A/N: This is a song I wrote into a poem.

2008 wrap up

All right, 2008 was a crazy year

Taking a look back at the event.

The New York Giant took a kick at the Patriots and won it all.

Although the game was a lot interest then the commercial.

The economy took a shrinks, yet we still stood in there.

Taxes flying off the roof of our business.

Unemployment increased like crazy.

Gas prices went from a $1.40 to an estimate of $4.00 before dropping back down.

I couldn't believe, R Kelly was not found guilty.

O.J. Simpson had got three not guilty, oop he did it, again.

It shame because this time he was found guilty.

US still fighting in middle east.

We loss so many troops, family greed in sorrow.

Suicide bombing taking lives and brought suffering.

Violence breaks out in region of Georgia.

Thousand flees their home, hoping the fighting would end.

Chinese and others protested toward human right issue.

Looks like the government hasn't been doing a good job.

So much fighting continued through out the world.

Tell me, when is this mess going through stop?

Instead of fighting, we should help out the people in need.

Where is that light of hope?

The summer Olympic games in Beijing brought happiness and tragedy.

Michael Phelps won eight gold medal, breaking the top swimmer record and most gold medals.

Tiger Wood and Rocco Mediate had their round off.

The Celtic brought a surprise and beats the Lakers.

The Black Knight brought a lot of credits.

Girls went crazy over the movie, Twilight.

The Day the Earth Stood Still, Iron Man, Hancock and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button got it reviews.

The music industry brought out a lot of artists.

T.I. bringing a new track, Wayne taking it to the top.

Soulja Boy with it crazy dance moves and lyrics.

Kanye couldn't keep his cool at the airport.

Beyonce new video "Single lady" made a hit.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon kept it cool.

Beyonce married Jay-Z, the two were in love from the beginning.

Britney Spear had completely loss her self.

This year election got everyone attention.

A race between democratic Clinton and Obama.

Hilary sure did full everyone but who was she kidding.

Palin, I didn't know if she was about the politician or her beauty.

She was a joke to McCain campaigning.

The whole world focus on the final election outcome.

A fight between McCain and Obama.

Obama pulled it through and brought a change.

The first black president told everyone.

Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can!

The biggest change in the year that made everyone cheer.

We lost, Heath Ledger, Berie Mac and Issac.

Jennifer Hudson lost family three members, it was a sad time for her.

Yet we lost so many peoples from natural disaster and other causes.

2008 ended with President Bush being hated and almost getting hit by a shoe.

Its a crazy world, I told you so.

This is the wrap up of 2008.

Welcome to 200999.