he replied with a bit of guilt lacing his voice. He was a secondary spy for the Fremiks- his Fremik friends gave him updates every so often, which he relayed to Liam Drissel, the leader of the Peons.

"Well, we've go-agh!" Nugen was hit! An arrow came out of nowhere and pierced his upper right arm, and making him fall off of his barrie.

"NUGEN!" both Violet and Dimitri cried. Violet kneeled right next to her friend as he winced in pain, barring his clenched teeth and closing his eyes.


Dimitri looked at the direction from whence the arrow came. His eyes slowly widened to the size of platters and a nauseating started in his stomach. A sea of heavily blacked armored men was marching toward them. They were about a mile and a half away and seemed to never end. The archers were in front and were getting ready to shoot again.

"Stay Still!" Violet ordered Nugen, as she grabbed the end of the arrow.

"No! No! It hurts!" Nugen cried moving away.

"Of course it hurts, Dip Shit! Now, stop moving!"

"Vi...I think...you better hurry up..." Dimitri said in trepidation. Violet looked up and saw the army of men approaching them.

"Shit!" she muttered, her eyes going into extreme anxiety. Nugen was also looking, his face as pale as snow. Violet looked at her friend quickly and noted his diverted attention, and so she swiftly pulled the arrow out and tossed it aside.

"Ah!" Nugen hissed after it came out. Immediately holding his shoulder with his other hand.

"Come On!" Dimitri cried as he pulled himself up atop the barrie, holding out his hand for them.

Violet pulled Nugen up and hauled him to the barrie. Violet got on behind Dimitri, holding his waist with one hand, and holding Nugen's bad as he got up with the other. Nugen managed to get upon the barrie, ungracefully, but he managed. His arms wrapping around his friends waist as her fiancé, unbeknownst to Nugen, set the barrie into motion.

The winds picked up, their cryptic message ringing out, before the showers of the rain, the booming of the thunder, and the flashes of lightning could drown it out.

Peace on Efil...

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Jurlin- a creature that has a hole in the middle of its head. When it rains, it fills up and fuels the little creature giving it, its life source. No water in the hole, no life, the way of the Jurlin.