The Blood Banner

Blood soaked the ground remains

They speak of our hurt and pain

As we salute proud, to our flag

We remember the way we were pushed and dragged

Of a sweaty brow and throat parched

The way we forcefully marched

Never letting our tiredness show

Not daring to let the enemy know

Gunshots ring in atmosphere

The fear is cold close and sheer

The only things we hear are the battle cries

And suddenly vanishes when a comrade dies

Can't feel the loss so we numb

Becoming insane blind deaf dumb

'Til one day arrives standstill

Slowly we retreat behind the hills

Fast forward: today we stand in the kingdom

The fire glows with ignition of freedom

But the air alive it resonates

The memory of anger vengeance and hate

Though obliterated now this blood shed's stain

Will mark this place; forever to remain.