When I wake up
I smile and remember last night
I pull her naked body closer
And realize how this feels so right

But my ears are alert
Incase the silence leaves
We can't let our evidence
Confirm what her dad already believes

I hope our moans weren't too loud
Or our touches too obvious
Maybe we were careless
While craving the magical bliss

Hopefully the man across the hall
Stayed sound asleep
Our love's little secret
Is something we desperately need to keep

I know what he would think
If he caught his daughter in the arms of a girl
I can imagine the look on his face;
Like it's the end of the world

I'm so sick of hiding it
But there's nothing that I can do
There's no telling what he would do
If he realized his fears are true

He's denied all the little things;
Says they're all just a game
Well we're not just playing dyke
And we're done with being ashamed

People need to learn to respect
That the person I'm in bed with is female too
Because we both love each other
And there's nothing her dad could do

We didn't ask for this to happen
We didn't choose to feel this way
It's only a secret because
That close minded asshole can't have a daughter that's gay.