Dear Diary

Pt.1 Amber's Diary

Hey I'm Amber Sarah Jackson. I am 16 years old and well if you want to know the odd thing I am … well no longer in the world of the living and yes I am writing this from beyond the grave. … Wow this sounds like something out of a horror film but sadly its true. If you still want to know how I'm dead or why I'm dead or just have nothing else to do keep reading I am going to let you read my diary for the last 13 days.

Sunday 1st

Dear Diary, Today was boring I don't do anything on Sundays but anyway I should go to bed I have school in the morning … God I HATE Mondays!!!

Monday 2nd

Dear Diary, Today was just like every other day I had school, went home, did my home work, ate supper, and went to my room to go to bed all I have to say is I HATE Mondays Good night!

Tuesday 3rd

Dear Diary, Well High School Sucks to day was horrible first thing we did was take a test in English Arg I HATE English and I HATE tests oh well at least I don't have it the worst theirs this really weird kid in almost all of my classes #1 weird thing about him is he always wears long selves and ALWAYS wears pants and no I don't expect him to run around in his unders but jeez at least wear a pare of shorts Oh and #2 thing weird is he almost never talks like come on the guy cant even ask for the catsup or if he can barrow a pencil God It's really weird and annoying! Yah #3 thing is he wares makeup! And not like eyeliner like he wares cover up how gay is that!!! Well there are a lot of other weird things about him but It's late and I Need my beauty sleep (Even thou I am the prettiest girl in school) Good night to all!

Wednesday 4th

Dear Diary, Today was soooooo totally boring I slept through almost all of World History I mean why do I want to know what happened in France! God! Who Cares!!!!!!!! Its so late I

am Sooooooo tired!! Good night

Thursday 5th

Dear Diary, Today was kinda odd that boy I wrote about Tuesday was late and well he didn't have on the make up but he kept his head down and … well I could swear I saw bruises but then the next period he was wearing that make up again I really don't know what to do I mean theirs something wrong I know that! But what do I do talk to him about it then everyone will think I'm odd and I like my social standing do I risk it for some really weird kid? Well this is something that I need to sleep on so good night!

Friday 6th

Dear Diary, Okay I know I talk a bout this weird boy a lot but well today I talked to him … no questions even thou I wanted to ask him about the bruises but well I learned that his names Alex … Alex Sera Smith I LOVE IT!!! His initials are ASS!! OMG could it be any better? Well I guess it could be a little more manly but still and he really is kinda cool but I can't really hang out with him I mean we are from totally different groups and how would that look for me I mean it would help him but my standing would drop and I really don't want that so well … who knows what tomorrow will bring. Good night

Saturday 7th

Dear Diary, today was SOOOOOO much Fun Me and Jake (My current fling) Went to the movies we saw a drama about a teenager who's father was an abusive drunk the only bad thing about this night was it ended with me thinking about Alex. God! Why can I not keep him out of my head!!!! Arg it's sooooooooooooo annoying!!!!! Well I'm going to go to bed maybe then I can get him out of my head!

Sunday 8th

Dear Diary, Today was Sunday nothing ever happens on Sundays so all I did today was sit at home and watch TV not much to write there so I'm just going to go to bed I have school tomorrow anyway Good night to All!

Monday 9th

Dear Diary, Okay I know that I said that me and Alex couldn't talk but there really is something wrong and I know that and for some reason he's all I can think of I know he needs help I saw something else today and I wonder why no one else has ever noticed any of this things! He had something in his bag … it was a compass I know not odd for school but there was … well I think there was blood on it. I didn't say anything I feel like I should have! The thing that makes me fell even worse is that I mean I ignored him. He actually said something to me today I mean it wasn't much but it was more then even the teachers get out of him almost all of the teachers think he's a mute or have just given up its kinda sad and then he talks to me and I ignore him. My parents keep asking me if theirs anything wrong I tell them no but … I really am worried well good night and to all who need it good luck!

Tuesday 10th

Dear Diary, Okay today was weird why is it that almost every page in this thing for this month has something about Alex in it God today he was escorted in by a cop apparently … by what I could hear he ran away and the cop found him and took him home and his dad asked the cop to take him to school it makes me wonder I mean #1 Why did he run away and #2 What kinda father tells the cops to take there kid that had just ran away to school don't you think he would be a little more … well I don't know relieved that he's safe! I told my parents about some of the things I am thinking about Alex and his family but not all. They told me not to worry about it that if there was something wrong that the cops would do something about it. Yes that is true but that's only if the cops know! Well I can't say anything I don't know anything for shore. Well good night and to all in need good luck!

Wednesday 11th

Dear Diary, I talked to Alex today I told him that we cant talk often but it wont hurt anything if I talk to him once in awhile and then I gave him my phone number he responded by flicking me off and walking off how rude and self centered well I'm not going to dwell on him any more!!! Good night and to all who need it good luck! Even you Alex

Thursday 12th

Dear Diary, Alex skipped school today it was really weird I mean very strange indeed I told my parent how odd I thought that that was and they told me that I'm starting to become obsessed with him and well there right but I think I have a reason for being obsessed Oh wait I have a phone call that's odd its 12:53 am most people are asleep … That was really strange that was Alex he called me saying that no one knows, and that even if they do know they wouldn't care he said that he hurts him constantly … I know what he's talking about … I'll talk to one of the teachers tomorrow … He also said that it hurts and that he was scared and then he said it was getting kinda cold he really does worry me well as I said it's really late I need sleep Good night And hold on there Alex!

Friday 13th

Dear Diary, We were told today that Alex was found this morning … he had committed suicide he was found by his father you know it really is sad there are people that no one even knows exists until they finally snap and do something like this then everyone knows who you are! I think its wrong I feel so hurt I think I was starting to fall for Alex and then he goes and does this they said that the approximate time of death was 1:00 am that was 2 min. after I got off the phone with him I now know why he was getting cold well this is the last diary entry I'm going to write Mom, Dad … I'm sorry but I feel so bad I want to join him so I will good bye and to all who need it Good Luck And Hold On!!!!!!