storm. 1/3/09
to english teachers across the globe:

it's never structured
sometimes flowing;
its just the stuff that keeps on going

Purely thoughts and
r.a.w. emotions
from Mind to Pen to Out and open

without a glance
or 2nd thought
i write my words & can't be stopped

no checks for speelling
it may be
wrong But i dont change it.

She changed the stanzas
mixed up syllables . . .
was this third person? oh well, here i go

changing tenses
ink, is and was, too often wasted.

wait 'till your done
u'll fix it later_
that's when it becomes a paper

to brainstorm means
to write it down
Without taking time to look around,

checking to see
if it's in the right form.
it's cluttered and clanging, hence the word STORM.
don't grade my mind.


A/N: my friends english teacher grades the brainstorm, outline, rough draft, and final copy. thats a load of horse poo.