Lacie and Rosalie laid on the mauve colored blanket that Lacie brought, sound asleep. Lacie laid on her stomach, halfway off the blanket, snoring quietly. Rosalie laid on her back, with her hands placed on her stomach. Luke had fallen asleep by the fire, which was nearly burnt out.

Rosalie yawned, and barley opened her eyes. She looked up into the night sky, were the stars were twinkling brightly. Then she turned to her right and saw Lacie. She turned to her left whenever she barley noticed a glow off in the distance. She stared at it for a moment, and finally noticed that the glow was getting brighter. Scared she turned an began shaking Lacie.

"Lacie…" She whispered.

Lacie, half asleep, swung her hand in front of Rosalie, signaling for her to go way.

"Lacie!" Rosalie turned back around to the glow get brighter and brighter. When Rosalie noticed that they were really two glows is when she stood up, and shook Luke.

"What?" Luke asked. Lifting his head from the ground.

"Look!" Rosalie pointed. Luke squinted his eyes and then widened them. "What is that?"

"I don't know," Luke began. "But lets hide somewhere in that thick patch of trees until it passes."

Rosalie nodded and she quickly made her way over the thick trees. When she hid behind one of them, it was like she wasn't there. Luke squatted down beside Lacie. "Hey, Lacie." Lacie groaned. "Get up!"

"Hurry up! It's coming!" Rosalie squealed, coming back into sight. Luke sighed and picked up Lacie, who was still completely unconscious. After Luke was safely behind a tree, he placed her on the ground in front it.

The two conscious members of the group watched frightened as the glow revealed a large man, and one man that was much thinner. They both rode white horses, and held swords in there hands that weren't occupied by torches. Rosalie prayed that the men would just ride by, but no such luck was given. The men stopped at the camp site. They jumped off there horses, and began to riffle through the bag that Lacie brought.

"Those are guards…" Rosalie whispered.

"No duh," Luke replied. He turned and looked down when he heard a groan. Lacie blinked a few times and looked up at him.

"What's going on?" Lacie asked, a little bit to loud. .

"Shut up!" Luke exclaimed, trying to keep it as a whisper. He bent down and covered her mouth. Lacie rolled her eyes and sat up. Luke released her mouth.

"What's going on?" she asked again, a little more quieter.

Luke acknowledged to the men, rifling through Lacie's things. Lacie's expression grew from almost unconscious to angry. "What? Oh no, those guys are going to get it."

Lacie jumped up, and began to trudge her way over to the men, but Luke stopped her.

"I don't think that's a good idea," Luke shook his head. She looked at him for a moment, then her look softened.

"You probably right." She backed off.

The group watched helplessly as the men plumaged through there things, like a horrible monster destroying someone's town.

"Let's take these things back," The larger man muttered, and the smaller man nodded in agreement. He grabbed Lacie's sword and Rosalie's arrows, and mounted on there steeds.

"No," Lacie grumbled. "Not my sword!!" Lacie Began trudging out of the forest again to retrieve her sword from those ugly men.

"Wait, Lacie!" Luke ran after her, and grabbed her wrist. "I bet those guys could beat you up…" Luke was unaware that they had already exited the forested area, and were now in sight of the men.

"Yea, I think we could," A deep, Raspy voice came from behind Lacie, and she turned around swiftly to see the larger man already off his horse, coming towards Lacie, with his sword grasped in his hand.

"You guys aren't guards for the palace, are you?" Lacie gulped. Luke released his grip from Lacie's wrist.

"Guys, there going to see you!" Rosalie screamed quietly, revealing herself from the trees. "Oh…" Her voice trailed off when she looked up at the men staring down devilishly as the trio.

"So, the banished princess? I heard about you. I'm sure the palace would pay a lot for you." He smiled at her, and her blue eyes widened.


"Run!" Lacie screeched and quickly spun around, running back trough the forest, Luke trailed behind her. Rosalie also turned around, beginning to sprint down the dirt road back into the land filled with trees, but she slipped on the ground, landing hard on it.

She groaned, slightly winded. She blinked a few times and looked up to see the man come over her. He grabbed her by the waist, throwing her hard over his shoulder. She tried to yelp, but she voice came out raspy and quiet.

"Wait, where Rosalie?" Luke stopped immediately in his steeps, and turned around to run back. He arrived at the scene just in time to see the men ride off, with Rosalie. He stood there for a moment until Lacie arrived.

"Damn it." Lacie muttered under her breath. "I already rescued her once, now I have to do it again?"

"Yea, but they have your sword." Luke pointed out.

"This sucks…" Lacie sighed.

"All we have to do is go get her back before she is put in the dungeon. Where we are is pretty far off from the palace."

"Okay," Lacie smirked slightly. "Let's go."

"What? It's like 3:00 in the morning, lets get some rest." Luke laughed. Lacie looked up into the ocean of darkness that filled the sky.

"Okay then." Lacie replied, Dropping to the floor where her blanket was, but she couldn't get to sleep. She thought about all the things that had happen in just the past week. She would of never of imagined a week ago that she would be in a such a great adventure.