AN: yay i'm actually writing this!!! This takes place after the events in Bad Blood ending 2, you know, the one with the zombies in FL? LOL, and keeping the theme i have set with the previous story, all characters here are based off of my real life friends (actually everything is acurate about them, lmao)

"Bad Blood: Daybreak"

Chapter 1: And When the Bow Breaks....

The wind that blew through Jennifer's long brown hair was cold and damp. Though still only in the early stages of fall the weather had taken a turn for the worst the past couple of days. Normally it would still be sunny out and at least slightly warm. But a sudden cold front had reared its ugly head and doused the state with heavy rains and chilly weather. It also meant the flu season had started earlier. Everyday it seemed that there were less and less students in her classes. With the amount of students and teachers missing she was surprised the school was still open. Though Jennifer did also wonder what else was going around; she had seen a few people with rather nasty looking rashes on their arms and faces. They could be seen scratching at them almost uncontrollably until they bled. Why they were even aloud near other people she had no clue. I can't understand why they'd even want to come to school with that all over them, she silently thought.

With a shrug from one of her slim shoulders she continued walking to the parking lot; with all her classes finished for the day she was free to leave. The longer she spent in there the more likely she'd catch whatever the hell was going around. Unlocking the car door she slid inside after throwing her bag into the back seat. Buckling her seatbelt and starting the ignition, the silver car rolled out of the schools parking lot. Glancing downward quickly she turned on the heat in hopes of ridding herself of the cold that seemed to have settle deep inside of her. Staring at the stop light she noticed just how deserted the streets actually were, she was practically the only car on the road. "That's weird... usually the streets are packed at this time." she mumbled after checking the time.

Pressing lightly on the gas pedal once the light had turned green, she turned left towards her house. Glancing down once more to adjust the heat she looked back up just in time to see someone stumble out in front of the car holding their waist. Letting out a small yell she spun the wheel and felt the jerk as the car swerved away from the person. Her head smacked into the steering wheel as the car smashed into a tree; the horn blaring loudly.

She didn't really remember anything much after that, just flashes of light and a few sounds until she was at the hospital. She heard something about having to go into surgery to fix her left arm that had been broken badly. She must have made some sort of gesture or said something that told them she understood because the next thing she knew she was being told to count back from one hundred and then everything went black.


Blue-green eyes fluttered open and were greeted with darkness. The operation on my arm must have gone alright if I am still breathing, she thought to herself. Glancing to her right she noted that the blinds in the room were drawn tightly making it imposable to tell what time of day it was. Sitting up, her good hand fumbled along the top of the bedside table in search for her glasses; once she found them they were promptly put on. Blinking slowly, she could just barely make out light from underneath the closed doorway. "I wish someone had left the light on, it would have made things a whole lot easier." she grumbled out loud with a sigh. Slowly she moved her hand to the side of the bed until she felt the casing for the small call button, pressing it she leaned back into the pillows. Hopefully one of the nurses would be there soon and she could find out what, if anything, she could take to get rid of the now sharp pains running along her left arm. After waiting a few more minutes Jennifer sighed in annoyance. "They must be real busy if they are ignoring the call from a patient." Bracing her left arm, that was currently in a cast, against her chest she eased herself from the bed. Bare feet landed on the cold tile with a soft 'slap'.

I hope they give me the good stuff. I don't want to be awake once my arm really starts to hurt, she thought crossly. Quickly stepping across the room to the door she turned the handle and winced at the loud squeaking noise the hinges made. The first thing she noticed was that the hospital was quiet. Far to quiet for a hospital of its size. Furring her brows she took a step out of the doorway. "What the...? Where the hell is everyone?" It looked deserted. The hallways were completely empty as well as the small nurses station a few feet to her left. Biting her lip gently she walked forward down the hall. "Hello? Is anyone here?" there were no other sounds other than the ones she was making.

At the end of the hallway there was a fork, she could either go left or right. The lights in the right hallway were completely off leaving it in an eerie blackness making her choice easy. She would go left; the lights were flickering lightly but staying on. There was a small roll away cabinet sitting at the corner seemingly left there carelessly. "Where is everyone?" she murmured quietly. That among other questions floated around her head mercilessly. Out of the corner of her eye she could see dark splotches coating the white walls that looked a lot like blood. "What the hell is going on...?" turning left down another hallway there were still no signs of other people.

The lights in the hallway flickered dangerously before shutting off completely, plunging everything into darkness. Her breaths seemed unreasonably loud now that she couldn't see anything. Though she couldn't understand what she was worrying about, as far as she could tell there was no one in the hospital at all. Taking a step forward she stopped when she heard a swishing noise in the direction she was going. Staying completely still she strained her ears, trying to hear what her eyes couldn't see. There was a small bang that made her jump followed by a fizzing sound and suddenly the backup generator kicked in filling the hallway with dim yellowish light that continuously flickered on and off. Every time the lights flickered back on it was followed by a loud clicking sound. Her eyes widened and her breath caught in her throat.

There was someone standing directly in front of her at the other end of the hallway. With the bloody and torn clothing, missing limbs and strange soulless eyes, the in front of her could only be one thing. A zombie. It was staring directly at her, at that moment the lights flickered. When they came back on the 'zombie' was running toward her; lips twisted into a ghastly snarl. Gasping, she turned sharply and began running back in the other direction. I'm going to die!, her mind screamed. Turning the corner she nearly tripped over the small rolling cabinet. That means I'm nearly at my room!, she thought frantically. She could hear its growls getting closer and closer but she couldn't run any faster, her lungs were already burning with the effort. She could see light spilling from the next hallway and knew that was the one with her room in it. If she could only get there...

There was a loud crash behind her followed by an angered snarl that made her heart flutter and send adrenaline into her body. Finally reaching the next hallway she nearly ran past the nursing station in her haste. Stopping short she backtracked a few feet and found her room; the zombie only a few feet behind her. Slamming the door shut she screamed when it rammed into it, howling painfully. She pushed the lock but stayed braced against it. Her legs gave in and sent her into a heap on the floor; her hands still gripping the door handle tightly. The pounding on the door didn't stop for a long while, and neither did the racing of her heart.

Tears of fright prickled at the corners of her eyes as she gasped. "What the fuck is going on! Where is everyone?!" resting her head against the door she squeezed her eyes closed tightly. How long was I asleep? Was this why everyone was missing from school? Her thoughts whirled in so many directions she was getting a headache. After what seemed like hours the banging on the door finally stopped and everything was once again silent. Barely breathing she pulled herself from the cold floor and just stood there for a few moments. When nothing happened she let out a small breath and backed away from the door quietly. She only stopped when she bumped into the bed sending her heart racing again. Resting her good hand on her chest she forced herself to calm down. Swallowing thickly she looked around the room for something, anything that might be useful. On the long cream colored counter across the room she spotted a small black television remote.

"We have power so... and there must be something on TV about this..." after grabbing the remote she turned on the TV only to come up with static. "Damn it!" swearing, she changed the channel only to find the same thing. She continued on until she reached channel six; the only station that was broadcasting.

"Everyone stay inside and do not go near the infected! By now you have realized that anyone that becomes infected with this 'virus' turns into...the undead. Do not let the bodily fluids of the undead get into your blood stream or you will become one of them!" the asian looking woman paused for a moment looking grave. "There are reports of some undead that have higher brain functions as well as the use of speech, we have yet to confirm this."

"We still have no information on what is causing this. But what we do know is that it is spreading far faster then we could have ever imagined." the screen cut a short video of roadblocks that had been overrun near the states border. "It is said that the infection originated in Florida, meaning that there is nowhere safe to run. All we can do is survive-" the woman looked up sharply as a crash was heard, her eyes going wide. Screams filled the studio as something happened off camera. "Oh dear god!" the newscaster exclaimed. With terrified eyes she addressed the camera once more. "To all those who are watching this, this is the last broadcast we will air. A hoard of the undead has just broken in. I'm sorry..." A zombie leaped across the table and tore into the woman's neck as she screamed...

Jennifer stared wide eyed at the horrible scene in front of her. The video cut out and started back at the beginning. "Someone must have had just enough time to loop the video..." her shaking fingers dropped the remote and she winced as it clattered noisily to the floor. Something stirred from outside her room but otherwise everything was silent. I can't just stay here, as safe as I am in my room I'll starve in a few days time, she thought helplessly. Taking a deep breath she looked around the room for a closet or small cabinet that new clothes might be in. She couldn't exactly leave her room again wearing only a hospital gown; she would get infected in a matter of minutes.

In the very corner of the room she spied a tall wood stand up closet. Opening the doors she stared at the empty space with a sigh. Looking down as she was about to close the doors she spotted a pair of hospital scrubs and tennis shoes. "These will have to do...I'm lucky I even found this." not bothering to move into the small bathroom the room held; she undressed where she stood and quickly put on the scrubs. They were light green in color and made of a very airy fabric; thin but durable. She sat gently on the floor and proceeded to put on the shoes with one hand; the other covered in the thick white cast. I need a weapon, she thought duly.

From what she had seen there was nothing weapon like in the room; not even a pointed object. Sighing with frustration she heaved herself off the floor and took to stalking around the room. Walking into the bathroom she noted that all it had were the bare essentials, and absolutely nothing that could ever be used offensively. Leaving the bathroom she was just about to give up when she looked at the bed. "I wonder if I could pull the metal sides off?" however there was nothing she could do with one hand and had to give up that idea entirely. "So I have clothes but not a weapon? Wonderful..." Running her uninjured hand through her hair she resisted the urge to scream in frustration. That would get her nowhere and probably just create unwanted attention to her room again. There was only one thing she could do. "I have to find a weapon after I leave this room..." she stood still in that same spot for an undetermined amount of time before she took a long deep breath and walked toward the door. Unlocking the door and leaving her hand on the knob she pressed her ear to the door but hear nothing. Pulling, the door slid open with a massive squeak from the hinges. Her heart stopped as her hand gripped the door knob painfully.

Nothing stirred from within the hallway, the previously unnoticed daylight spilled in from the large windows near the nurses' station. Not daring to take a breath she slowly inched her way out of the room careful not to make noise. She left the door open behind her and quickly scurried across the hall and behind the desk of the nurses' station. She didn't move after that for a few minutes, her eyes constantly darting to either side of the hallway. Finally tearing her gaze from the empty hallway she began looking around her for something to defend herself with. At this point she would have welcomed the sight of a stapler. But there was nothing.

Perhaps things like that were taken as people panicked?, she thought. She couldn't have been the only one to want to protect herself from those things, could she? It was time to leave, weapon or no weapon. She was just lucky that she was on the ground floor of the hospital so that she didn't have to attract attention using an elevator or the stairs. She would have to find a weapon outside, as dangerous as that was; it was the only option at the moment. Finding a small floor plan tapped to the top of the desk, the kind used to show exits for emergencies, she located the quickest path to the outside. It happened to be the main entrance, and it wasn't to far off. Once again checking both ends of the hallway she headed to the right of the nurses station this time. Creeping silently down the hallway her heart nearly leapt into her mouth with its ferocious beating.

Turning down two more corridors she still encountered nothing. Where did that zombie from earlier go?, she questioned herself. It wasn't that she wanted to see it again, but its absence made her stomach turn cold. Entering the main hallway she had to cover her mouth to stifle a gasp. The room was covered with dried blood. The problem was, all the bodies the blood had come from were missing. And when the world was suddenly overrun with the undead, which was never a good thing. All her muscles seemed to bunch up leaving her painfully tense; she almost expected to be attacked by a hoard of zombies right then. But nothing happened.

She tried to ignore the dried blood but there was so much of it; there were even what appeared to be bloody drag marks on the once white floor tiles. I have never been so thankful to have been in a car accident, she thought morosely. The main glass door leading out of the building where streaked with blood making it impossible to see the outer world. Carefully stepping over the broken glass that lay in one of the doorways she stepped outside and gasped....

End chapter 1

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