A very happy New Year's to all of you. 2008 has been a little hard for me, and here's hoping that 2009 will be a good one for all of us!

Much love,


May this year be full

Of forgiving and forgetting

Of joy and sadness

Of rights and wrongs

Of understanding and remembering

Of freedom

Of hope

Of growth

Of life.

May the trials of the last year

Not be in vain.

May you grow

May you learn

May they make you

Wiser and stronger

Older and more experienced

Younger and more joyful

May it make you who you are.

May the world teach you

Of joy

And pain

Of love

And loss

And may you teach the world

That it is better for you

May you fill this new year

With your words

And your thoughts

And dreams

And wishes and hopes

And may you fill this year, and all those to come

With a bright future.

May your endings be beginnings.

May your tears be lessons.

May your heart never be broken

And may your spirit never be crushed.

May you fill this world

This year

With everything that you are.