The Love Advisor.




(A/N: I got this idea when I was in the shower. O_.o. Thats where I usually get my ideas. When I'm bathing. O.o )

Summary: Lovers, Crushes and dates. Sherry is the reowned, Love Advisor, known across Australia for her helpful advice. Shes simply a matchmaker. But what of her customiers want her?


Saint George Christan High School.

Check and done.

I walk through the halls and stare at everyone with their new partners; Yes. Thats what I done. I fixed them up. I don't know why or how I do it.

I it.

I look at my clipboard.

Next school...Caringbah High.

Ok. I always have a plan.

Yes yes I know. Same plan for every school. But thats how I get the news to spread!

I walk up to the principles office and slowly read for the door handle.

I peer inside.

" U-Uh..Hi..I'm Sherry..The new transfer student.." I whispered.

"...Helllllloooooooo..." A deep freaky voice said.

I shivered. This must be a bad principle.

"..O-OH DARLING SHERRY! I'm sorry to scare you! "

I take that back.

The room suddenly lightened up and the windows opened with the sound of birds.

"My names Heres you scedule for today! " Mrs. Reid said.

She passed me a piece of paper.

" Any questions? "

"..Yeah one...I wanna join up for the School Newspaper.." I said.

" Ooh..Ok..Sure. You'll have your own coloumn. Ok? "

I was happy. Rarely any schools give me my own coloumns.

" Nah Thanks. "

I walked out and shut the door; and sighed.

I looked around and went to the computer lab.

How do I know where it is?

Well all schools computer lab is Building 2 first floor.

Ok. So I opened Microsoft word and started typing.

Love Advice. Love Matchmaking

By: Unknown

Want to know who your love of your life is?

Or Do you want need professional advice on your love life?

Send your questions to:

7- Tisofa Street Marickville.

I looked around, hoping no one saw me and I printed it out.


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