Chapter 1

People are enthusiastic when it's their last first day of school. People are also enthusiastic when drinking a delicious Cherry Mocha and being talked to by an Abercrombie and Fitch look-a-like. But I'm not really into Border's Cherry Mochas and/or gorgeous guys. Okay, so maybe I lied about not being into gorgeous guys but when those guys are arrogant it's just not safe to have me and any liquid or solid object close. Trust me, you don't want that.

"Hey." It waved a hand in front of my face, "Earth to Sam" I kept walking towards the destination of my first class.

I put up the sweetest fake smile I could muster, "Thank You Alex, you just took away my appetite." This boy has the talent to kill anyone's mood.

"Nice to see you too, but I've got some girls I need to talk to so let's get this over with," Who in the hell does he think he is?, " Mark told me to tell you that we have to go to work because he has something important to talk to us about." It looked away to smile at a petite blond. Yes I call Alex an it, it reminds me of how human he is. It's a cute nickname, don't you think?

I frowned and stopped walking, "And Mark couldn't just call me?" C'mon, I only spilled Mark's coffee once! This is punishment for much more! Plus, I thought he loved me. That boy is so bipolar.

It smirked, "Well, using cell phone minutes on me is not a waste, but using them on you..."

I glared, "Dumbass." With that, Mr. It walked away. Nice view. Oh, shut up Sam.

Alexander Jackson Walker. Perfect pale features, deep blue green eyes, silky black hair, killer body, athlete, tall, and a total arrogant jackass. He could have been any girl's dream, until you get to 'and a total arrogant jackass.' Not like girls mind though . It's like they decide to ignore he's an ass. Not like it's that easy to ignore. (Those air-ridden heads of theirs.) Apparently I'm the only sane person who hates him. And I don't really consider myself sane. Unless being sane includes enjoyment of acting like a total idiot.

Someone clasped their hands on my eyes as I resumed my walking, and considering my attraction to accidents due to my stupid clumsiness it inevitably resulted in me, yeah you guessed it...falling. On top of that, the person seemed to be crushing every stinkin' bone in my body. This is what I call peachy.

"Guess who is the best friend in the world that Sam has fallen for? I mean literally fallen for. Or rather pushed down, but you get the picture." Of course that was Mikey, my little Michael Jackson. Except for the whole liking small boys part. And the amazing dancing, and singing. If he wasn't my best friend in the whole world, I would have pulled a trick where the sun-don't-shine. Sometimes my evilness goes too far.

I punched him and grinned, "Mikey!" I pulled him into a hug, "My friend whom I haven't seen for a whole day! OH the torture!" Drama-queen-mode on.

"Have you forgotten the girl who practically dresses you?" I grinned wider, Emily, crazybitdesignerrxxx3 in myspace, otherwise known as my best friend who has an obsession with Paolo Nutini and any guy not from the US. Weird obsession. Weird friend.

"This should be a Hallmark card, " I declared as I wiped away my imaginary drama-queen tears and group hugged. I'm so cheesy.

After our annual beginning group hug, Emily, as always, is the girl who finds out about everything ( she's my little Gossip Girl except for the whole posting in a blog thing) pulls out a paper from her pocket. "Look!" she signals towards the cream colored paper in her tiny hand. 'You have been invited to Alex's Senior Party'

I frowned as I read it's name, "Wow, so early?" I think he's aiming to ruin my year earlier.

"It's at the end of the year, but I made sure I got the invitation early. Each invitation counts for 3 people so we're good." She put on a sly smile. Thank God it's at the end of the year.

Something clicked in my brain, "How did you get those invitations?" Heck, sometimes I'm afraid to know who she finds out things. It's like she has those little spy cameras placed on every person in the school. I should check myself...

She winked mischievously , "I have my ways."

"On the other hand, I don't think we want to know." Mikey said.

"Hey!"She shouted glaring. Uhh I'm so scared?

I sighed, "Have a chill pill." Sorry Miss Priss Queen.

"Do you even get a thing he's saying?" I asked Emily.

She stared at the talking old man in awe, " I was with him until he said 'Let's start the class.'" I have never seen a person talk so much. It's like a never ending word producing machine.

"What class is this anyway?"

"It's suppossed to be Math." Emily wasn't so sure of that answer. Forget it, I don't trust what the papers said, this is NOT Math class. (I'm not even sure this involves numbers anymore)

Hector, the class nerd is probably more full of himself than Alex, "Need any help, my beautiful ladies?"

"We're doing very fine thank you!" I said a little bit higher than I should have, and me being trouble prone, I got thrown out of class, on my very first class. Nice move Samantha. Oh no problem Samantha #1.

The only thing I get to see out of the classroom is Alex, great, I come out of hell only to go in again. It's like the devil wants me. I am that good ;p

"Wow, first day and already they can't stand you." Damn that stupid arrogant smile of his.

I smiled, "Well I'm just that cool." Too cool for school babe. (Okay, maybe not, because I couldn't understand a word that so called math teacher said, but it doesn't have to know it.)

"Whatever you say. We'll I have to go." He surely didn't forget to switch to ass-mode this morning.

Suddenly a hoard of hot guys walked by,okay, only one guy. And I wouldn't really call it walking since I only saw that he was hot when he came rudely running into me, but considering his amazing hair and eyes, I let it pass. (Trust me, you would have too.)

His amazing blue eyes widened, "Oh God, I'm so sorry. Did I hurt you?"

" not at all." Damn it my shoulder's killing me!

"I'm Zack." He smiled. Zack certainly should do that way more often.

I smiled and held my hand out, "I'm Sam, " and I am dazed.

He shook it, "Nice to meet you Sam. I hope I see you later, and I'm sorry, again." I think I forgot how to talk. It's no problem, at all. As long as I get to see your gorgeous eyes. Snap out of it Samantha. Sorry.

I listened intently to Mikey talk about how he had seen the cutest Asian girl in English class, only because I had nothing better to do with my life. But if anyone asks I go on scavenger hunting adventures with Gregory House (James Hugh Laurie).

"She had the cutest eyes! and she liked Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Queen..." He's gone.

"Emily, we've lost him." When he falls for a girl, he falls hard. I remember when he liked Emily. Ah, the good times.

"Isn't Alex just 'effin hot?" Emily asked checking out his arse. I've lost her too.

I thought, "Well, if you like perverted arrogant assholes, then yes, he is."

Alex was sitting at his usual spot, in the table next to the willow tree. He was talking to his girlfriend of the day, as always, as she giggled helplessly. It's inhuman to giggle like that. Sometimes I wonder that if you hit their head you can hear the echoes. Maybe I should try that.

Three, Two, One. Bell! Wait, no, not yet. Three, Two, One. Now! Is the bell mocking me? Now! Oh, the bell, it's like music to a young student's ears! Especially when she has the most amazing job ever, and she has to be there in...10 minutes. Nice going again, Samantha.

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