Anthony Thompson stood looking out the window of his study. As the rain fell gently against the panes of glass, he thought back over the events which had only recently changed his life forever.

It had been nearly a year since his trips through time. He had met Adolf Hitler and many other powerful people of NAZI Germany. He had met his grandfather. Before his grandfather had left the inhumane treatment of the Third Reich.

He had travelled into the future. He believed that the earth would not suffer the fate he had seen. If it did, he had helped people in that future better their lives; even if in some small way. While in the future, he had been able to discover what had been altered in the past and correct it.

He had rehashed the events many times. Remembering the experiences he had. The people he had met. Perhaps the lives he had changed.

He also thought how the entire episode had been his fault. True, it had been caused accidently. No one had deliberately designed the time machine. But he had been careless with a previous experiment. He had left a piece of uranium out and it has caused all the trouble.

The time travel machine lay on his desk. Next to it lay the power source for the machine. He had been trying to decide what to do with it. He knew he should destroy it to prevent anyone else from getting their hands on it.

But, try as he might, he couldn't bring himself to do that. It was the greatest scientific discovery in history. Even though he new the possible damage it could cause, he couldn't simply destroy it.

Several options had come to mind. None seemed to be appropriate. Regardless of what options he could think, there was of more than one way for something to go wrong.

Finally, he decided to simply wrap the machine up and keep it in his house. As long as he lived, he would be able to make sure that no one ever got hold of it.

What concerned him was what would happen to it after he was gone. No one lives forever. Once he had died, he was afraid that some unscrupulous person might get hold of it. He finally decided on the only course of action which seemed intelligent.

He moved to the desk and sat down. Reaching into one of the draws, he removed several sheets of paper. He removed the fountain pen from his pocket.

He wrote the date on the upper right corner of the paper. He paused for a moment, remembering a similar letter he had written in 1872. After a moment of reflection, he continued.

Dear John;

I'm assuming that you have received the package that contains this letter. If you haven't survived me, then there are instructions to deliver this letter to Scooter. At any rate, I am sure that, after reading this, you will take whatever measures you feel are appropriate.

There is a second envelope in this package. Read it immediately after you read this letter. It will explain the device you find in this package.

I cannot express how serious this is. When you have read the document in the other envelope, I'm sure you'll agree. Scooter, if you're reading this, contact someone who has the knowledge to understand the significance of what I have written.

I'm sure your father has, or had, many friends and acquaintances who can help. Be sure to contact someone you can trust and someone who won't get greedy. The possibilities could be disastrous.

I'm sure you're dying to read the other document. Well, go ahead. I know I can trust you.

I'd say that I'd see you later, but if you're reading this, it means that I'm making my final experiment. The one we all have to make eventually. Just remember that I love you all very much and I hope everything is going well.

All my love,


Tony then turned on his computer. He recalled the file he had finished just that morning and began to print it.

The document being printed was a complete history of what had occurred. He included everything he could remember about the incident. At the end of the article, he included the location where he had secured the power source to the time machine. He felt it would better secured if the two items weren't together.

He had decided to lock the power unit in his safe. He included the location of the safe and the combination. With this completed, he felt he had done everything he could to insure that a responsible person got the time travel device.

He locked the power unit in his safe. He then took the time travel device itself and placed it in a box. He took the letter and document he had just printed, placed each in a separate envelope and placed the envelopes in the box. Finally, he wrapped the box. He then took the package and placed it behind some books in his library.

Next, he wrote a letter to his lawyer. In it, he said that there was a package located behind some books in his bookcase. In the event of his death, the package was to be delivered immediately to John. If John was no longer living, it was to be delivered to Patricia. He then placed the letter in an envelope and set it on his desk to mail.

Tony sat back in his chair. He could think of nothing else to do. Short of destroying the device.

More than once, he had considered using it. It would be interesting to travel to the future. To see what the future held. He dismissed this idea, however. The risks were just too great.

He thought about Peter and Richard. They would be totally different from when he had met them. Of course, they wouldn't know who he was. He hoped that things would go well for them.

He sat thinking about other things. The medical scanner was almost ready for mass production. And just last week, John had announced to the staff that they had just been awarded a government contract to develop a sensor device.

Tony smiled. He knew that the project would be successful.

As he turned back towards the window, his thoughts drifted again to his time travel adventures. He had lived through the greatest adventure any human being had ever had. The fact that no one else knew about it didn't mean a whole lot.

He let his mind wander back to the sensor. Then, he picked up the phone, dialed a number, and invited himself to dinner at John's house.

The End