"Bad Blood: Daybreak" :

Chapter 2: The cradle will fall...

Carefully stepping over the broken glass that lay in one of the doorways she stepped outside and gasped.... The hospital parking lot was overflowing with wreaked cars, debris and dried blood, lots of dried blood. Cars were crushed together near the exits and entryways of the hospital making it impossible for anything to have gotten out. Blue-green eyes scanned the area sadly. If no one got out, did that mean they were all killed? She wondered silently. The bright sunlight she had seen earlier had merely been that of the setting sun, she needed to do this quickly least she be stuck outside in the dark. Taking quiet steps out of the 'safety' of the abandoned hospital she began looking in and around the smashed vehicles for weapons. It wasn't like in the movies, she mused. There wasn't a conveniently placed police car just sitting there with a shotgun for her to use. And she was sure that there were zombies lurking somewhere in the maze of cars, just waiting for her to come closer. But she didn't have the luxury of being overly cautious; the longer she took to find a weapon, the quicker those things would find her. She didn't even want to think about what would happen if she hadn't found something by then....

Quickly shaking those dark thoughts she walked over to a blue sedan that had been pinned between two other cars. Peering inside through the window there was nothing note worthy inside, not even blood. Sighing, she shivered slightly in the cool air; hospital scrubs were not made to be worn in cold weather. Continuing on she passed by many other cars, none of which held anything weapon like. At the far end of the lot she spied a utility van, perhaps the only vehicle that might have something useful. Picking up her pace as she heard a growl in the distance, she nearly tripped over the severed arm that was left to rot on the ground. Rubbing her own arm she winced at the sheered flesh of the arm before forcefully looking away. The van was positioned by a small grass embankment that overlooked the road near the highway. Surprisingly there weren't many cars clogging the streets. She saw something scurry across the street near the off ramp of the highway that made her freeze. There was no way that it could have been an animal, and if it were she was sure it wasn't a good idea to be near it. Walking around the van she made sure there was nothing hiding, waiting to take a piece or three of her. With shaking hands she gently pulled on the back doors and was pleasantly surprised when they opened. Inside there were a variety of tools used for fixing downed power lines and such. "I don't even know what half of these things are..."

Rummaging through the messy pile of tools she came across a large wrench that she supposed would be her last resort. It was large and heavy and would no doubt be capable of crushing someone's skull with the right amount of force behind it. The problem was she didn't want to be that close in order to kill the damn things should she have to. Biting her lip she set it near the ledge so it wouldn't get lost in the mess. Her hand eventually touched a long, slim piece of metal. "Better, not great but better." she murmured appreciatively at the crowbar like piece. Glancing up she shrieked. Staring at her from outside of the windshield was a zombie. The long blond hair was tangled and matted down with blood and one of it eyes hung limply from its socket.

"Food..." it groaned. "You are food..." she stared at it in horror. "It talked!" she hissed with wide eyes. It growled ferociously and disappeared from view though she could hear it approaching on the left. She numbly grabbed the crowbar and ran in the opposite direction. Weaving around cars she flat out ran back in the direction of the main doors. While it might not be the best place to hide it was better to go back to the safety of her room until the next day when there was more light. Looking back for a moment she was unable to miss the protruding piece of metal on one of the cars and slammed into it, slicing her leg. With a cry she fell to the ground but did not have time to worry about her injury. The zombie leaped over the smashed front of another car and landed in front of her snarling. It lunged at her, its mouth open wide. Screaming she swung the crowbar into the side of the zombies head, knocking it into another car. Scrambling to her feet she she didn't look back again until she was inside the hospital. Her breath came in heavy pants and her leg throbbed unpleasantly while blood soaked into her shoes.

"Shit." she grimaced while poking at the skin around the wound. It was deep, and it was bleeding freely. "I think the nurses' station should have something for this... I hope." limping she backtracked to her room from the main entrance. The light outside was all but gone, night falling quicker then she would have liked. Thankfully there was still power in the building so most of the hallways were lit; she had already learned to stay away from those without it. Shuffling over to the nurses' station she searched around until she found a roll of bandages on the floor. Sighing with relief she crossed the hallway and was about a foot or two from her room when the zombie from earlier appeared in the doorway. Her breath caught in her throat and she backed away silently as it watched her. Dropping the roll of bandages she took off in a run towards the stairwell at the end of the hallway. It roared in anger behind her and gave chase. It was hard to run with her leg as injured as it was but she wasn't about to stop and ask the zombie if she could have a breather. Slamming into the doors she didn't stop and climbed the stairs even as she heard the doors slamming against the wall. She didn't have time to stop at the next floor so instead she continued to the roof, which was probably the best place to sleep until daylight anyway. She was never more thankful that despite the hospitals size it only had three floors.

Nearly smacking into the rooftop doors she fumbled with the handle until it swung outward making her fall to the ground, cutting her cheek on the rough cement making it bleed. Her glasses had fallen from her face and lay with a large crack on the left side. Leaping to her feet she grabbed the fallen crowbar and tried to get the door closed in time but failed. Again the zombie stood in the doorway, snarling. As it stepped forward Jennifer let out a scream and swung the crowbar into its head. It was knocked to the ground, but by no means 'dead'. Gripping the crowbar as tightly as she could with both hands, despite the pain in her left arm, she brought it down on the zombies head. It snarled again, its blank eyes staring up at her. She felt its hand on her shoe and kicked it off. Screaming in rage she continued to beat the zombies head with the crowbar until it stopped trying to grab at her with its one remaining arm. She was aware of the blood flying off of the undead creature but paid it no mind as she made sure that this time it stayed dead. Breathing heavily she dropped the crowbar and closed the rooftop door. Retrieving her glasses she leaned against the wall beside the door and stayed motionless while catching her breath. She felt something slide off her face and onto her shirt. Pulling at her shirt she noted how the substance resembled jelly.

Touching her cheek, even as she winced in pain, she pulled her hand back to stare at the dark blood. Her own blood should have been a rich red color not almost black. With horror she realized that the zombies' blood had gotten into her open wound. At that moment she knew there was no hope that she would survive, not as a human. Sliding down the wall she sat cross legged on the ground. Staring dimly at the blood coated fingers she closed her eyes. There was nothing more to do other than wait. She could already feel her pulse began to increase and her skin heat up uncomfortably. She would become one of them, one of those things. A zombie. From the moment that blood had splattered onto her cut that was her fate. She knew she wouldn't be able to kill herself, so all she could do was wait until she changed. Became less aware of things like emotions and rational thought; until she could only think about two things. Survival and eating. Jennifer shivered at the thought of devouring another human; of possibly killing someone she knew. She hung her head and her cracked glasses slid to the bottom of her nose. With a shacking hand she moved them back to their original place before opening her eyes again. Her head made a soft thumping sound as it connected lightly with the brick wall behind her. "I wonder if I'll end up being one of the smart ones..." she said softly. Her blue-green eyes began to lose focus forcing her to blink more often. Staring straight ahead she could see the silvery white of the moon. She would focus on that and nothing else until she couldn't focus anymore. All around her there was silence; not even the other undead made noise. It was the silence that she would remember.


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