Stop It

Stop it,

Stop telling me, that I am being too damn uppity

For asking that the Majority should think

Of thinking about

Protecting the Minority.

Stop telling me,

That it would be overtly presumptuous of the Majority

To want to Protect Special Classes of People.

Stop telling me,

That the Minority should be

The ones that to educate the Majority

About what the World.

Stop telling me,

That its up to the Minority

To Solve the Problems of


That it is a Minority Problem,

Not Everyone's Problem.

And than stop telling me,

Once the Minority learns to

Stand up for themselves

Only than will the

World be a Better Place.

Cause that worked out so well for

Ida B. Wells-Barnett,

All she wanted was for black men to

Stop ending up as Strange Fruit on a Tree.

She asked nicely

Didn't get answer back, too?

Oh wait, didn't her newspaper burn down?

And she had to run lackey-split out of

The South?

And lets not forget,

Miriam Makeba, our late-Mama Afrika,

All she did was tell the UN

About the fanatical

Apartheid in South Africa.

Lost her homeland

And forced into Exile.

Nice, huh?

So Stop it,

Stop saying that only in a idealize world

Can the Majority do right by the

Minority without them asking for.

So, let the Minority tell

The Majority, what they want first

Than the Majority will help them.

What the Majority got eyes of their own?

They can't possible see

Injustice for themselves.

Too blind by their own perfection

To their Imperfections?

That does no respect for the Minority

Nor the Majority.

Well, excuse me,

If don't want a cheap cop out.

And, excuse me,

If I can't take that sorry excuse

As the honest gospel.

So don't just go dissin'

Them, so you can get me

All huffy about the Man

In order to avoid

Answering a few little questions.

And I sure as Hell,

Don't Appreciate that

You believe that once you say

That the world isn't all that ideal

That our conversation is OVER.

Hell No,

Our Conversation

Has only JUST BEGUN.