Tangerine Dandelions

Sway to the left my pretty petals
Glossed over with your hearts
When the wind makes you encrusted
With fake rubies and diamonds

Shine your emerald glow upon my face
Shed the light that is living
Fly away my little bird
Up and towards the river

Where the tangerine dandelions grow
And if you search both high and low
Nestled in with grasses heavenly blades
A tulip or two makes its' prescence

Hello we say in our greetings
As we talk awhile
And never shall goodbyes come forth
In a land of forgiving

So fly away birdy, fly true
Your wings beat like the sound of a celestial harp
Who's music is only for those who appreciate
A music yet so fine

And the sweet smell of tangerine dandelions
As they litter the field
Your senses overwhelmed, your mind on overdrive

So please do yield.