A.N.: This is a story that's happening after my first original story It's never too late or so they say, and it's about Geb, Set's older brother and has absolutely nothing with It's never too late.

Credits: Beta-ed by lovely wittyilynamed, any remaining mistakes are mine, all mine.

WARNING: This is GBLT/LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) themed fiction with explicit contents that is NOT appropriate for minors, with usual stuff and in this case also a lot of the f-word.

Better late than never

1. chapter

"Would you be so kind as to lower you voice, please." Geb Karson rubbed his temples. Damn hangover and damn him for not stopping drinking when he should have at least eaten something before he went out on the town. He sunk deeper into the soft, fake black leather of the bench and narrowed his blue eyes at his friend Michael, who was grinning at him. He hissed, "Don't say a word."

"I don't intend to." Michael chuckled before he turned toward the long metallic bar that was on the other side of the room. He lifted his arm and yelled. "Robin, one Bloody Mary, please."

"I said lower your voice, not yell all over the room." Geb leaned with the back of his head on the wall behind him and closed his eyes, taking in deep breaths to calm the wild hammering in his head.

"There you are," the velvet, deep voice wrapped itself around Geb, making him to forget the pain in his head. A click of glass against the table told him that this was probably the waiter, the one that Michael called Robin.

Geb was a little afraid to open his eyes, because there was no way that the face could match that voice, but as his eyelids fluttered open, he was proven wrong. The almost heart shaped face had a strong chin and with brown, almond shaped eyes that were framed with layers of brown hair. Perhaps it was not one of the most beautiful faces Geb had seen, but in Geb's humble opinion, it was very close. And his eyes, his eyes were warm and dark brown like chocolate, and so intense; they gave him the feeling that he could stare in them forever. "Thank you."

Robin smiled and turned away, going back toward the counter.

Geb leaned with his elbows on the table and wrapped his fingers around the frosted glass, his gaze glued on the brunette's back and brunette's nice ass. "Who's that?"

"Leave him alone."

Geb turned toward Michael and raised his eyebrow. "I didn't plan to do anything."

"I know you. And I'm serious. He's not the type that does one night stands or is somebody's fuck buddy."

"So, he's a gay. That's a good thing."

"Geb," Michael shook his head and was about to say something, when his phone started to vibrate. He looked at the display. "It's Gabriel," he said to Geb, which meant that all hell would broke lose if he didn't answer it ASAP. He flipped the phone open. "Yes, baby?"

Geb took the sip of his drink and sighed. Knowing Gabriel, Michael's chat might take quite some time. His gaze wandered toward the bar where the brunette leaned against the counter and was sketching or writing something in the notebook before him.

Robin looked up, like he felt Geb's intense gaze and his lips curved in a smile.

Geb smiled back. He wondered how he didn't noticed Robin as soon as he walked down the stairs into the room. He always noticed the hot ones, so how come this one slipped under his radar?

"Geb? Yes, he's here."

Geb looked at Michael.

Michael said goodbye, closed the phone and pocketed it. "Marshall is on his way here." He gave Geb an apologetic look. "Sorry about that."

Geb rubbed the bridge of his nose. His headache was back full force and he was tempted to just get up and walk away. He didn't want to deal with Marshall right now, but the truth was he was never really ready to deal with Marshall. "It's ok. If I hadn't ended up in his bed, he wouldn't be stalking me right now."

"He's always stalking you."

"Yes, that's true. But he's more persistent after we fuck." Geb didn't have anything against sex with Marshall, or anybody as a matter of fact, he was just sick of Marshall becoming a parasite afterwards. He'd known Marshall forever, they were schoolmates in high school and Marshall was actually his first and last boyfriend, because after finding Marshall the third week of their relationship fucking in the boy's rest room with some stranger, he decided that dating was a waste of time and money. He decided to only fuck, not date, people and he was still sticking to this, even after fifteen years.

"Why do you do it then?"

"You know how I am when I drink. I get horny and am not very particular about my bed partners."

"You're never particular about your bed partners."

"I have my standards!"

"Yeah, nobody old or ugly."

"Why should I care about their personality? I fuck them, I'm not having an intellectual conversation with them."

"You talk to me."

"That's different." Geb took another sip of his drink. Michael and he were friends, real friends. They met at the university and were roommates. They got along so well that they kept in touch, even after their university years passed. They were also fuck buddies before Gabriel thrust his claws into Michael, but they hadn't have any problems with turning their relationship into platonic one (even though Gabriel still suspiciously eyed their hanging outs.) "Now tell me, how long have you been employing that hot brunette? And why haven't have I seen him before?"

"Just forget about him, Geb. He's one of Gabriel's acquaintances, he has probably heard all about your bad reputation already, and maybe he even knows Marshall."

"Some men prefer me even more after hearing about my 'bad' reputation and about- Damn." Geb noticed a small blonde that stepped over the threshold of the bar. "Marshall's already here."

A big smile appeared on Marshall's cherubic face as he spotted them and hurried toward them. He went around the table and somehow managed to claw his way into Geb's lap.

Marshall's short curls were tickling Geb. He sneezed and he pushed Marshall out of his lap, but Marshall wrapped his arms around Geb's waist and wasn't about to let go. "Marshall," Geb's voice was calm and even, "if you don't remove yourself from my person this minute, I'm going to break your arm."

"You are so mean." Marshall pouted, but he got off Geb and sat beside him. "And why didn't you stay for breakfast? You usually do!"

"You became too boyfriend-like, that's why." Geb removed the manicured hand that had slipped between his thighs. "You started to expect too much and besides, yesterday I wanted to leave with that hot redhead and you ruined that for me."

"But Geb," Marshall batted his eyelashes and wrapped his arm around Geb's upper arm, "he wasn't really your type."

Geb narrowed his eyes at Marshall and was about to say something, when a cough drew his attention up.

Robin stood by the table, a polite smile on his face, his gaze focused on Marshall. "What can I get you?"

"Uh, uh." Marshall leaned with his cheek on Geb's shoulder and tapped with his finger on his lips. "What should I get?"

Geb grabbed Marshall's fingers and started to pry them off his arm.

"Geb, darling, don't be embarrassed." Marshall tightened his grip.

"Marshall. Stop playing around and get off me," Geb's voice was still calm, but strained at the edges. He gave apologetic smile to Robin, who had that polite smile frozen on his lips and his brown eyes were actually looking through Geb, not at Geb.

"He'll have a double latte with cream," Michael said. "And would you please bring me another cappuccino."

Robin nodded to Michael, cast a last glance in Geb and Marshall's direction before he turned on his heel and went toward the bar.

"Marshall. That's enough." Geb twisted Marshall's arm and pushed him away.

"Geb, you are hurting him." Michael intervened.

"It's ok." Marshall rubbed his arm. "It might look horrible, but it isn't painful." He looked at Geb under his lashes. "And Geb would never hurt me. He never did, well, except that time when we fell out of bed, because he was-"

"I don't think Michael wants to hear that." Geb covered Marshall's mouth with his hand. "And look your latte is coming." He felt Marshall's tongue against his palm and with a roll of his eyes released him. He focused his attention on the nearing brunette, and felt his heart speed up at the sight. He leaned back onto the couch and watched Robin dispose of his burden. It was really a shame that he was one of Gabriel's friends, he thought, but well, what could he do?


Ten hours later and Geb was again sitting in Michael's bar, or a better name for it now would be a night club, because Michael and his partner Felicia had a working permit for the night time. They even had a podium in the middle of the large room that at night was used by dancers, and a niche in the corner for the DJ.

He was sitting on one of those high bar stools and tapping with his fingers on the metal surface of the counter. He had been here ten minutes already and he couldn't even order a drink, because the damn waiter was not even there. He turned around on his stool and put his elbows on the bar behind him so he could lean on them.

Before him was a sea of people, moving with the music, sweaty bodies swaying with the beat, men rubbing themselves against other men, and there were even a few women between them. Oh, god, he loved this place. As soon as he got his drink, he would go and find himself somebody to grind against.

Or maybe he wouldn't even have to go and find somebody. He returned the smile that a strawberry blonde had given him. The blonde started pushing through the crowd, coming toward Geb.

"Hi, Geb." The strawberry blonde stopped before him and then used the space between Geb's knees to press a quick kiss on Geb's lips.

"Hi." Geb wound his left arm around the blonde's waist. Damn, what was his name? Something starting with A. Alan? Adam? "Adam."

"You remember my name." Adam pressed himself closer to Geb and put his palm on Geb's chest. "Do you have time tonight, we could go on a–"

"I don't date."

"Ummm," Adam's hand slid over Geb's chest. "I mean, would you like to go to my place later? That is if you don't have any plans."

Geb looked over Adam's head, his gaze traveling over the rainbow of people and then he focused his eyes on Adam. "I don't know yet." He hooked his hand around Adam's neck, drew him closer and involved him into a deep, passionate kiss that after it ended left Adam flustered and short winded; not that the kiss Geb gave to Adam was anything special, he was just a good kisser like that.

Geb lifted up his head and there were two sky-blue eyes staring at him. He left his palm on Adam's neck. "Marshall?"

"I would like to talk with you."

"Now?" Geb glanced at Adam and he discretely smirked at the pink that bloomed on Adam's face because of the Marshall's presence. He brushed his thumb against Adam's nape.


"Adam," Geb leaned over the small strawberry- blonde. "If you are still interested by the end of the night, ask me then if I'm free." And then he gently pushed him out of the embrace of his knees.

Adam nodded, turned away and disappeared in the dancing crowd.


"Denis bothered me again. I need you to tell him off."

Geb sighed and wrapped his arm around Marshall's shoulders. Denis was one of Marshall's exes who after he and Marshall broke up, adopted stalker tendencies and was bothering Marshall on regular basis. Geb was the one that had to be there to scare the damn stalker away. "If you would listen to me and let me teach you some Aikido, you could tell him off yourself."

"Geb!" Marshall whined.

"I will talk to Denis only if you agree to come to my grandfather's Dojo and let him teach you some defense techniques," Geb said. He waited till Marshall nodded, and only then did he get ready to use his intimidation abilities. But it seemed that Denis had been frightened away by mere fact that Marshall has run to Geb for help, because they couldn't find him anywhere.

"You are still going to Dojo," Geb said.

"Yeah, yeah." Marshall forced his way between Geb and his neighbor. "Hey, Robin, can you give me one Martini and one Gin?"

Robin! Geb slowly turned around, and there he was, the beautiful brunette, as alluring as he was this morning.

Robin nodded to Marshall's order. He poured the gin into a whiskey glass, took the martini glass from the glass case behind him, wetted its edge with a lemon slice and dipped it into the sugar on the small plate. He poured the Martini into the glass and pushed both glasses toward Marshall.

Marshall paid and then set the Gin glass before Geb. "If Denis shows up…"

"Look me up." Geb wrapped his fingers around the glass.

"Thank you." Marshal leaned and pressed a kiss on Geb's cheek before he grabbed his Martini and was off.

Geb rolled his eyes and then took a sip of his dink, looking over the rim of the glass at Robin who was standing before him.

"You are quite busy, aren't you? It's a wonder that your boyfriend doesn't mind."

Geb put the glass down. "Marshall isn't my boyfriend. I don't date."

"Yes, I heard. You just have midnight snacks and breakfast in other's beds."

"Usually." Geb nodded and cast a smirk in Robin's direction. "Do you want to make me some snacks or breakfast?"

"Dream on." Robin crossed his arms over his chest.

"You don't know what you are missing." Geb winked to him and slid down from his chair. He had to try, you never knew. He took his glass and directed his step toward the dance floor. There were some people that, judging from his past experiences, wouldn't mind his company in their beds. Why should he bother with someone unwilling, when there was so much to pick from around him?