With a deep sigh, and another tear forming in her eye, Evelyn settled down at her computer, hoping in vain that the trivial trials and tribulations of her characters would soothe her.

Who to write today? She mused.

"Wait. Please don't leave, I could not stand it if you were to go. Especially now."

Ah yes, Jade and Jaime's little emotional struggle would be perfect right about now, she thought with satisfaction, the conversation beginning to flow from her imagination unheeded.

"Jaime, what more do you want from me? I have sacrificed my all, of course I cannot stay. I need... I need time. That is all I ask. Let me go, Jaime."

The simple and almost emotionless tone of her voice made him shudder. Was this what he had done to her? "I never- I didn't think- I'm sorry. So sorry. But I need you here, please Jade. I don't want to be hurting you anymore, you know I don't."

Jade opened her mouth to retaliate, but was interrupted by a knock at the door. Jaime cried out in an exasperated manner, "Go, I do not wish to be disturbed!"

But a familiar voice called from the other side, "I think you do, sire. Oh, I think you do."

After a long moment of Jaime staring at Jade's back, willing her to turn and face him. To come back to him, he finally gave in. "Fine! Fine, enter."

His servant walked slowly into the close room, testing the tension in the air. Eventually he turned to Jaime, and wiped the long black hair from his eyes before saying,

"Oh, Evelyn, is this how you deem to save me?"

Evelyn sat ramrod straight in her office chair. Her fingers frozen on the keyboard.

"Silliness, it's silliness," she muttered. "Leave me alone River, you're dead."

"What are these words you speak, servant? Can't you see the lady and I are busy? Be gone."

"Ah sire, I wish it were that easy." The servant said wearily, he turned to Jade now, and addressed her thus. "Evelyn is quite cruel, isn't she? Making you two suffer like this-"

"Stop it. Stop it." Evelyn brought her hands to her temples and almost clawed at the sides of her head. "What are you doing, you stupid brain? Never ever write disjointedly in the middle of the day."

She forced her hands back to the keyboard if only to erase the dreaded madness.

But when her fingers touched the keys, they pressed down without her willing them to. She bit back a gasp as words formed on the screen.

"Oh dear Evelyn, have I confused you?"

As her fingers sped, and as she tried in vain to stop them, a sob wrenched form her already worried lips.

"No! Oh no, Eve, please don't cry!"