The night was warm as the rain fell in the light spring drizzle. The full moon shone on the ground casting an ominous glow over the land, but where light dared not to enter shadows lurked. The shadows held danger for every beating heart that passed by. In them were murders, thieves, psychopaths, and creatures thought to be mythical.

The hour was late, but beings still stirred such as Jade Gardner. New to the town of Crestriver she had gotten lost on her way home from the convenient store. She was walking by the old stone church when a car came around the corner and slowed to a crawl matching her speed.

"Hey, there baby need a ride?" The voice called out from an open window of the car which had several boys in it.

"No thanks," was Jade's only answer as she picked up her pace.

"Now, now little girl it isn't safe to be walking alone at such a late hour," his remark drew snickers from the rest of the boys.

Jade didn't respond this time, her mind solely focused on getting away from them. Her head darting from side to side only seeing one dark alley or building after another that were not ideal to her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before dashing into the run of a madwoman. Her feet pounded the pavement, her breath became ragged, and adrenaline pumped through her veins.

Up ahead old gothic iron rod gates stood open that looked as if they had not been closed in years. They were Jade's only hope, so she took the sharp turn leading through them. What she had run into was a cemetery belonging to the church she had passed earlier. Having no fear of the dead, only of the living, she ran down the rows of gravestones.

With out warning her feet didn't met ground but rather air, and Jade plummeted downwards. Her hands groping for anything tangible, but only found air. Within seconds her whole body was slammed into a wooden coffin that broke upon impact, landing her on the decaying corpse inside. Fear took over her mind, along with disgust as she threw-up the contents of her stomach. Her sweat ran cold and her breathing desperate, for who wants to be in a grave on top of a decaying corpse.

"Someone, please help me!" Jade cried out with a desperation filled voice as tears cascaded down her face and fear gripped her in his hand as if she was baby doll. Just as fear and insanity had almost completely taken over a boy appeared.

"I'll get you out in a second. Just try not to freak out anymore." The boy spoke. "Grab a hold of my arm and I'll pull you up."

Jade nodded her head as she stood up in the coffin with her whole body screaming in protest with waves of pain. He lowered his arm and she instantly took a death grip on it, then she felt her body become dead weight as he pulled her upward.

"By the way, my name's Devon." Before Jade even had a chance to answer he gave one finally tug on her launching her over the edge of the grave onto the wet muddy ground.

Once she was in a sitting position staring up at the boy she spoke, "I'm Jade, and thank you so much. I don't know how long I would have been in there if you hadn't saved me."

"T'was my pleasure my lady." His reply made Jade release a giggle, her fear now gone replace by security that emanated from Devon.

That fear did not stay gone long though as a scream ripped through the night air. Jade closed her eyes and her breath caught in her throat. Opening her eyes she realized that Devon was no longer in sight for the clouds now covered the moon so that it only gave off and inkling of its true power nor could she any sign of him anywhere. Fear gripped Jade's heart and body as another scream pierced the quiet night. Believing, and hoping, that Devon had only gone to help out who was ever screaming now Jade ran towards where the scream came from. After running for several minutes after several minutes she stop, but then wished she hadn't for a mangled, bloody body of a boy fell from above.

Jade screamed and ran towards were the crypts of the graveyard lay. Going past the first one two arms shot out grabbing her around the waist pulling her in. Once inside the light chamber she saw the owner of the arms, a girl, and two teen boys.

"What the hell is going on?" was the first thing out of Jade's mouth.

The owner of the arms, a teenage girl like Jade herself, who was freaking out, answered, "We did a ritual to summon a vampire to kill the all the stupid people at school that make fun of us, but it backfired and now the vampire is killing us off one by one, they've already gotten Tasha."

"What?!" was all Jade's mind would let her speak, buy no one got to answer her

A gurgling sound could be heard echoing from the corner of the crypt, a boy. Everyone's head turned in his direction to find blood spurting from his neck and dripping down his mouth, the gurgling noise was him choking it. A figure then came out of shadows licking his lips of the blood dripping from them.

Everyone's instinct kicked in when they dashed to the door, but only the girl and Jade made it. The second boy was yanked backwards by the vampire, and his scream rippled through out the chamber. The girl and Jade ran at each others side until reaching the iron fencing of the outer cemetery.

"He's gonna to kill us, he's gonna kill us." The girl was consumed by fear and insanity. She turned to Jade grabbing her shoulders with the in a vice grip shaking her as if it would help. "What are we going to do?! Tell me!" Not satisfied by Jade's silence the girl threw her into a nearby weeping willow. Upon impact Jade's skull cracked with pieces embedding into her brain killing her instantly.

Out of the shadows of the night came Devon with the vampire at his side. The girl feel to the ground into a fetal position knowing that there was no escape. Devon bent down beside Jade's lifeless body extending his hand to her wrist where it phased right through. The muscles on Devon's arm bunched as if grabbing onto something before giving a good yank. Out of Jade's body came her soul, her essence.

Standing up Devon extended his hand out, "Come with me," and she did. The two of them began to disappear the second their hands touched, leaving only the vampire and the girl. The vampire smiled wickedly at the girl showing off his blood drenched teeth.

"This is going to be fun.........."