i. leaks (1:12 A.M.)

it rains so much the sound is leaking through my head, water trickling between my thoughts & dreams as i sleep (dreaming that one day i will build a bridge to leave this place i dug myself into)

ii. limbo (4:09 A.M.)

i dream that i am loved, i dream that i am all right (and in the dream i dream all these things are true and when i dial, thinking these thoughts and dreaming still, voices in/outside my sleep tell me this too) in my dream i dream true & soon dream myself awake at night where every thought has an echo and speaking has no sound (outside less is more and starlight tickles my windows & blinds but inside i am alone and speaking has no sound)

iii. delirium (4:21 A.M.)

especially at night i am waiting for inevitability to arrive, sitting in bed and writing myself alive; events happen in strings & series & theorems, and still i struggle to untie these knots of myself & others (soon earthquakes will shake & shatter and i shudder in anticipation of destruction; i stand on this, our sleepless earth, and admit that i am afraid)

iv. pressure (8:58 A.M.)

covers slide away; my feet are bare on the floor and everything sticks and strangles and wires tangle me to my bed, the morning bitter like coffee (no-sugar-and-a-little-milk) in my mouth (lips & tongue & teeth collide) and i stumble into the hall and into the light.