Chapter 1


In the war torn town of Roswell, New Mexico, the ruins of an old army base sat on the rough, harsh sand. The walls, or what was left of them, were cracked and worn with memories of death and undiscovered secrets trapped within them. Blood still stained the sand that lay beneath the radio-active waste land. It all looked like something out of a movie, but it wasn't a movie, it wouldn't all end once the credits left the screen, and it would never end. Like I mentioned before, we always want to look on the bright side, so once there's a problem, we want to fix it. Usually all this ever does is, make the problem bigger. In most cases the bigger the problem, the more extreme the solution. In this case the problem was a toxic waste land, the solution, a giant glass dome sealing America from the outside world. Now that this has happened, there has to be a second problem, this being an over populated earth. The solution to this problem was the death of five percent of the earth's population.

All of this explains why the next solution involves a group of convicts fleeing across Canada towards the only entrance into America, an underground tunnel originally made for explores, away from the robotic police patrol. When will we learn, new never means good. Look at the trouble that trying to advance has brought the world. The sky looked down at us and attacked, what's saying our own machines can't do the same.

One of the convicts was ex-navy seal, Hank Hangoto. As he ran, tears of pain ran down his ghost-white face with him. He brushed the sweat that had been gathered from running non-stop for a hundred miles off his short, jet-black hair. He had been running for twice as long as yesterday, but he couldn't stop, not now, he was too close to give up at this stage. As he advanced towards the dome he watched his partners fall at his feet as they were being killed one by one. He jumped over the corpses and rolled under the gate out of Canada. There was the tunnel, just a few feet away. A small, dusty hole surrounded by the bodies of wanted people. Hank knew this was his only chance to live his dream and that meant only one thing, the running would only begin. He caught hold of one of the robotic cops and tossed himself into the air. As he dropped towards the ground he flung himself forwards and dived into the hole which could save his life. That one small, simple, stupid act of stupidity could be the thing that makes the whole journey half-way across the world the thing that he regrets as he dies in a painful and unforgettable way, or the thing he looks back on as he rules the world, but no matter what happens, it isn't going to be easy. This is the end of the solution, but the beginning of the problem as Hank Hangoto enters the toxic wasteland of America 2142.