Teenage Revelations

The question arose amidst their passionate throes
Where do we go from here?
We are young, and sex-driven, a social pariah
We are immortal, infallible, the modern Messiah
We are abusers, the future, with pen in hand
We'll write the world, we'll take a stand
Sensations grew stronger, they could avoid it no longer
His throbbing dick between her lips; the world is at their finger tips
(The gentle rocking of her hips)
We are forces of nature, they will beg us for mercy
We are just, we are lust (thrust), drink blood when we're thirsty
We'll bring humanity to its knees (just as she is now)
We are lovers and martyrs (sweat drips from his brow)
He groaned in ecstasy, collapsed on the bed
We are redemption, exemption, everything they dread
"It was good for me (We are destiny), Was it good for you (We are fate)."
She nodded, exhausted, accosted (We came a minute too late)