It was only in principle and selection, that I managed to cross through my own universe, into another, a universe in which the regards for how far heroics and purgatory, are not only crossed, but replaced and modified, a realm in which chaos and heroism, are joined together hand and hand in a partnership as misunderstood as by any who behold it, this is the scenario in which I would not only meet, but collide with personally.

To say that when the event happened, it would be left alone and ignored, would be saying that it meant nothing at all, which was not the case, provided that not only my life was at stake, but also that I learned how radical people can be transformed in troubled situations.

Although the thought and knowledge of my own actions and situations, may bring to mind how I can describe myself as any better a man then the one I confronted, to answer such requires only this, I'm not, but I always gave my opponents a chance before I forced the inevitable upon them.

For me the informative selection of that knowledge, is what kept me from changing, becoming something wicked, from becoming the beast I sought to destroy, it was what kept me safe for many years before.

It was my only hope, my only enterprise to keep from disaster at the hands of so many diabolical fiends.

When the day began in late December, I had only tried to seek out my path, my passage as a pizza chef and a brave superhero, but like anything to be described, it appeared the whole spectrum of the universes of existence are like an onion, with many layers in which activity is not only initiated, but also impacted upon the world in which so many live, in these other realms, communion and conflicts place themselves out there often upon everything, but it doesn't mean that the realms and sets of separate existences can't comprehend peace and companionship, on the contrary, it means they will have to provide work and effort to seal such.

When the day started, I had planned to as said before, keep my performed duties regurally attained, but that day Susan was sick at home, and Ray was attending a festival and holiday of Brazil, so that day at lunch break, I had no choice but to find something else to do, that else was relaxing in the park on a bench.

Unknown to me was that surprisingly that day, I was the one targeted to be involved with an inter-dimensional fighting match, in which I never signed for, in yet another dimension.

And thenceforth, I was teleported to a location filled with white cubed platforms, towers ans spires, it was a, a realm of cubes, specifically designed for fighting, it was like being in a computer program set up to analyze, interpret, and record and read data, and this realm was to be used as the battle arena between me and an unknown individual, both of us transported by unknown means.