She is innocent

innocent and pure

like the white

she wears so gracefully

as she dances

through your life

she's like a child

whose eyes light up

at wonders

like snow and wildflowers

she thinks everything's

a miracle

everything's a miracle

to daisy

But even in her innocence

there's wisdom

you can't grasp

how can such a child

know so much

about the world?

she lectures you

with laughter

and you know that

right and wrong

are no mystery at all

they're uncomplicated

nothing's complicated

to daisy

She dances to a melody

you never really hear

except for

in the wind

and laughing stars

her dance sets you


and you live your life

aspiring to cut in

but her devotion

makes it clear

you are not her partner

that partner is sacred

to daisy

She seems delicate

making you protective

as if you alone

can keep this flower


but when she talks to God

her eyes close

with assurance

and you know

that she is carried

in her father's arms

and all the world is safe

everything is harmless

to daisy

But she isn't superhuman

or seeing sunshine

all the time

you've held her hand

and watched while

daisy cried

though you couldn't

understand it

you thought she looked

so beautiful

as tears of grief were falling

from deep within her eyes

everything is deeper

to daisy

She embodies fascination

a laughing dancing


and lets you know

that life will be okay

you know she isn't yours

but a part of you

is hers

just as part of everyone

is wrapped up in

the smile

in her eyes

everyone belongs in part

to daisy

A/N: A while ago, I looked into the eyes of someone I know, and this is what I saw. It's just taken a few months to get the wording right.