NEW STORY! This one will get updated xD I have lots of it ^____________^ This is my almost completed Nano Wrimo that I missed by a little bit thanks to my effing aunt kicking me out and me not having internets. FAIL. SO HERE IT is. It's just random...bear with me. Ideas or help mucho appreciated if you want to pitch in with ...ideas xD

Chapter One.

"Just sit the fuck down, goddamn it!" he screams.

I do as he "asks" and obediently sit on the wooden dining room chair and begin to stare at my feet.

"Daniel, shut up! Leave him the hell out of this!" my mother shrieks with an equal amount of volume and hate. Wow, just another wonderful "Christian" family dinner at the house. Great, just wonderful. I really want to deal with all of this goddamn shit right now. I'm so sick of this.

"Can we even say grace without you bitching up a fucking storm, Julia? Is that even fucking possible for you?"

"I'm the one bitching? I am?"

I stare down at my clean, empty plate and sigh. This is freaking ridiculous. Damn them both. I slowly push my chair back away from the table. I don't want to become part of this fight that I always get screwed into. Sure, sometimes I get involved because I need to; I have make sure that my dad doesn't bash my mom's face in. Or I need to make sure that my mom doesn't stab my dad in the cornea with the kitchen knife while she's cooking.

My parents halt mid-bitching, turn, and stare at me. Wow, just like a movie! How amazing.

"Where are you going?" they holler in unison.

I just roll my eyes, walk out of the dining room, run up the stairs, and head down the hall towards my bedroom. At least I can kind of get away there. I kick the door shut behind me, run, jump, and flop myself down onto my bed. You fail, Alex. Yes, that's what my parents named me. My grandpa was named that or something. Who knows. My parents lie to me all the time. They think that since they are rich, it gives them a perfect excuse. Cool.

I wanna watch TV. It sounds pretty relaxing right now. I get up and shove in a DVD from one of my favorite shows: That 70's Show. Naturally, my parents hate it. They find television shows of that nature mind-rotting and complete waste money.

I wander back to my bed pull the blankets over myself, and sigh some more, occasionally laughing when Donna makes a smartass remark at Kelso. His character annoys me. Hell, Ashton Kutcher annoys the living soul out of me. He's such a moron and I really can't stand those dang camera commercials that he stars in. He's a hack. However, he does have a good choice in women.

I look over at the poster of Demi Moore and grin. Whatever, I just like her dang hair.

My parents start screaming at each other again, something breaks, my mother shrieks, and the whole… whatever begins to loop itself all over again. Oh great, I hear my name again. Wonderful, something about school, my B- in Advanced Calculus and how that instantly is making me fail out, and something else about one of the cars being smashed after my dad crunched the passenger side last week when he was drunk. I find my TV's remote and crank the volume way up in an attempt to blast the sound of screaming out of my room.

I watch the remainder of the episode. The main menu pops onto the television; a vivid array of hippie-like colors that make my eyes water massively when I start staring too long. I select the next episode and lean back into the pillows. I'm so comfortable right now. It's amazing. My parents have magically shut up. They're probably making it up to each other. Sick but true. They have a habit of chewing out one-another's esophagi and then magically being best friends and fucking. It makes me sick just thinking about it. Just get a divorce already. Seriously, make us all happy.

My eyes start feeling heavy, but I love this episode. It's the one where they're trying out for contest and two of the guys have to try on swimsuits, sing, dance, and all that jazz. It's ridiculous, but funny.

But my eyes start to get heavy. I've had a long day. I had to get up early and finish a project for Chemistry, go to school all day, and then I still had fencing lessons until almost dinner (which I didn't even get to eat). Finally I just give in and let myself fall asleep. No sounds in the air except for my favorite show. Amazing. Just how I like it.


My door clicks shut. Did someone leave my room, or did someone come in? What the hell? That's so weird. My parents, like I said earlier, may not always tell the truth (more often my dad), but they at least give me my privacy for the most part and always knock on the door before entering. I have to give them credit for that. But it doesn't seem right. Something odd is going on. I sit up and look around. My TV is turned off, the DVD player, the whole shebang.

…What the hell? I'm confused. My eyes strain in the dark looking for anybody in my room, but no one is in here. No labored breathing of my father from his monstrous temper and horrible drinking habits. None of the soft sobbing that my mother always does after they fight. Nothing. It's just me. All alone.

I yank the blankets off and creep over to the door, carefully pressing my ear into it. Nobody is screaming from what I can hear. That's a good sign. Maybe my parents "made up" in their own little sick way. Disgusting. How nasty.

I shudder, open my door and sneak into the hallway. I don't know why I'm sneaking. I'm almost seventeen for god's sake. But I continue on that way making sure that the cold, wooden floor underneath my feet doesn't creak and wake up mom and dad. I run to the kitchen once I'm downstairs and away from my parent's room and punch 2-5-0-8 into the house's security system. It beeps, flashes a couple times, and beeps again.

I slip on my shoes and slip outside, lock the door, and run for my car. I parked it away from the garage and down what seems like a mile long driveway on purpose today. The rising tension between my parents has been getting to me for a couple days now and I'm glad I listened to myself because, man, was I ever right. I knew they were going to get into a bitch fest today.

I unlock the doors to my red Mustang and slide onto the customized black and red leather seats. The engine roars to life and I drive "The Bitch," as I sometimes like to call it the rest of the way down the drive and peal out onto the road. We live out in the middle of nowhere, so it's a bit of a drive into town if you only drive the speed limit. My car wants more speed. Fuck cruise control. I've never seen an officer out here in the year and a half that I've been driving. The pedal goes to the metal and "The Bitch" screams down the road hitting ninety miles an hour in what seems like 7 seconds. I smile and pet the dash like it's alive.

"Good car," I grin and turn the stereo up loud. So loud that I can't even hear the roar of that amazing V8 engine. Breaking Benjamin screams throughout my car, the mirrors shake, the seats vibrate. This fucking car owns my soul. I swear. It's insane. I could never get tired of driving this beast.

I slow down for the first stoplight twenty miles later. No traffic at this time of night. How predictable. The tires screech and I blast my way through the empty intersection towards the lights of the city ahead. Speed check. I hit the brakes slowing to sixty-four. It takes a hell of a lot longer to slow down than speed up. Go figure. They should make it just as fun to slow a car down as they've made it to speed up.

The Mustang passes the cop at sixty-four. I wait for him to pull me over even though I'm sure nothing will happen. No red and blue lights flash in my mirror. Well that's no fun. Yet again, I get away with speeding like a demon. I love it. I get away with everything it seems like. It seems like the cops don't even bother dealing with us Covingtons. Last time when my dad got pulled over, he threatened the cop with getting him fired from the police force I don't know if my dad could actually make that happen, but I do know that both my mom and dad have some power in this city. After that, a cop hasn't even thought of pulling any of us over. I don't want to risk the cops getting involved with my life.

I sigh and slow down to five over. I'm in no hurry I suppose, so why rush when I'm going absolutely nowhere?

A left turn, right turn, straight twelve miles, three more rights, one more left and I finally find where I'm heading: The water.

The violent crashing of waves fills my ears as I step out of the car and onto the sand. The air is humid and makes my clothes stick to my body. I yank off my shirt, throwing it behind me and just keep trudging towards the water. I unbuckle my belt, let my jeans fall to the ground and just run.

The water is surprisingly warm, but it still cools me down more than I was five minutes ago. I stand there waist-deep in my boxers just letting the waves crash into me. They almost knock me over, wanting to drown me. They're so damn strong, but I love it. I crouch down and kick off the sand and dive under the water's surface. Under the water is a deep blue-black and I can't see where I'm going at all. I'm just swimming and swimming. It feels so great. Finally I surface, taking in air so fast that my lungs scream in pain (another torture that I love to endure). I can't even see my car anymore it's so dark outside. I'm beginning to shiver now.

Why am I out here? I should just drive out of this place and forget about my parents, my friends …my life. It's not really that bad of an idea. I could empty my bank account, transfer the insurance and plates on my car and leave. They would never find me. Actually for that to work, they would have to "miss" me in the first place. That'll be the day. Yeah right. I told him last time I would leave but…I stayed anyways.

I tromp onto the sand and pick up my clothes. There's another car parked next to mine. I bet its Zachary Williams and his fucking bitch that he's "dating." I can't stand any of them. He's the star football player; she's the head cheerleader. Wow, what a perfect couple.

I unlock my door but hesitate to get in. It is them. How wonderful. I can't believe they would do it right here in their fucking car. There was some rumor going around school for awhile that he got herpes from "some" girl during a homecoming party last year. I laugh, I wonder if she knows about it at all. I duck into my car.

I'm done with this scene.

-End Chapter-