A Ship Wreck


Gulls, the pinpricks of restless white

Against the looming gloom of black and grey,

Screech their piercing calls against the palpitating night

Of careworn contours covering the day.

The undulating ocean of the heaven heaves and trembles.


Still, resolute, gaunt, and grim the parapet scowls

Above its lawless, grey domain,

While about its sullen sides wind whips and howls,

Scouring the weathered walls with mist and rain.

The stonework cracks from age and wear.


Tenuous trails hug the rocky cliffs of dour dun,

Crawling from the grimy beach to the lonely tower

With fearful elevations; cracks and craters overrun,

While all about the wilting walls fall away against nature's power.

The trails tease the boiling ocean from their elevation.


"Haul!" Frantic voices scream, "Attention! Beware!

"Hark! Help that lad, hold my hand—flee from this luckless wreck!"

The soaked, shocked, snuffling, suffering crew cries into the air,

Outpouring their despair, collecting their battered deck.

Their grizzled, worn faces quake beneath the buffet.


A glittering cascade of ghostly mist descends above the fight,

Rising, tossing, tearing tides wretch the wretched wreck from the crew.

Cliffs in glowering shadow form an eternal night.

"Avast!" They scream. "Avast!" as a man is whisked away without adieu.

"Avast..." their empty words are battered into soundless syllables.


The women struggle now to stand, bracing from the fury,

Looking for their lost and distant families, surrounded by the fray.

Their eyes are battered with the bitter sea, their vision blurry,

Seeing through the splashes, the crashing chaos of this bleak display.

Wet, wretched, lost, they do not see the setting sun.


Yet in the distance, heeling 'gainst the ridges of the sea,

A galleon sails windward, drawn to the luckless coast,

Abandoning the glowing, ethereal sunlight for the humans and debris,

Saving now the calmer straits for a future post,

Deeming now a dire time for rescue and reward.

The sailors shout, descrying all the devastation that their hull must ford.