Chapter 8

"So?" Emily was almost pouring excitement out of her pores.

I shrugged even though I was exploding of excitement because of my wonderful date, "So what?" ,I was going to make her beg for this.

"So what, what!! You promised you would tell me what happened at the date!!"

"I doubt she did." Michael said.

I thought, "No I didn't."

She rolled her eyes, "Okay maybe you didn't but you just have to, we're best friends remember?"

Hard to forget when you're annoying me, "Fine."

I fidgeted with my fingers, I wasn't so sure I should tell them that we kissed, or rather I kissed him, and he was an amazing kisser. After all, this was our first date. But not our last, considering he asked me out for a second date!! Sorry for the excitement. Plus, Emily and Michael are way overprotective. I shifted on the bed nervously.

"Well, we decided to go to Caribbean Cinemas an—" I was rudely interrupted by Emily's fan girl shout.

"Oh my God! Did you watch Twilight? That would have been so romantic, I mean, Zack is as sexy as a vampire from what I saw off his butt and…" I think I must have dozed off there because I didn't hear her rambling about Jasper. God that girl has problems.

"So?" Michael was staring at me.

Oops, " Well, I'm sorry to tell you that I didn't see your beloved Jasper, I saw my little shorty, Tom Cruise." Her eyes widened in horror.

She took me by the collar, "How could you not watch Twilight?" she shook her head in shame, " It's the best date movie ever created!"

"Well sorry, just not interested." She glared. Again I say, I'm so scared, boo-hoo.

"How could you not be interested in Jasper?" I have to suffer her interrogations and Mikey's already dozing off into cute-Asian-girl land, completely ignoring Emily. Sadly, I haven't mastered that art yet.

I glared at her, she shut up. Finally. "So, the movie was great and he drove me home." Emily looked at me like an inspector. "That's all." She knew I had left out something important. Damn that girl and her gut feeling.

"I'm guessing you left out something important in fear of what we may think, no, or do to you." She grinned cockily.

I took in a big gasp of air, and let it out slowly, "We kissed." Emily frowned. Here comes overprotective Emily to the rescue.

"He what?" Actually, it should be a 'You what?' considering the fact that I kissed him, but she doesn't have to know.

"How can you kiss someone I don't even know yet? Call him." She smiled. That assured me that she was happy for me, she was just slightly annoyed that I hadn't introduced them to Zack formally, even though she had already checked his pictures on facebook. Wait, did she say call him?

I stared at her blankly, "You want to call him?"

"I'm arranging to meet him, since you haven't presented him to us." Oh no you're not missy.

"I'm going to arrange the meeting tomorrow, don't sweat it."

"Fine." And Sam wins again.

Michael glared, "I want to meet him too."

"How could you not meet him? You ARE the guy that I literally fell for."

He smiled, "True, true." he kissed my cheek, "Well, I have to go call cute asian girl."

"What's her name anyway?", Emily asked.

He smiled faintly, "Ai-chan."

"Nice name."

"Bye Mikey, good luck cute asian girl." I shouted as he went for the stairs.

Emily and me walked down the narrow stairs to say goodbye to Mikey as he left in his worn out Toyota. After the painful goodbye we walked into the bathroom. Emily was going to take off my make-up.

She took a make-up remover pad and cream and rubbed it over my eyes. "So how was the kiss?" Even though I couldn't see, I was pretty sure she was grinning. Typical Emily, it was weird that she hadn't asked before.

It was the most perfect kiss I had ever had in my 17 years of life. It was somewhat spontaneous and sweet, but passionate, which makes the perfect kiss. For once in my life, I felt something as someone clasped their hands on my face. It made me feel safe. "It was okay."

Emily went blank, "It was just okay? No tingly sensation after the kiss? Not even an it was good?"

"Fine, it was the best kiss of my life. The best I have ever had, happy?" I frowned and folded my hands over my chest refusing to admit my defeat.

"Great!" She shouted, but she didn't sound as happy as I would have wished.

I frowned, "You're not happy for me?"

"I am…It's just that… soon, you and Mikey will be off dating people and I will be left all alone, dateless and boyfriend-less, with a house full of cats accompanying me in me lonesome sadness."

I rolled my eyes at this, "I'm surprised you haven't started dating yet."

She grinned, "Who says I haven't?"

I stared blankly, "You did."

She shrugged, "Okay so maybe I lied. It's just that I haven't really liked anyone yet, not many new people came to school." And she makes me feel bad for almost not telling her about the kiss?

"And you didn't tell me?" I frowned deeper.

"She threw water at my face, "Throwing water at my face won't really help you, you know?"

Her face softened, "I know I'm supposed to tell you these things but you seemed really happy about your date and I didn't want to ruin it for you with my dating dilemmas."

I punched her arm lightly, "You better tell me next time." Or you won't live to know what the hell happened to you.

The cold covers felt soft on my skin, it felt like little cotton snowflakes morphed together to make my quilt. I don't know why I don't live on this bed, I also don't understand how I get up at 6am every morning. This is as close to heaven as you can get here on earth. My phone rang. I hope whoever is calling me at this hour dies. "-Ello?" Whoa mood swing.

"So, are you presenting Zack to us at school today?" I hate you.

I glared via telephone, the possibilities are endless with technology, "Not if you insist on calling me at 6 in the morning to ask me, Emily."

"Fine, I won't call you at 6am in the morning," You already did, " but I needed to know because if I'm meeting him, I've got to wear something cute!" Back off missy.

"If you don't know it yet, I'm the one dating him."

She sighed, "Sadly, from what I saw, he had a nice butt."

Uhh, thank you for checking out my boyfriend's (are we together?) butt? "Okay?"

"Bye! Dress nicely!" Fine mother. I hung up. In this moment, I hate Emily. She called me yesterday, hence Sunday, to ask me when she would meet him. This girl is worse than a mother.

I quickly got out of bed and dressed for school preparing myself for the meeting that would bring an end to my almost not started relationship with Zack. Emily and Zack should NOT meet. I just pray that she doesn't try some sort of weird maneuver .

You know those teachers who think they know everything, but truth is your 12 year old cousin knows more than them? Meet my friend Mr. Heary, yes, his name does sound like hairy, which is another one of his charming and enchanting qualities.

"Mrs. Heartly, you do know that you have to get a partner for this assignment and you can't just choose the partner?" I do, I'm just ignoring the fact that my only options at the moment are little-mister-perv a.k.a. Nathan Kingswood and Mr. It, because surprisingly, Alex didn't want to work with any of the airheads.

"Yes, I am."

"Then don't fight when I call the name of your partner," he swallowed and coughed, "Alexander Walker."

His eyes widened, "Okay maybe she's not going to fight, but I am, I'm not working with her."

First of all, let me tell you how this all started, Mr. Heary decided to have the delightful baby project, which includes a little bundle of joy that is just a fake electronic baby, burping, pooping, peeing, bathing, diaper changing, and last but not least, a husband, which in my case is named Alexander Jackson Walker .

Just my amazing luck.

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