Author Note: Well, my cousin has buck teeth. And she's very insecure about it. So I wrote this for her to make her laugh. And for all you people who feel the same way she did, be not ashamed. Embrace your flaws and accept yourself. It doesn't matter what the world thinks. The most important thing is what you think of yourself. So I hope this makes you laugh. And oh buck-tooth cousin of mine, I hope your smiling after you read this. You better!! I know where you live!! (Jokes) I am also sorry if I insulted any of you… Enjoy…

Buck Teeth

You know you have buck teeth…

*When your teeth pop out so much that your bottom lip is practically invisible.

*When your teeth clunk the glass of your newly acquired drink.

*When said teeth end up 'chipping' the glass and leaving a hole the size of a golf ball at the top.

*When you eat a lollipop and by the time it gets to your tongue, all you taste is shavings.

You know you really have buck teeth…

*When beavers start mocking you.

*When said beavers point at you and start laughing their fury little hearts out.

*When your teeth can be used to cut stuff and screw in light bulbs.

*When your teeth can actually touch the ground.

*When people think your teeth are actually accessories.

*When you start using your teeth to scratch and scrap stuff instead of your nails.

*When you prefer kissing toothless people so your teeth can actually fit.

*When your head hangs down from the weight.

*When people point at you and ask, "Hey! Is that a hybrid beaver?!"