Time: 6:30 a.m.

Date: October 6, 2231

Sleep Cycle: Complete

Recharge: Accomplished

Eyes: Open

I looked over at the window of my room as a sat up in bed. Analyzing the angle of the sun compared to the landscape, I took note that my internal clock was off by 23 seconds. I also analyzed the rest of the skyline for an update on the daily weather. It was going to be slightly cloudy with with a chance of rain in the near future.

"Dee, come on!" My head turned as my voice recognition system kicked in at the sound of Lou's voice. "You can't just stay in bed all day."

"Coming!" I replied with my childlike voice programming. I changed into my dayclothes (a white dress with matching headband and shoes) and went downstairs to Lou.

"Oh, Dee, I need to get you better programming for your hairstyling. You know the moderators wouldn't like it if you kept messing up your hair so early in the morning." Lou fixed my headband so that it fit perfectly over my donated chocolate locks.

"I apologize, Lou," I automaically said. Lou, my parental female unit, treated me like her own daughter. She could not concieve a child so she took the alternative of adopting a D1 RoboChild, me (that's why she always called me Dee). That was five years ago. I was the first model of five female RoboChild models. A new model has been created every year since then complete with new programing and options for design, but this year the Designers came up with something different: an upgrade for all existing old model RoboChildren to make them as realistic as the latest models.

"It's all right, Dee. You don't need to apologize all the time. Now, let's get to the car." Lou took my hand and guided me to the front door. I quickly analyzed the action and searched in my memory for the right response. I returned the grasp and held her hand in a light clutch.

Together, we walked to the two-seater car. The doors automatically opened as their sensors detected our footsteps and my magnetic field. Once we were inside, the doors shut, and we put our seatbelts on.

"Programming Center," Lou instructed the car.

"Time to get to Programming Center: 30 minutes, 21 seconds. Time of arrival: 7:19 a.m." the car spoke in its monotone voice. It changed gears and turned out of the driveway in the direction of the Programming Center.

Programming Center: Center where robots and other thinking electronic devices are made, destroyed, and/or updated with new programs.

My internal alarm went off as soon as the information was retrieved from my memory. I almost never went to the Programming Center. Other information about the Programming Center started coming up in my head.

Recent Inventions: D1 and S1 RoboChildren to D5 and S5 RoboChildren, F1 and M1 RoboAdults to F5 and M5 RoboAdults, and the RoboChild Upgrade.

The list ran through my head, and, through the process of elimination, I came up with two possible reasons for why I was going to the Programming Center: The RoboChild Upgrade or The Destruction.

I turned my head to look at Lou. Her body temperature and pulse registered as being under the description of anxious.

Anxious: adj. , worried or earnestly desirous

The definition only gave me a hint as to what she might be thinking. I gazed at her again.

"Lou, can you tell me what we are going to do at the Programming Center?" I asked.

Lou returned my gaze and smiled. "It's a surprise."

Surprise: vt. come upon suddenly or unexpectedly; take unawares attack without warning amaze; astonish –n. 1. a being surprised that surprises

I turned to look at the street ahead. It turned slightly into a tree-bordered drive. The car turned slightly and followed the drive to the Programming Center. Lou's heartbeat quickened, and she took in a quick breath of air. She was becoming even more anxious than before.

Finally, the car stopped in a parking spot in front of the Programming Center. The doors of the car clicked open and up letting us out.

"Destination: Programming Center. Destination: Reached. Time Elapsed: 30 minutes, 21 seconds. Time: 7:19 a.m." the car's automated voice announced as Lou and I got out of the car.

The Programming Center was a simple two-floor building. The walls were all made of fiberglass making the sunlight reflect on the panels, but giving the inside of the building much light during the day. Solar panels coated the roof storing energy for the machines and internal lighting of the building though the lights were only used at night or in rooms without windows none of which I had any memory of.

"Good morning," the Sec4 RoboSecretary said in her cool welcoming voice. "How may we service you today?"

"Dee, could you go sit down in one of the chairs over there?" Lou asked as she pointed at a row of chairs in the corner of the room. I obeyed and walked over to the row of chairs. There, I sat and tried to listen Lou, but she had put me in a place too far away for me to hear what she was saying. Since I could not listen to Lou, I looked at the other people sitting near me. An S3 sat nearby with a book on Shakespeare's works in his hands. I retrieved the information I had on the S3 generation of RoboChildren.

S3 RoboChild: The 3rd generation of RoboChildren created with upgrades such as ability to learn and develop into an adult like a child. The programs of the S1 and S2 generations come standard in the S3 package giving them the ability to look more lifelike.

I looked at the book on Shakespeare's works again. I already had every play written by him programmed in my head.

"Dee, let's go," Lou called over to me as she walked over to me. I stood up and walked over to her. She guided me to a set of doors that automatically opened when we came up to them. On the other side was a human adult male with short blond hair and glasses. My alert sensors went off when I saw the glasses. There were countless surgeries he could have gone through to fix his eye problems. Glasses were rare, yet the man was standing there wearing them.

"Hello," the man said in a warm voice. His voice gave me the signal that he was a very experienced man who knew exactly what he was going to talk about. I sensed Lou trusted him, but was uneasy around him.

"This is Dee," Lou motioned towards me. I gave a smile as I looked up at him, one of the many reactions I could have done in response to what was going on.

"Good morning, Dee," the man smiled back down at me. "I am Dr. Haskins. Welcome to the Programming Center. Follow me."

Lou and I followed him into a windowless room on the second floor. Artificial lighting was set up inside giving my sensors the feeling of night. Never had I been in a room quite like that before. My analytical sensors started searching the room for information on what the room was used for. A bed lay in the center with two sliding chairs on each side along with a counter and two small gliding tables with small metal utensils on them. I noticed that the utensils were specifically used for RoboChildren of the D1 generation.

"Lou, what is going to happen to me?" I asked. She gave me a wide smile. Lou was no longer anxious. Her heart rate and body temperature registered under the description of being happy.

Happy: adj. , displaying, or marked by pleasure or joy ; appropriate and willing enthusiastic or concerned

"I'm getting you the upgrade," Lou said. My sensors went off the hook again as they registered everything around me as utensils and computer chips for my upgrade. I looked down at myself remembering how my generation of D1 RoboChildren was never given the ability to grow up. I still looked like the 10-year-old girl that had walked out of this very building five years ago.

"Dee, could you please lie down on the bed for me?" Dr. Haskins asked. "I need to run a few tests before I can put you to sleep for the upgrade."

I followed his orders and got on the bed. He took a clipboard that was lying on the counter along with a clip pen.

"Now, Dee, could you please sit up for me?" Dr. Haskins started writing on the clipboard in his hands. The clipboard turned on as he started tapping it with his clip pen. Paper had been retired from its job 152 years before I was created. Computers that came in many forms such as the clipboard Dr. Hask held in his hands had replaced them.

I sat up immediately after he gave the command. He wrote something down on his clipboard.

"Could you please recite the alphabet, Dee?" He did not look up from his clipboard.

"A, B, C, D…" I recited the entire alphabet for him. Dr. Haskins wrote more on his clipboard. He then looked up and held his clip pen out in front of my face.

"Follow this with your eyes, please," he instructed. Dr. Haskins moved his clip pen from side to side. I followed the movement with my eyes even when he started moving the clip pen up and down.

After he was done, he put his clip pen down and smiled at me.

"You show no signs of defects, Dee. That is very good for a RoboChild of your age." Dr. Haskins turned to Lou. "I can give her the upgrade right now, but I am going to ask you to leave now. We need room for our tools and other doctors to perform the procedure."

"Okay," Lou agreed. "Bye, Dee."

She came closer to me and gave me a hug.

Hug: v. clasp closely; embrace cling, keep, or stay close to

The definition registered in my memory, and I returned the hug in response.

"Bye, Lou," I said. She moved away and walked out the door. Two more doctors came in exactly 41 seconds after Lou had left. One was another male, but with darker skin. The other was a female with red hair that was cut to 1/8in below her chin.

"Ok, Dee." I turned back to look at Dr. Haskins. "We need to turn you off before we can give you the upgrade. Could you please lean over for me?"

Obediently, I leaned over and moved my hair to the side revealing the tiny switch on the back of my neck. Dr. Haskins leaned over the tiny switch.

"You won't feel a thing," he said as he flipped the switch.