You captivated me with your silver lies

The curve of your smile and the glint in your eyes

So I never felt the cold but the dark angel's gaze

Obliterated memory shrouded in haze

The flames in my heart slowly extinguished

The Dreams and reality undistinguished

Led to my instant and numbed demise

Confused me with your eternal disguise

Never noticed the hastily painted gold

But now horrified I watched the lies unfold

Like the scarlet silk but no comfort

My castle destroyed now I come to earth

Your sly hands hold me back in chains

This temptation I try to refrain

Young rose clutched by November frost

Iron will rusted and completely lost

Again I stand with a helpless smile

And you forge the silver all the while

And I like the princess of the fairy-tales

Tumble into an abyss with a cunning male.