To This Guy I Know

Some people are just not meant to be normal

but you'd know that better than anyone

you've twisted enough of my morals

and I saw you paint a gun on your thumb.

Or was that just a dream I had last night?

It might be- you seem to enjoy my dreams-

I've found you in enough of them of late.

(In all of them you seem to glow and gleam.)

Did you cast a spell on me you douche bag?

Remember magic isn't real- so there-

I'm not gullible. I've no tail to yank,

though I know well you prefer to tare.

You've done it enough at my heart by now.

If I could, I'd abandon you to fate,

but I know you to well- you'd still hang around.

It's one of your more aggravating traits.

I'd rather not admit it to you but

recently I seem to have caught a cold

or an allergy- to you. Just my luck.

My heart races when I hear your name told,

but please don't say anything about it.

I'm traumatized enough, leave me alone

in my river of denial (Let me sink).

Love- the missing link. A well meaning loan

that will soon fade away. What can I say?

I'm just not a romantic.