Blood and Roses

The heat, the power, the bliss, it was all there. Tremors ran through my body with such magnitude it was overwhelming. Every sense was heightened to its peak, every visual came as clear as crystal, every sound amplified to the point of tangibility. The taste of her skin made my mind go deep in explicit madness, the softness was better than downy, smooth as the icebergs in the arctic. Her eyes sparkled by the soft flames, shining the deepest amber like a sun in the midnight sky. Her hair in a perpetual mess, her hair was brown as chocolate except for the golden streaks running through her hair like dark gold. It went on for hours, but all time stopped for me, only focusing on her. Soon the climax came bursting as the first light of the sun spread across the world. Then darkness came.

I wake up to the soft sound of her breathing, her head resting on my chest, giving the image of perfect peace. I smile, remembering every wonderful moment from last night, and decided to not wake her up. I got up and snuck into the kitchen wanting to make her breakfast. Technically not making breakfast, more of pouring breakfast. I felt the scars of her love bites, which probably devoted to the dizziness I felt this morning. Even though I shouldn't give any more blood, but she deserved a little special gift from me that didn't come from having great...relations. "Josh?" I heard a soft murmur behind me.

Shay was there in her small; almost transparent pink lingerie top. I carried a glass of my blood to her, "Good morning my undead love, how are you?" setting the glass in front of her as she sat down on at the table.

Staring at me intently as she drank my blood; again. "Still mind-blown from our experience last night." she licks her lips clean, leaving one gleaming fang visible from her mouth as she smiles. I chuckled knowing that she was teasing me Probably wanting another round I thought. We hear shouting from outside preceding a gunshot. Before I could run to get our stuff, Shay was already there with our bags and two pistols in her holsters. She hands me my bag and my pistol as we kissed, since that may have been our last time together.

We rushed out the door keeping ammo in our pockets and swords at our waist. Shay sensed three master vampires downstairs; we would need all the weapons we could get our hands on for them. Two soldiers came into view from the staircase. I took two shots at them before they could fire at us leaving them cringing in pain; I maybe wanted by every vampire in the world but I was no murderer, at least not yet. Then the vampires came into view, known by the glowing red eyes in the distance. Shay ran past me in a blur as she took three shots to each vampire; though that wouldn't kill them, even if they were shot in the head. She took out blood biter, her own longsword she made her self, and stabbed each of them in the chest, ending each vampire's eternal life. But it didn't end there. I stabbed each of the vampires in the chest and cut off the appendages just to make sure. Shay went on ahead and took care of the remaining soldiers. I caught up to her by the car, "Is it all clear?" I asked softly. She didn't answer but handed me a sawed off shotgun with silver casings, "I take that as a no." Since Shay was the better driver and I was the better shot I took my place in the passenger's seat of our Ferrari; which we "borrowed", and loaded up the shotgun. After it was loaded I turned to her and asked, "Werewolves?" Shay nodded her head as I saw them in my side view mirror gaining speed. Their golden eyes filled with the heat of the kill and the desire to hunt. I opened the sunroof and took aim. One by one they attempted to jump on the car, but were blown apart from the special silver bullets I acquired. One was lucky enough to come from the front but was unlucky when I knocked it off and its arm got stuck in the tires. The arm tore off and the Wolf screamed in agony as it tried to pursue us, though how futile it was, and died on the spot. Shay was close to reaching the England/Wales border and picked up speed. Fortunately for us I shook off the last Wolf with a quick decapitation. We finally reached the border gate and passed into Wales. I got back in the car and let out a sigh, "How do they keep finding us?" I asked.

Shay shook her head, "I don't know but I have no idea where we will go next." I pondered this for a moment and suggested the idea of going back to America, "We haven't been there since this all stared, but that is a good idea."

We arrived at the Wales airport and bought our tickets to the earliest flight to America. We both left our weapons except for Blood biter in the car to avoid airport security. Once we got to the waiting area Shay rested her head on my lap clearly drained from today's conflict. I pulled back her hair and whispered in her ear. She looked up at me with those deep, endless amber eyes and nodded.

I took her to the closest family bathroom and entered the nearest stall. Shay took my wrist near her mouth and let out a long breath. The hackles on my neck rose and goose bumps covered my skin. Her lips covered my wrist, as if she was waiting for something. Then she broke my skin. The cold fiery feeling filled my body as she drank. It was bliss, exciting, magnificent, bliss. I stroked her as she fed but the feeling of exhaustion started to overwhelm me. "Shay that's enough." She stopped to look at me and licked her lips. Shay licked my wrist clean, savoring every drop of blood. She then stared down, but knowing what she was thinking I said, "No this is not the place." She slowly ran her hand across my chest making its way down to my jean zipper. Before I could stop her waves of pleasure radiated through me, taking away every rational thought in my mind. I soon came to my climax. Waves of heat escaped my body as my mind came back into focus. I put my jeans back on and returned to the waiting area with Shay. She rested her head on my shoulder taking a nap. I kissed her lightly and did the same. An hour later I heard our flight being called and woke Shay up, "Come on our flight is here." She nodded her head and arrived at our terminal. We gave the flight attendant our tickets and we boarded the flight to America.

Chapter 2

We were back in America, where all this had started, where I first me Shay, where I was first being targeted for my gift. That gift was both a blessing and a curse. It gave me immunity to being turned and to the powers of any vampire. This made me a threat to the supernatural world. What even made a bigger target out of me was Shay. She was a renegade master vampire. Her crime was revealing herself as a vampire. Apparently that was some sort of big to do, even by accident. I found out at my hometown favorite bar. I still remember that day.

I am extremely depressed; my girlfriend, now ex-girlfriend, broke up with me, I'm fired from my job, and my rent is due. I'm drinking a miller light when I see her. She appears to be floating on air as she strolls towards me, bursting with confidence and pride. She is wearing a black blouse made of lace, practically translucent, almost too short to show midriff and dark blue jeans that hug her curves a little too tight. Even in the darkness of the bar, her deathly pale skin is apparent, her amber eyes shone with the depth that if you look at them too long you would fall in. I almost choke on my beer just taking in the sight of her. Before I can take another look she is sitting on my lap, stroking my hair softly like the wind, as she stares at me with those all knowing and deep eyes. She smiles, "Can you get me a drink please? I must have left my wallet in my other purse." When she asked me that question there was an odd sensation floating on top of my skin, as if something is in the air itself, which I just can't place. I ordered a dry martini for her but she shook her head, "Actually I would like a Bloody Mary if you don't mind." She requested. I smile and nodded my head to the bartender and told him to get that instead. I asked her what her name was but she won't tell me, "You don't need to know my name." she said in a soothing but oddly disturbing voice. At that moment that almost tangible feeling is there again. "I would like to know the name of the beautiful woman's name that I am buying a drink for." I respond. Her eyes widened, as if in surprise, and drag me by the collar of my shirt into the back room. Once we get there she throws me against the wall, "Why won't my powers work on you?" she screams.

"Powers? If you mean those luscious breasts they are very lovely, but they can't control minds." I smirk in arrogance.

"I don't understand it, even a fresh-born vampire can do this without problems, for heaven's sake I am 300 years old!" I look at her oddly thinking that she was one of those vampire-Goth girls. She glares at me coldly, "I am not one of those Goth girls that you think of and I'll prove it to you." She pushed me against the wall; again, and tore off part of my shirt. She breathed across the skin of my neck making odd tingling sensations across my skin proceeding long but pleasurable pain. I started having flashbacks of when I gave blood at the hospital, as I got dizzy. I look down at the girl that was boring into my neck and the impact of what I saw scared me for the rest of my life. Blood, my blood, runs down my shoulder like falling rubies. The epiphany of what this woman is fills me with untold horrors unbeknownst to man until now. I push her off from draining me anymore. I take one last look at her, she is staring at me her eyes glowing red like a setting sun with blood running of the side of her mouth. I run towards the car, hoping that she isn't following me, only to find in horror that four more vampires are following me instead. I scream in terror running into the nearest valley.

I hide behind a few trashcans as they run by not noticing me. I let out a breath in relief only to find in front of me the pursuers. One of them picks me up by my neck, slowly choking me at the same time, and pulls out a 9millimeter pistol out of his pocket. He held it to my head. I know this is the end, wishing to take the opportunities I wasn't able to accomplish, as I closed my eyes in acceptance. Then I hear cries of pain in front of me. I see the vampire girl in front of me, close to me, that I can smell her perfume. She introduces herself as Shay and our life went on.

After reminiscing about the old days, I take the car to the nearest hotel and checked in. As we got into our room and put our stuff down Shay threw me onto the bed, straddling herself on top of me, smiling with the sexiest grin made of pure lust. I smiled in return, slowly lifting her shirt off to reveal a white-laced bra covering her objects of lust. I reach around unlocking the clip and throw the bra off the bed.

Our lips meet, tasting the last remnants of my blood on her lips and smelling her hair. It smelled of blood and roses giving the air a raunchy but deadly aroma. She kisses her way down to my erection, "Shay you know I don't like to be teased." She smiled in response and kissed her way back up. The heat of our bodies collides as she crawls across the bed like a tiger stalking its prey. Her body has a warm but icy feel to it making a sensual bliss directed at me, euphoria unlike any other. I have a feeling she was making her way towards my neck. She stares me down as she crawls ever closer, her eyes so hot yet so cold. She kisses along my shoulder and stopped at my neck. She breathed on the skin of my neck, making my vein exposed to her, and then the edge of my sanity is reached. I almost come right there, draining my blood so fast, yet still giving me the warm but empty feeling that came with the feeding. I lose all self-control as I enter her, only hearing her screams of ecstasy, giving me the satisfaction of knowing that I can drive her that wild. We also were given the climax of our minds, as sharing blood fuses her mind and mine together, giving the feelings of the other. I am close to reaching my limit and I wrap my arms around Shay as I reached the point of release. Shay finally let up, falling off me in exhaustion.

I look at her in joy as she falls asleep, knowing that our relationship could not get anymore intimate than this. There is one exception though; she would not let me suck her blood. I don't know why though. I guess I never will.

I wake up to the sound of a microwave going off and Shay singing. Shay singing? I thought as I put a pair of boxers. I see Shay laying out breakfast in the kitchen area... and an empty glass.

"Good morning Josh." she said joyously and sings to herself some more. I eye her soft ass only held by a pair of Victoria's secret underwear.

"What's the empty glass for?"

She smiled, "What do you think?"

"I think you want my blood." I responded. She smiles deviously and winks at me. Before she could sit down at the table I creep up behind her and slowly run my hands over her body. That cold but fiery sensation radiated between us, my eyes half closing to the feeling as she tries to bite my arms and hands while I felt her. I hold her hair to my nose taking in the familiar scent of blood and roses. I passionately kiss her, tell her I am going to get supplies, and take my breakfast of my plate. Before I could leave she held my shoulder, "Be careful," she said as she hands me a knife, "In case of emergency." I smile and head out of the room.

I entered our recent car, a 2006 Honda Civic, and drove to the nearest gun store. I see the store called "Guns and Roses" where the manager is, as I apparently was notified, a die-hard fan of the band. I give him my usual list of guns that include: AK-47, 9mm pistols, 4mm pistols, 2 ten-gauge shotguns; each with armor piercing rounds and made of silver. I usually have to pay extra for them not to ask questions but the manager nodded his head as if he understood why I got them. He came out of the back with a trunk labeled with my name on top. I look at him with horror as he smiles, "You really can't hide your presence anymore Josh, they will be here in 10 minutes, I suggest that you take the guns and make you way out of here."

"Who are you?" I ask, my heart racing with fear of them finding me, and he let out a chuckle. "I am a former friend and new enemy, letting you go out of our previous friendship."

"Thank you Chase." finally realizing who he was. Chase was my friend until the night before I met Shay. We got into a huge fight, over a girl in fact, over my ex-girlfriend. I found him sleeping one night with my ex and I almost killed him. The next night I met up at the bar and history happened, where my life changed.

I took the trunk and pulled out a full-automatic pistol to take with me incased I was being chased. I enter the car and put the trunk in the back seat. I try to turn on the car but it wouldn't start, "God damn it!" I scream as I see multiple dark shapes heading towards the store. I calculate the number of blocks to the hotel from here. It is not too far if I run but the dark shapes might be vampires or werewolves, which are both hard to kill. I swear to myself and pull out a sub-machine gun out of the trunk and a silver sword and started to run towards the hotel. I hear screaming behind me seeing two vampires and six werewolves looking in every direction trying to find me. One of the vampires spotted me and they all chase me at inhuman speeds. One of the vampires was nearing me but I blew it away with some shots from my gun to slow it down. They were all edging ever closer to me with only two blocks away from the hotel. I hear the howling of one of werewolves as I see one of them over me, teeth bearing, and claws outstretched, reaching for my neck. I thrust my sword upward hoping to kill the beast before it could do the same to me. It yelped in surprise as its life expired, but I didn't escape unscathed. There was a large gash in my arm where the monster's claw scratched me, it was bleeding heavily, and I laughed in victory knowing what would happen now. In a blur of vampiric speed Shay sprang upon them, knives in both her hands, sweeping in like a hawk catching its prey. She tore each of their throats out with the knives, leaving them in a pool of blood, and I am thankful for what she done. I kiss her passionately in thanks as she drags the last body into the nearby dumpster. I am always glad to see her rescue me, no matter how it damaged my ego, and reward her ten-fold.

"You really have to watch out for that kind of stuff you know," she said mockingly, "you would have been killed if I hadn't been there." I smile and tell her about what happened before the chase. She asked where the car was. "It's still at the store, waiting for all our weapons to be picked up." I say in response. Before she heads out the door of our hotel room, I asked her to do me a favor.

Chapter 3

"What's that Josh?" I smile wickedly and whispered what I wanted in her ear. She smiles in pure lust at my suggestion. She takes off my bloody shirt and runs her tongue over my wound, drinking the blood around it. She starts to moan as this goes on for a few minutes. Before she could take anymore I stop her, "That's enough for now," I say. She stares at me in disappointment with sunset red eyes, "but I'll have a surprise for you later." She perks up at my response and looks for a new shirt for me. We walk back over to Guns and Roses to find the car exactly as I left it, trunk still in the back, and walk inside. I find Chase knocked out on the store counter, blood dripping from his mouth, and I try to wake him up. He slowly gets up from his vampire-induced unconsciousness slowly taking in his surroundings. "Josh?" He asked weakly and put his hand on my shoulder. I feel the anger within in my heart, slowly filling my vision with white-hot rage, and punch him straight in the face. I yell at him for sleeping with my ex, for getting fired, for just about everything bad that happened to me. Before I could kill him Shay held me by my right arm. She shook her head, telling me to stop, and I let off of Chase. I left the store in a rage, leaving Chase in a pool of his own blood, and drive off back to the hotel. Shay asks me if I was ok, "No Shay I am not ok, I was almost killed today, I met up with the bastard that slept with my ex-girlfriend, the one who got me fired by the way, and I also found..." I started to sob in grief, "the body of my ex in the back room dead." She stared at me in shock, as if I had done it, and put her arms around me. Later we get into the hotel room and put the trunk at the foot at the bed leaving it open despite the onlookers from the hall way.

Later that night I hear a knocking on the door to find a woman with bright blond hair standing in the doorway with a gun on her right side, "What do you want?" I ask politely.

"I am here...for Shay...I am a long lost she in?" She said shyly. When I look at her she looks nothing like Shay at all except for that predatory gaze she keeps giving me. I tell her to wait while I get her as I head into the bathroom where Shay is taking a shower. When I walk in Shay is getting out of a shower, her pale skin gleaming in the light, her hair slick with water, still the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I tell her about the woman at the door, "Josh, I don't have any relatives, they are all dead, except the undead ones but they still reside in Ireland." I hand Shay one of the bathrobes and walk out to find the blond haired woman sitting in one of the chairs, with her nails cutting off bits and pieces of the wooden table she was sitting by, and snapped her head towards us. Shay lunges at the woman with fangs bearing and hands stretched out with a knife in each hand. The woman starts to laugh out loud as Shay knocks her to the ground, not even phased by the knives in her shoulders, and kicks Shay off with ease. I catch her in time before Shay hits the wall and stared at the woman laughing as if she was mad. The woman starts to change, skin being replaced by thick almost white fur, claws instead of fingernails, and a muzzle instead of a human face. A Wolf I thought to my self as the change started to end. I try to wake Shay up, but to no avail, and head for the weapons trunk hoping to grab a weapon in time. Just a second before I can reach it the Were grabs hold of my leg and threw me out the window. I hear the wind rushing past me in my ears as I fall. I scream, knowing that this is the end, and close my eyes to escape the reality of my death. I feel soft arms wrap around me, catching me in mid air, and I stop falling. I find Shay, covered in blood, holding me tightly, her face and eyes burning with the red of a thousand suns as she watches the window where our room is. The Wolf jumps out the window with Blood Biter in her hands and an evil smile upon her muzzle. Shay take my arm to her mouth and takes some of my blood, but I did not experience pleasure this time because it was by force rather than passion, and stood in front getting into a defensive stance trying to protect me. I hold her shoulder and pull her towards me. I take one of the knives in her hands and cut part of her wrist and took some of her blood in me. She stared at me in horror as I drink her blood, the taste of honey filled my mouth, and I felt my strength returning and more to every fiber of my being. This is what a vampire must feel like I though to myself as I step forward. The Wolf starts to laugh more, "Shay are you letting a human protect you now, have you really sunk that low that you would let a human fight your battles?" The Wolf kept mocking us in a maniacal manner as I walk closer trying to grab a hold of Blood Biter. I rolled to the side and grab Blood Biter and drawing its moon-like silver blade. It snarls at me as the blade sends a ringing sound through the air. I charge at the Wolf with fierce determination to protect Shay with each swing getting closer to the hide of the beast. I swung towards the face but was met with the Wolf's blackened claws sending shockwaves through the sword. I rebound with a stab to the beast's side but it dodges the blade in a blur of inhuman speed. I find it above me with its claws coming towards my throat yet again. I roll out of the way as the Wolf crashes into the ground. I jump onto the nearest awning and try to attack the beast from above. As I am about to drive the silver blade through the Wolf's skull it drove its arm through my chest. I feel my lungs start to contract in pain, my heart trying to pump enough blood to the rest of my body as a large furry arm is going right through it. I start to cough up blood, and I am losing part of my consciousness as my blood loss increases with time. The Wolf then turns her arm in my body, twisting the skin around it, disturbing the organs, making me cringe to the added pain. I scream a blood-curdling scream as the Wolf twisted inside my body even more. My vision is blurring before I see Shay running towards me, screaming my name in distress as my body limps from the pain. I still see her running towards me but I see myself as well still impaled by the Wolf's arms.

"How is this possible?" I say to myself as I watch the seen before me.

"Veronica you let him go now before I..I.." Shay says as she points a few of her knives at Veronica.

"You'll do what? Kill me? You can't because you need information out of me," Veronica laughs again while I wonder what information she is talking about, "I know where Leonard is, and I know that you want to get to him."

"What do you want?"

"I want... your little boyfriend here, he is awfully cute you know, quite a catch." Veronica laughed.

"You will never have Josh," Shay says and charges straight towards the Wolf lifting her leg up for a kick, "You damn mutt!" Shay kicks Veronica straight into the wall causing stone to break while separating my body from Veronica's arm. I return to my own body to see Shay leaning over my body, crying, and stroking my face telling me not to die.

I lift my arm to stroke her face, "I think you just need to give me some blood, and I lost a lot if you couldn't tell." Shay nods her head and takes me to the hospital running faster than she has ever before. Building rush past us in blurs, even cars could not keep up with us. We finally arrived at the hospital entrance. Shay was looking for someone to help me when one of the doctors got me onto a stretcher and took me into the emergency room. After an hour, which seemed like a century, they took me into the intensive-care unit to rest.

Shay visits me by the bedside, "You ok Josh?" she asks me. I look at her in great appreciation for saving my life, "Yeah I'm okay for now. The doctors say it is a miracle that I am still alive despite the amount of blood I loss." I say while Shay wears a concerned look on her face. I raise my eyebrow to question her and she starts crying. I ask her what is wrong.

"You shouldn't be alive anymore. To turn a person into one of our own we give them out blood to drink." I stare in horror of what I had done, "but you seem to still be human, you still have a pulse and you haven't lost your coloring." I have a feeling of relief sweep over me.

Shay says the reason for everything that happened since that night that made everything into focus and sense.

"You are the only human on this earth who can't be turned Josh."

"What do you mean?" I asked. It doesn't make sense to me because if all you needed to do to be turned into a vampire were to suck their own blood I would be one of them already. Before Shay could answer I asked another question, "Who is Leonard?" Shay lowered her eyes as if she is recalling a horrible memory.

"He is my maker," she said in a sullen voice. "But it wasn't by choice rather it was force." She then told me that 300 years ago she was an orphan when her home was burned during an Irish revolt against the royal family. She belonged to the McCarthy family, one of the many royal families during that time, but was left with no inheritance. Leonard was passing through the town when he found Shay, passing with the name Shamus, and offered her a home and a warm meal. She gladly accepted the offer at the time not knowing what he was. When they entered Leonard's house Shay was having second thoughts on Leonard's offer. By then it was too late Leonard pried her mouth open and fed her his blood, going through the painful process of turning, and hated him ever since.

"Why are you searching for him?" I ask.

"He was the one that burned down my home, killed my family, and took away my humanity as well." She said.

"I am very grateful that he turned you."

"Why the hell would you be grateful for that? Turning is worse that being castrated and giving child birth combined." She yells.

I smile when I though of something really corny to say, "If he didn't turn you, I would have never have had as great sex as when I do it with you, and I would have never met you." She smiles back at me. I come up to kiss her and tell her that I needed my rest. After our lips parted she did the same so that I could go to sleep.


I am finally allowed to leave the hospital after 5 days of lying in a hospital only being fed pudding every few hours. I see Shay outside the hospital doors waiting for me wearing a skintight red blouse with a deep neckline and a pair of black leather pants. She is holding a Victoria's secret bag behind her. She embraces me with a kiss and tells me that she has a surprise for me.

"Is it in the bag?" I ask. She giggles and leads me to the car to go to the hotel. Once we got there I look at the window where our room is to find it completely fixed, "So they fixed our room?"

"Yes they assumed it was an explosion since there was a large crashing sound and tremors ran through out the hotel and fixed the room for us, free of charge." She said

"That was nice of them." We get into our room completely fixed, exactly as it was before Veronica appeared at our door, I start having flashbacks of that night. The blood, the unimaginable power that I held, and the arm through my chest thing, it all came back to me.

Shay pulled me onto the bed, "I'm sure they wouldn't let you relieve yourself at the hospital so I got something at Victoria's secret." Shay went over to the bag and pulled out a bottle of lotion labeled Winter's Kiss and rubbed some on her hands, "Well, what are you waiting for? Take your clothes off."

I gladly obeyed and took the clothes the hospital gave me when I was released. Shay kicks me onto the bed and starts massaging my chest. Her hands are ice cold realizing why they call that product Winter's Kiss. She makes her way down my body but moves around my groin and starts to massage my thighs. I let out a moan of pleasure as she gives my skin little bites as she moves down my legs. Soon she gets to my feet and works her way back up. She didn't miss my groin this time and started to massage my crotch. I become very aroused giving moans of pleasure as she worked ever closer to my sensitive erection. I couldn't stand the teasing anymore and I entered her. She runs her hands over my back feeling the icy lotion still on her hands as we make love. She cries in pleasure as we both get orgasms at the same time. She lets me see the satisfaction on her face as she still tries to gain composure after our usual mind-blowing sex. I collapse on the bed completely exhausted after five days of chastity and finally having some release. I am happy to be back with Shay again.

The next morning breakfast is laid out again for me by Shay. As we sit down and have breakfast I decided to finally ask her, "Who is Veronica?"

She stops eating to stare at me, "She is...a half-breed. I met her when I was still traveling with Leonard. She apparently was a full-blown werewolf, one of the Alpha bloodlines in fact, but was jealous of all vampires. Once a human is turned into an inhuman they can't be turned into anything but what they were turned into. Veronica was the exception. She offered herself to Leonard, begging him to be turned, but he refused knowing that werewolves couldn't be turned into vampires. She got angry with him and bit him on the arm, forcefully taking in his blood. Nothing happened at first but a few hours later when I met her she started to scream in pain. I ran to Leonard telling him about Veronica. When we both returned we found the common signs of vampirism and one of the humans we kept for food in her mouth. Leonard read her vitals and identified that she was now a half-vampire half-werewolf hybrid. He has kept her by his side for centuries."

So many questions came into my mind but I block them out trying find out what I really wanted to know, "Why do they move on us now?"

"I don't know but I think I know where we can start to find the answers. We start in your hometown that is where I received an assignment to find you, and see if some of the vampires stationed there will know anything."

"What do you mean assignment?" I say in disgust. She cringes and starts to blush apparently embarrassed about the subject. I shake my head and tell her to forget it as we pack our things together, even though I keep looking at her no matter how mad I am, and we move into the lobby with our bags. As we load our bags into the car I say, "You think we should call my parents?" Shay shakes her head and finish get in the car. Now we head towards Orlando, Florida. I hope we find the answers there or at least along the way.

The journey across the interstates is long and tedious, mostly quiet because of our previous argument, stopping every so often for food or quick, extremely rough, and mindless sex. I see the sign stating that we are in Orlando, Florida; letting out a breath in relief I ask Shay about our next target. She stays silent and takes a sudden turn into a bar called the "Smoking Bullet". I keep asking her what she is doing here but she keeps silent walking into the bar. I follow her in and an abundance of aromas filled my senses. It consisted of smoke, sex, beer, and other repulsive odors. We walk into the backroom where a neon sign displaying the phrase "Blood Brother" in a bright red color, where it is constantly flickering as if struggling just to keep one letter on. There are noises down the hallway where the sign lead, grunting noises, moans of pleasure, filled the air with little screams occasionally bursting out of the dark silence. Shay knocks on the door and a muffled cursing is heard behind it with the ruffling of sheets. A tall, lengthy man stands in the doorway, tattoos all over his body with most of them representing infamous cults in the united states, and scowls at us, "What the hell do you want?"

Shay pulls out her 9 mm pistol and points it at the man's head, "Hands in the air now!" she yells. The lanky man starts laughing but puts his hands up anyways leading the naked woman in the room out with a full pair of clothes. Shay ties him to a chair with a gun still held to his head.

"Shay, so nice to meet you again, Leonard misses you and hasn't stop looking." The decrepit man says.

"I can't say the same for you Grigore you know that I ran away from him for a reason."

"What was that reason again? You wouldn't let him have you is that it? Was it actually that you found out that he was the one that murdered your family." Grigore laughs manically throwing his head back. Shay punches him straight in the jaw. Blood starts to overflow at the mouth and remnants of his teeth law across the ground though Grigore is still laughing.

"Will you stop laughing you sick bastard!" Shay screamed as she kicks his face in. Grigore stops laughing and becomes totally silent as the room lowered in an overbearing hush. Grigore asked what Shay wanted, "I want to know how Leonard keeps tracking us and where he is."

"I can answer both questions…for a price." Grigore grins as he proposes the statement.

"What is you price?" Shay asks.

"Your virginity." I almost die of laughter right there as well as Shay since she is long past virginity.

"Sorry you were a bit too late for that one." Shay says as she can't hold back her laughter.

Grigore finally gives up on his quest for Shay's virginity, "Leonard tracks you by the blood in your veins and the Logrou's blood. Leonard is in Florida by the way."

"What is a Logrou?" I ask but can not get an answer as Grigore has lost consciousness.