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Better late than never

13. chapter

After they got back to Geb's apartment, Geb put Marshall's in the guest room and rushed to his bedroom.

"Where is he? Robin pulled himself up into a sitting position, the sheet sliding down on his hip.

"In the guest room." Geb pulled his shirt off, folded it and put it on the chair. "He's alright now. He just injured Dennis, nothing more." He started unbuttoning his pants.

"Come here." Robin slid to Geb's side of the bed and swung his feet to the ground.

"What is it, babe?" Geb let Robin pull him between his legs. With his palm he caressed Robin's face.

"I missed you." Robin stared up at Geb as he unbuttoned Geb's pants and pulled them down.

"I was gone for less than half an hour." Geb stepped out of his pants.

"I know." Robin slid his hand underneath Geb's boxers. "But we were about to have sex, and we were interrupted and now you are going to make it up to me."

"Whatever you say, babe." Geb leaned down and pressed his lips against Robin's. He entangled them into a deep, hot kiss, that should have told Robin how important he was and how much Geb wanted him. And like almost all kisses that occurred between them, it made them hot and bothered and ready for more.

A sound of a snap and then suddenly slick fingers were working on Geb's erection, sliding lower and then inside him.

"Hmmm." Geb ended the kiss. He put his hands on Robin's shoulders and readjusted his stance to give Robin's hand more room. "Does somebody want to top?"

"Do you have anything against it?" Robin pushed another finger into Geb.

"No, not at all." Geb smiled down at Robin. "Just hurry up. I was thinking about you on the way back and how I'm going to fuck you into the mattress. And I'm a little bothered."

"I'm already prepared, we could..." Robin furrowed his eyebrows and stilled his fingers.

"No." Geb pushed down on Robin's fingers. "Just get it on."

And Robin did, he soon had Geb underneath him, Geb's legs wrapped around his waist, and he himself deep inside him. He started to fuck him with strong, deep thrusts, just the way Geb liked.

Geb wrapped his arms around Robin's shoulders, and flexed his lower body to intercept every one of those deep, pleasure-giving plunges. He just loved this, loved the way Robin's brown eyes glazed over as they stared into each others eyes, loved the way how well their bodies knew each other, how the fingers knew just where to touch to give pleasure.

"That's so hot."

What? Geb and Robin turned sideways and there was Marshall, clad only in his boxers, by the door, coming closer.

"I never knew I would see something like this. Geb being a bottom. It's so hot." Marshall was by the bed, he climbed on it.

"Marshall, what are you doing here?"

"I'm sorry. It's just…" Marshall bit into his lower lip. "I hate to be alone right now. Can I stay here? And maybe watch? I'll be quiet, I promise."

"What? No-" A deep thrust took Geb's breath away and with raised brows he turned toward Robin. And he couldn't believe what Robin's eyes were telling him. "Are you sure?"

Redness bloomed on Robin's face as he nodded.

Geb watched Robin for a few seconds, the redness on Robin's face spreading. Robin was embarrassed. How cute, but it might not be a good thing. Maybe if Marshall - Geb turned toward Marshall. "Do you mind giving us a show then?"

"I don't know." Marshall frowned, he bit his lip again.

"C'mon Marshall, don't be shy because of Robin." Geb said.

"Ok." Marshall nodded. "But just because you asked me to."

"And don't dirty the sheets." Geb reached out, grabbed lube and tissues from under the pillow and tossed them to Marshall.

"I won't." Marshall put the lube and tissues beside him and, his gaze on them, threw his boxers off and sat back on his heels.

Geb's attention was on Robin. He moved his hips. "Babe, could you please go on."

Yeah." Robin nodded and resumed his thrusting into Geb. His gaze was shifting between Geb and Marshall, who had his eyes on them, and one hand on his dick and was now pushing a finger of the other one deep inside himself. "He's something."

"Yeah," Geb breathed out. It was almost funny how Robin couldn't tear his eyes away from Marshall, not that this was anything unexpected. Marshall was beautiful, a fragile-looking blonde angel. Geb moved his body to intercept every one of Robin's hard thrusts.

"You two are so hot." Marshall pushed a second finger into himself.

Robin accelerated his thrusts.

Geb could feel the tension rising. So fast. Just a little bit and he would be there. Just a few more strokes.

Marshall pushed a third finger into his hole.

Geb inched down with his hand; he wrapped his fingers around his cock and pumped it in time with Robin's thrusts. Just a little more. "Harder, babe." He wrapped his arm tighter around Robin's shoulders and pulled him down. "C'mon, babe, give to me. Right there, babe. Right there." Geb was so close, so close and then he was over the edge, drowning in carnal delight.

Robin was still moving in Geb, hard, so deliciously hard, a frustrated sigh escaping him. "Damn it, Geb. I can't…" Robin pulled out of Geb and slid out of the embrace of Geb's hands.

"What?" Geb blinked, his senses still under the influence of afterglow.

"I can't—I'm sorry." Robin moved to the edge of the bed, he pulled the condom off and tossed it into the bin by the bed. "It seems that I can't relax enough to…."

"It's ok, babe." Geb took the tissues, cleaned himself and tossed the tissues into the bin.

"Should I go?" Marshall pulled his fingers out and put his hands on his knees, looking Robin, a flush colouring his cheeks.

Robin frowned like he didn't know what to say.

"No." Geb moved toward Robin. He sat on the edge of the bed, reached behind him, grabbed Marshall's wrist and pulled him into his lap, Marshall back against his chest. He leaned his cheeks against Marshall's, his gaze on Robin. "You like Marshall, Robin, don't you?. You think he's beautiful, you would probably like to fuck him and that's what is bothering you."

"No." Robin stood up and moved a step away from the bed, unable to move his gaze away from Geb and Marshall.

"Yes." Geb hooked Marshall's legs behind his legs and by opening his knees wide, he spread Marshall's legs wide too. "And there's nothing wrong with that. How could there be? Just look at him."

"Geb." Marshall squirmed in Geb's lap.

"And you think Robin is beautiful too, don't you, Marshall?"

Marshall's gaze swept up and down Robin's body. He swallowed.

"Tell me, Marshall." Geb's breath caressed Marshall's ear.


"Robin?" Geb caressed Marshall's chest. Marshall had always wanted to have a threesome, but didn't trust any of his boyfriends enough to propose something like that, and he didn't do one-nighters, especially not with Geb's one-nighters. Geb rolled a nipple between his fingers.

Marshall gasped and arched his body.

Now Robin was the one that swallowed. He took a small step toward them.

"Look at him, Marshall. Isn't he beautiful?" Geb slid his hand down and pushed two fingers in Marshall's already prepared hole. "Look at his big, beautiful cock. Wouldn't you like to feel that cock deep inside you?"

Marshall moaned and leaned the back of his head on Geb's shoulder.

"Geb." Robin kneeled down before them. "Why are you doing this?"

"Because I trust you, because I trust Marshall." Geb entangled his fingers into Robin's brown hair and pulled him closer, forcing him to lift himself up on his knees, while he continued sliding the fingers of his other hand in and out of Marshall's tight hole. "Because I can and because I think that you being buried deep inside Marshall would be the sexiest thing ever."

"Marshall, are you ok with that?" With his palms Robin embraced Marshall's face.

Marshall nodded. "As long…as long as…the things between us stay the same." He put his hands on Robin's shoulders.

Robin moved closer, until his knees bumped against the bed's pedestal, and then he leaned forward and pressed a kiss on Marshall's lips.

How hot was that? Geb smiled and he ran his fingers through Robin's hair, then slid them down Robin's nape, back. He pulled his fingers out of Marshall, reached out for a condom and the lube, grateful that they were close by. He opened the condom, put it on Robin's erection, then after he greased it, he set the head of it against Marshall's entrance.

Robin pushed in.

Marshall gasped. He ended the kiss and tried to wrap his legs around Robin's waist, but Geb didn't allow him to unhook them from behind his legs. He groaned.

"There, there." Geb caressed Marshall's stomach, then held him immobile.

Robin waited until Marshall wrapped one arm around his neck and asked him to move, then

he started to move with long, hard thrusts, so similar to those with which he fucked Geb.

Marshall leaned with his cheek against Geb's shoulder, he wrapped his free hand around Geb's neck, while the other he left loosely hooked around Robin's neck, taking Robin's hard plunges with hushed moans.

"You two are so beautiful." Geb licked the shell of Marshall's ear, then he pulled Robin by his hair into a kiss, a deliciously hot kiss, so similar to those they had already shared, but so unique. He could feel the desire flooding through his veins again. His cock strained against the small of Marshall's back. He ended the kiss and watched Robin's face, those plump lips opened in pleasure, those eyes glazed with desire and suddenly he wanted to be in Robin really bad. He pulled his hand from Robin's face, slid it down and wrapped his fingers around Marshall's erection. With just a few carefully placed touches and slides of his fingers, Marshall was shaking in sweet agony and come dirtied Geb's hand and Robin's and Marshall's stomach.

Geb moved backwards. He quickly and carefully rolled a dazed Marshall and a surprised Robin over, so that Robin ended up on his back, with his ass on the edge of the bed and his feet on the floor, and with Marshall half-straddling Robin and Robin's cock still buried inside Marshall.

"What?" Robin tried to push himself up onto his elbows, but it was hard with Marshall's weight on him.

"I want you." Geb took a condom, put it on and greased himself. He took the same position Robin had before, on his knees, beside the bed. He lifted Robin's legs and hooked one over his shoulder and the other one over his arm, forcing Marshall to move a little higher. Then he pushed into Robin and started to fuck him without waiting for Robin's adjustment.

"Shit, Geb," Robin groaned.

"Sorry, babe. I just wanted you so badly." Geb leaned over them, rolled his hips and thrust deep into Robin. "And I want to give you so much pleasure." He fucked him hard without building the rhythm, just pistoning his cock into Robin's clenching hole, looking at Robin's face as he grimaced in pleasure. And it was so wonderful, so goddamn wonderful. If he could, Geb would freeze this moment and stay in it forever.

Marshall tilted Robin's head and pulled him down. He pushed his tongue between Robin's lips, swallowing Robin's sweet moans.

Geb bent his body and pressed his lips against Marshall's neck, he tasted Marshall, while he dug the fingers of one hand into Marshall's hip, and the others into Robin's , fucking Robin, trying to thrust deeper, harder. His pelvis slammed against Robin's ass. He fucked Robin until that tight hole clenched, spasmed around him almost painfully and Robin's body jerked. He gave another few hard plunges, then froze so deep inside Robin that he though he touched Robin's soul, and came so hard that he saw black before his eyes. He collapsed onto the bodies beneath him, trying not to crush them in the process.

Robin gave him a little time before he started to squirm beneath them. "Guys, get off me, I can't breathe," his breath rushed and fast. "Geb, please, get off me."

Geb pulled out of Robin and rolled beside them. He turned his head, faced Robin and Marshall, who was still laying on Robin. "You don't seem to mind Marshall."

Robin put his hand on Marshall's back. "He's lighter than you." He smiled. "And cuter."

Marshall snuggled closer to Robin and stuck his tongue out at Geb.

"But not as sexy as I am." Geb smiled, he lifted himself up and leaned over them. He pressed a small kiss first on Marshall's lips and then on Robin's . Then he pulled condoms off, threw them into the bin and reached out for tissues. First he cleaned himself, then after forcing the two lazy bed-partners apart, he cleaned them too.

And after they pulled themselves to the middle of the bed and covered themselves with the sheet, Marshall made himself comfortable between Robin and Geb. He put his hand and head on Geb's chest and wrapped Robin's arm around his waist. He sighed. "That was amazing."

"Yeah." Geb put one hand over Marshall's and pulled the other one from underneath Marshall to reach out for Robin. He caressed Robin's cheek.

Robin smiled and leaned into the touch.

"And it made me see that what you have is special." Marshall entangled his legs with Robin's. "When you two fucked it wasn't like you were connected just physically, but like you mentally too. I want that too."

"You will get it, don't you worry." Robin patted Marshall's hip.

"Yeah, if I managed to, you will definitely find it too." Geb squeezed Marshall's hand then his focus was on Robin. "So you agree with Marshall that what we have is special?"


"Really special?"


"And by agreeing, you are done for."

"For how long?" Robin inched closer, he leaned his cheek on the back of Marshall's head.

Marshall sighed and slipped from their embrace and out of the bed.

"Forever." Geb press his lips against Robin's. He entangled them into a warm, comfort-giving kiss.

"Oh god, I just turn my back and you became such a sap," Marshall said, he was already by the door. Not that Robin or Geb heard him they were already lost in the sensation of each other.

The end