Uh...I have nothing to say really. Yep.

Goddamn, this class bores the living hell out of me. I don't understand how the hell these fucking equations equal out. Damn physics class. I swear. It is out to get me.

I look over at my partner's notes and hope that he has the answer, but he doesn't, like usual. He's a loser. But I feel like even more of a loser since I'm trying to cheat off him. Goddamn. I think he's already taken this class before. He probably flunked it...or maybe he just likes physics? Huh...I never thought of that one before.

My teacher starts lecturing on about something else and how the Earth has an equal reaction on the object that is falling to its surface. Yeah, about that. So the Earth moves when I drop my pencil? A couple of the people around my desk turn and look at me.

"What? Did I say something?" Nobody says anything. Lovely...

"Do you have something to share with all of us, Mr. Covington?" My teacher laughs and continues to scrawl across the chalkboard.

"Uh...no. I just said a thought out loud by accident, sir. Sorry," I mutter.

"It's fine." He laughs again and continues to write more formulas across the dusty surface.

I'll admit it, I suck at Physics, but I love my teacher. And somehow I still manage to hold a straight "B" for a grade. Amazing, Alex Covington. Amazing.

A shrill, horrible scream pierces the air, and I almost fall out of my sleep. It's already the end of class? When did that happen?

I throw all of my shit into my beaten backpack and dodge a mass of students at the door, escaping into the craziness of the pre-lunch hour hallway.

Madison and Joey both wanted me to go out to lunch with them, but I have the feeling that somehow I'm going to get screwed into watching them make out at the table in the restaurant the entire time. We could just go get fast food and go through the drive-thru, but that would probably just give them the opportunity to play tongue twister with each other in the backseat of my car.

I shudder at the thought. How disgusting. How come it bothers me so much to see them do anything? I mean holy crap, it's not like my tongue hasn't been in her mouth before...not to mention other places...

Sick. Perhaps I'm jealous. No, I'm not jealous. In fact, I'm still kind of pissed off about the whole New Years situation from two years ago. Why? I don't know. It could just be the fact that I wasn't good enough for her. We were only dating for three months when the incident happened. How ridiculous can I get? Jesus.

I push the door open to the parking lot along with pushing away the thought of the situation itself. My car is parked all the way on the other end of the lot. Wonderful, I have to walk. Maybe I should have walked around to the other end of the school first. It is kind of cold outside. It would have been a good idea actually, but then I would risk running into my dear Madison and Joey among other people whom I don't feel like dealing with today.

I sit down in the car, start her up, and crank up the heater. I love how newer car's heating systems are almost instant. It's wonderful. It helps me cope with the fact that I freaking hate waiting for things to work like they're supposed to. Not that I'm complaining. I love my car, if you didn't catch that the first time. It's the one thing that's always there for me.

Shit, there's Joey and Maddie; they must be looking for me. I yank the shifter from park, into reverse, and the Mustang screams to life and roars out of the parking lot onto the main street.

I need a cigarette. I open the center console and fumble around for the red and white carton of bliss. Finally I get it in my hands and open it. Nothing. It's empty. Fucking Christ. I swear, when I need one the most, and there's none left. I must have smoked a lot more of them than I realized last night when I was driving to Maddie's house.

I pull turn into the same gas station as last night. "I hope that guy is working again. I really need some, Izzy."

I smile at the thought and shut off my car, grab a few bucks, and head into the gas station.

Wow, I'm in luck. He's working.

"Hey Alex, how's it going?" Rhett smiles at me and shoves some more sodas into the cooler.

"It's going, I guess. It's lunch right now."

"Well, that's cool." He stands up and crosses his arms, smiling even more.

"Hey, I need to ask you a favor," I sigh and shove my hands into my hoodie pockets.

"What's up?"

"You know how you bought me that pack of Marbs last night?"


"Well is there any way that you could buy another pack for me? I have money. I even have enough to pay you for the other pack."

"Sure thing." He heads back behind the counter, slides a pack out from the tray and hands them to me. I hand him the money for both yesterday's and today's pack and smile.

"Thanks, man. I really appreciate it."

"Anytime, kid."

I walk out of the store and back to my car. Shit, I'm kind of thirsty. I look down to my hands and notice something else, I forgot my fucking cigarettes. Damn me.

I run back in and smile at Rhett who smiles back like he seems to have a very nice habit of.

"Forget something?"

I fidget a little feeling remarkably stupid. "Yeah...my cigarettes, and I want a soda now." I grab a Coke and walk back up to the counter pay for it, grab my cigarettes this time, and finally get back inside of my car with fifteen minutes until I have to be back for class.

I pull a Marlboro out of the box, close it, and light up. Damn, the first hit is the best I swear. Its gotta be the initial drag of nicotine and monoxide in the lungs. I love it.

I drive my ass back to school and magically get the same spot that I parked in before. Cool beans. I finish the cigarette and toss the butt out the window. Oops, I littered. Shame on me. I laugh at myself. I'm really not the person to litter, but cigarette butts don't count to me. Speaking of, I think I'll have one more before I go back in.

I pick up the box and turn it over in my hands but freeze.

"What the hell?" I almost drop the box, there's a number scribbled across the back; a phone number. A phone number with the name Rhett written in the corner. What the hell? Why would he...no...

I stare some more at the black ink. I shocked, purely shocked. How...weird.

I sit in my car for a few minutes longer, dumbfounded beyond all recognition. "Maybe he just wants so hang out or something." I fidget some more with the box, not at all sure what to do about the tiny situation that has caused a stir in my brain.

He's hitting on me.

I shove the box into the center console between the seats and decide to push the thought out of mind. I still have three more classes to deal with today and head inside of the school.

The rest of the day seems to go by fast for the most part. One catch to that, I couldn't stop thinking about the seven digit number that was lying in wait for me in the Mustang. Maybe I should call him. Just say, "Hey, you wanted me to call?"

No. That would be weird. He probably was meaning to give it to someone else and handed me the wrong one. That kind of shit happens you know. You see it in the movies plenty of times. Seriously, film producers don't always pull that kind of shit out of their asses. I'd give them more credit otherwise.

I laugh at myself and stare at the clock: five more minutes to go.


Can't it go any faster?

My eyes start to wander around the room, seeking out anything to make the time go by at least a few seconds faster.

My teacher is staring blankly at his computer screen. The sick bastard is probably watching child porn that he filmed himself. There have been some freaky things that he's been involved in. A couple years ago, his daughter claimed that he was molesting her while she was sleeping. The sick bastard got off scot free.

I know his daughter.

She wasn't lying.