The Music of Water - Amber


I could never get enough of his.

"Like the chamber?" a voice asked quietly.

"You bet, Shui," I whispered, my arms outstretched. I drifted forward, enjoying the wind that whistled quietly through the room.

He whistled out a few notes. I followed them, moving accordingly to enhance the sound. When he stopped, I continued, following the lingering melody his ability had left in my mind.

"I've been thinking about making this one a New Æzh's song. What do you think?"

"It fits really well," I agreed, crossing my still-outstretched arms, enjoying the unexpected harmony produced by the notes.


"Any time," I laughed, letting the sound mingle with the music as I adjusted my volume.

"Funny you should mention that. Should I give you the lyrics?"

"Please do!"

I closed my eyes, listening and singing to the words.

"Any day, any time,
None are like the the new Æzh:
Always different, never same,
As varied as the memories of bygone days.

"Any day, any time;
Any time, any day.
Never same, always different;
Always different, never same.

"Any day, any time...

"None are like the new Æzh."

I opened my eyes, letting the wind die away. "Huh. It's kinda short, but I guess that's okay."

Shui gave a sheepish grin. "Well, I worked on this through my sleep, so you'll forgive me if it's not that great yet."

I snorted. "If your sleep comes up with stuff like that, I'd love to hear what you make while you're awake."

"I'll be sure to call you here when I finish the song, Amber."


Sera: Umm... It's short. " ...And I can't remember if I've explained what an Æzh is in the actual story, but it should (now) be somewhere in chapter one....

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