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Around 2 am, I woke-up feeling like something was seriously wrong. I tried to go back to sleep but the feeling just wouldn't go away. I rolled over and realised that Marco was no longer lying beside me. There was a note on his pillow and I sat up to read it.


I'm going over to get Jerry. I'll be back soon. I love you.


Jerry was one of the guys in Marco's substance abuse class and Marco was constantly going to pick him up from the various bars around town. Jerry, unlike Marco, was an alcoholic and he was always relapsing and calling Marco to come get him.

Even though I knew where Marco was, I still felt something nagging at the back of my mind and I couldn't get back to sleep until I put it to rest. Just then, the phone rang. Wondering who it could be, I reached over and answered it before it woke anybody else up. "Hello?"

"Mira?" It was Nancy, my good friend.

"Hey Nancy. Do you know what time it is?"

"Yeah, but a new patient just came in and I thought you should know." Nancy was the nurse that'd treated Mrs. Medina, Lionel, and Marco so long ago.

"Who is it?"

"Mira, it's Marco. He's been shot."

My heart stopped again and I nearly dropped the phone. "Is-is he okay?"

"So far he's stable but the doctor says that he probably won't make it through the night. You should really get down here now Mira."

"I'll be right there Nancy. Bye." I got out of bed and I ran into Derrick's room. I shook him awake and he rolled over and looked at me, confused.

"Mira? What's wrong?"

"Marco's been shot. They say that he might not make it through the night."

He looked petrified. I knew that Marco was like a brother to him and I could relate to how he felt, I went through the same thing with Chelsea. "Let's go."

Moments later we were in the car driving towards the hospital. I could see that Derrick was very tense as he drove us through the town. I reached over and put a hand comfortingly on his and he seemed to calm down a bit. He looked over at me and smiled lightly before turning back to the road. Minutes later we arrived at the hospital. I went up to the desk and I asked for Marco and we were instructed to wait because he was in surgery.

When I saw Nancy go into the booth, I immediately went to see her. "Nancy!"

"Mira! Why aren't you with Marco?"

"They won't let us go up. Where is he?"

"Third floor. Come on, I'll take you." I grabbed Derrick and we followed her into the elevator and she took us to Marco's room in the ICU. "Here you are. I'm so sorry Mira."

she squeezed my hand comfortingly before letting us go in. Immediately I saw that Marco was very pale and he just lay there. The only indication that he was even breathing was the gentle rise and fall of his chest. I walked over and sat down next to his bed as Derrick stood behind my chair with a comforting hand on my shoulder.

I'm trying something new.

Derrick's POV

I can't believe this. My best friend is lying in a hospital bed fighting for his life and all I can do is stand here and comfort his girlfriend. Who I just so happen tot be in love with.

After we'd been there for a half-hour, Marco began to stir and Mira sat up quikly to see if he was alright. He opened his eyes slowly and looked at us before he smirked and said, "Third time's the charm, huh?"

Mira let out a sad laugh and smiled at him. "I guess so."

He sighed and looked up at me, "How much time do I have?"

Mira rose, evidently seeing something in his eyes that said he wanted her to leave. "I'll go talk to the doctor. We never got to do that."

As soon as she was gone, Marco said, "Well, I beat the drugs and I lost to a drunk."

I sat down and said, "Don't talk like that man, you've been through worse and you'll get through this."

He shook his head. "No I won't. The bullet knicked my heart, I'm slowly bleeding out and there's nothing anybody can do about it." He sighed. "But I want you to do something for me."


"I want you to protect Mira and our kids. I want you to comfort them when I'm gone. I want you to keep them happy." He paused. "But most importantly, I want you to love her like I couldn't."

I blinked in surprise and reviewed my memory to make sure I heard right. "What?"

"You heard me. I know you have feelingss for Mira and I have to thank you for suppressing them for so long, but I want you to love her like she deserves."

I really wanted to promise him that I'd do that, and I mean I really wanted to, but I hesitated. "Dude, that's your girl, she's pregnant with your kids. Why do you want me to love her?"

He smirked. "Let's face it Derrick, Mira was right, third time's the charm in this hospital. I guess I deserve it after all of the shit I've done, but Mira and those kids don't deserve to be alone just because of me. I know that you'll love her and I know that you'll be way better for her than I was. I just need you to promise me that you'll take care of her."

Right at that moment, Mira came back in the door. I turned to Marco and said quickly, "I'll do it."

He smiled and said, "Thank you." He looked to Mira and said, "I love you." Then he suddenly began seizing on the bed and his heart monitor went crazy.

Before anybody could do anything, Mira cried out, "Derrick!" I turned to her. "My water just broke!"

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