Authors' notes: This was written as a task for school. Make a legend with mythological creatures. I used Daedalus and Icarus, you'll see why...

Icarus: The Icarian Sea

The ignorance of a child can be the cause of great disaster...

A castle. A castle where no one could get in... And no one could get out. It was a castle that hid secrets. Horrible secrets.
In that castle... A child lived. So powerful that it was feared. That it was shunned from heaven's light.
The child mourned. It was alone. In a dungeon, high above the sea. Where it could not escape.
Everyday, he sat at the window of his room, viewing the sea. Wishing he could fly, fly away.
"Oh, let me fly. I want to." Said the boy aloud. Nobody heard him...
But one day, something strange happened. He woke up and saw a dove? Stark white. It looked at him with dark little eyes. The boy gasped, reached out and... The dove dissapeared.
The day after, there were two doves. Both looking at him. The boy sat still, not wanting to scare them, and after a while they left.
On yet another day the doves came back. He counted twenty. Twenty strong doves.
And between them sat a godess. She had big white wings and golden hair. The boy gasped in awe at the beauty in front of him.
"You shall be free." The godess said. "These are my doves. Thou shall safe you."
And then the doves disappeared. The boy sat there, wondering, when he felt a trange tug on his back. Two white wings sprouted out of his shoulderblades. They were made of the doves.
The godess smiled and disappeared.

Quickly, the boy got up and walked over to the wondowsill. Spreading his wings, he flew away.
Flying through the air, he heared the godess' voice: "Thou shall fly high, thou shall be burned. Thou shall fly low, thou shall down. Thou shall stay in the middle, thou shall live." He took the godess' advice and flew on and on, away from his prison.
But, then he looked up. And as a moth towards a candle, he was pulled towards the sun. The doves felt the heat and flew away. Leaving he boy completley bare.
He was falling and falling and then he hit the sea.
He tried to swim but he had never learned it. He felt a peaceful feeling overtake him when he heard the voice of the godess. "Thou were warned. My doves were burned as your wings and thou shall drown in guilt."
Then, he disappeared...

Later on... The sea where the boy drowned was given the name: 'Ikarian sea'
Although nobody had known the boy nor his true name.

Authors' notes: So what do you think? I didn't put Daedalus in it nor did I named the boy Icarus. It's just my fantasy take of why the sea was named the Ikarian sea. Oh yeah, about the dungeon. I know it's normally underneath the ground, but I couldn't find a better word. Tell me if you know one.