The best thing about tonight's that we're not fighting
Could it be that we have been this way before?
I know you don't think that I am trying
I know you're wearing thin down to the core
"But hold your breath. Because tonight will be the night. That I will fall for you over again. Don't make me change my mind," Hazel sang along to her iPod.

Hazel currently had straight black hair with pink high-lights in it (She dies her hair different colors quite often). Her eyes changed color; right now her eyes were green. She put her iPod in the iHome and grabbed a towel, then headed to the bathroom connected to her room. She continued singing along in the shower. She turned off the water and went to her closet and picked jeans and a Paramore t-shirt with checkered vans. She grabbed her iPod, bag, and keys.

"Mom, I'm going to school," Hazel said-shouted.

She opened the door to her car –A black Honda Accord sedan- and started the car. She drove into the parking lot of Miller-Green High school. You could pretty much divide this school into 4 major parts: 1) The Bitches, 2) The Idiots/Players, 3) The Weird/Nerds, 4) Real/Other. Some people had different perspectives on it but that's their opinion on it. Hazel really didn't believe in being labeled you yourself, or your 'group'. But that just how it was at Miller-Green.

"Hey, Hazel," Missy, Trevor, Martin, and Dylan all said at once.

These were some of Hazel's best friends.

Missy had some-what curly, (Not crazy small curls big ones) purple hair with purple eyes, well contacts, her real eyes color was brown, and both her ears had four piercings. Trevor had golden-brownish hair with blue streaks that fall just a little over his grey eyes that sometimes turn blue; he also had sliver studded snake-bite. Martin had black hair with one white streak. Dylan had wavy red hair with black streaks and a tongue piercing.

"Hey guys," Hazel said walking towards them. They all started walking down the hall.

"Hazel," Dylan asks with a slightly hopeful grin on her face "Did you happen to make a copy of the math homework answers?"

"Uhh Dylan," Groaned Hazel.

"Sorry it's just the band had a gig and it was a little longer than expected" Dylan said begging with her eyes.

"You can copy them during lunch, okay?" Hazel said rolling her eyes and shaking her head.

"Yay thanks SO much Hazel!" She said, hugging Hazel.

"Yeah, yeah now get let go so I can get to my locker" Hazel said pulling away from Dylan.

"Okay well see you at lunch" Dylan said while going to her locker two halls down from Hazel's.


"Ah Miss Smith making it in right before the bell once again" Mr. Kramer my homeroom teacher said, annoyance all over his voice.

I nodded my head once as I took my seat while the bell rang. Then the dull voice of the person saying the announcements came on. I layed my head down on my desk, while most people whispered or just blatantly talked out loud. Mr. Kramer just gave them a detention and told them to be quite.

'God I hate this class' I thought to myself.

Mr. Kramer was so uptight and it sounded like someone was pinching his nose when he was talking. I sat threw that for an hour he sure can talk he hadn't even finished when the bell rang. But nothing -not even Mr. Kramer- could ruin my excitement for my next class, Drama (I know as crazy as it sounds I actually like Drama class.) because one Trevor and Missy are in Drama class with me and two the results for the play –Romeo and Juliet (I know Cliché right but, whatever) - Trevor, Missy, and I all tried out for will be posted. I met up with Trevor and Missy so we could all walk to drama together.

"So whose ready to find out they made Juliet" Missy said a smile spreading across her face.

"Missy, seriously, me Juliet, no way" I said secretly hoping I did get the part.

"Oh em gee, Haaazzeelll," Missy said carrying out my name in a whiney tone, "Quit pretending you don't want the part of Juliet"

"Okay I want the part of Juliet really badly okay, happy?" I asked as we entered the auditorium (That's where the decided to put the drama class because it was never used.).

"Yes, very," Missy said clapping and smiling.

"What about you?" I ask turning to Trevor, "Don't you want the part of Montague or what ever else you tried out for?"

"I guess but I'll be fine with whatever I get, and thanks for remembering the only other part I tried out for," He said.

"Sorry," I said.

"Do you forgive me," I asked making my eyes as big as possible.

"I guess," He said rolling his eyes and smiling.

We went to the bulletin board where the roles were posted and looked for our names.


Smith, Hazel… Juliet

Marks, Trevor… Romeo

Raynes, Missy… Lady Capulet

Kelly, Mark… Capulet

"Holy crow, I got the part of Juliet!" I screamed happily while jumping up and down with Missy.

"Eh-hem," Mrs. Lanes, the drama teacher cleared her throat "Hazel I know you're excited but a little calmer"

"Kay Mrs. Lanes," I said.

"Oh my gosh Trevor you got Romeo!" Exclaimed Missy and some after me.

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