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Chapter 23

The next day, Kris wished he had brought ear plugs. The entire school was a sea of blue shirts, khaki pants, and cleaning products. Nobody spoke in anything below a yell, and everyone was talking. Once Kris found his usual group it only seemed to get louder. "BILLY MAYS? YOU TOLD ME IT WAS VINCE OFFER DAY!" Trevor shouted at Mike whilst waving his ShamWow© in the air threateningly. His headset was tilted, and Mike looked like he was trying really hard not to laugh.



That day, school was let out two periods early because everyone's eardrums had ruptured.

Friday, Kris dressed in an orange shirt and gray skinny jeans (the school's colors) before heading out to the bus. He was so super excited about going to his first high school football game that night, it was all he could think about. Robert had explained to him how the seniors always claimed the top of the bleachers unless you were lucky and managed to sneak past them. Their football team also apparently sucked. They hadn't won a game since the school started, but the excitement for them was mind blowing. People seemed to cheer more because they lost. Robert didn't understand it, and Kris had just laughed.

He walked into the school with Dani and Danny, who were wearing matching orange and gray jerseys with their names on the backs, and they were explaining how they could get him front row seats to the game. "Look, I'm in band and Dani is in color-guard. We don't sit in the bleachers,"

"We get to sit, like, in front of the bleachers by the track so that we can run onto the field real fast, do our routine, and run off. If you want, we could totally get you down there by us. We're going to try to get everyone down there,"

"You sure you won't get in trouble?" Kris asked, biting his bottom lip.

"Naaah!" Dani and Danny said together.

The hallways were now blobs of orange and gray. People blended into the lockers all over the place, and it took ten minutes for the regular group to get together. Even Robert toned down his black to gray.

"I'm glad to see you going all out for today," Kris teased. Robert stuck his tongue out at him and was about to tease back when an announcement played over the intercom.

"Good mornin' students! This is your principal speakin'. I just want to remind you that today is the last day to buy homecomin' tickets! Also, we're going to start taking votes for Homecomin' Queen and King. All this is happenin' in the school store! See you at the game tonight!" A cheer rang out through the halls. Kris suddenly turned to Robert.

"Crap! I forgot to buy our tickets the other day! Come with me now?" He asked, almost ripping his hair out.

"Sure, sure. Don't freak, it's fine!" Robert laughed as Kris practically ran down the hallway, almost bowling over Xzaviar, who was mopping up orange juice. In the school store, a cheery lady with maroon hair sat typing on her computer. When Kris almost threw the door off it's hinges, she jumped and spun around in her chair. "Oh! Can I help you?"

"Yes! I need- I need-," Kris leaned against the counter trying to catch his breath. That running had really taken it out of him. He was still panting when Robert sauntered in.

"You ok?" He asked chuckling. Kris gave a nod, trying not to look like he was going to pass out. Robert turned towards the lady and gave her a smile. "Hi, we need two tickets to the dance,"

"Oh! Ok~," She said in a singsong voice. "Will you two be going as a couple or separate?" She asked, getting out a list of students and a money box. She looked between the two boys as they looked at each other. She could tell right away since they hadn't already said separate that they were trying to decide whether saying together was a wise choice or not. She smiled. Oh teenage drama. "Look," she said, breaking the staring contest that had started between both boys. "If you buy them like a couple, it's a cheaper. It's $15 for individuals, but only $20 for couples. What do you say?" The boys looked at each other and nodded before Kris handed over a $20. The lady placed it in the box before asking their names and marking them down on the sheet. She handed them their tickets, and they turned to leave when she spoke up again. "Would you like to cast a vote for anyone for queen and king?" She asked, holding up two boxes. One was frilly and pink with a tiara taped to it, and the other was gold and purple with a crown. "You just enter who ever you want, and who ever has the most votes at the end wins! I've heard this year is going to pretty good," She said with a wink.

"Sure, I'll enter some names!" Kris said, excitedly. Robert looked on as Kris wrote down all their friend's names on separate ballots and entered them into the correct boxes. He just laughed.

"Those'll be their only votes you know?" Kris elbowed him in the side.

"Be nice and vote for them too!"

"Fine fine," Robert said giving in. The lady just smiled and went back to her computer.

Later on in gym, the guys in the class that were on the football team were practicing on one side of the gym with Coach Dimitri while the rest played basketball or sat in the bleachers. If you can't guess already, our favorite boys were part of the group sitting. "So, the game starts at 7. Want me to pick you up at, like, 6:30ish?" Robert asked.

Kris thought for a minute before answering, "Why don't you just hang out at my house after school? I'm sure we won't have homework or anything... OH!" Kris smacked Robert's arm in sudden realization. The rebel rubbed it, trying to ease the sharp pain. "Sorry! I just had the greatest idea!"

"Does it involve me getting any more bruises?" Robert asked, looking under his sleeve, trying to see if there was, in fact, a bruise. Kris softly kissed the spot before smiling at him.

"No, it doesn't,"

"Well, what is it?"

"Suit shopping!"

Robert groaned.

The two parted ways as Kris entered his math class and made his way to his seat. Next to him, Trevor had his head down on his desk, the spikes in his hair droopy and matching his mood. "You ok?" Kris asked, poking his shoulder. He mumbled something into the desk. "What?"

"I saaiiid," Trevor groaned out, lifting his head off the table. "I still don't have a date for the dance!" Kris chuckled, earning a glare from the other blonde.

"I'm sure you'll find someone. Maybe tonight at the game?"

"I don't know! I'm just confused on how Mike could get all those offers and not me!"

"What do you mean?" Kris asked confused. Trevor waved his hand in the air.

"Oh, this whole week, he's had all these chicks come up to him and ask him to the dance while I've had none!"

"Really?" Kris laughed. He didn't really doubt it. "So who did he say yes to if he had so many offers?"


"Really?" Kris practically shouted. He would never had guessed that the gamer and the goth liked each other.

"Tone it down there. They're just going as friends," Trevor seemed to deflate more at this, and he let his head hit his desk again. Kris pat his shoulder.

"You'll find someone," He said cheerfully. Trevor just mumbled something as the bell rang and class started.

At lunch, Kris tried to help Trevor pick out girls who looked single for him to go chat up, but each one turned him down. A couple of them even tried talking to Kris instead. He politely declined their invitations, but said thank you for the compliments about his outfit and hair. Kris and Robert still hadn't been able to figure out why everyone kept being so nice to them, but agreed to just go with it. Trevor ended up flopping onto the table and laying there for the rest of lunch.

At the end of the day, Kris bolted out of school, waving to Xzaviar who was still mopping up juice (it almost seemed to be purposely spilt...), and straight to Robert's car. Said rebel wasn't even in his car yet when he saw a dash of rainbows fly past him and the words, "Comeonhurryuplet'sgogogogogo!" follow it. He laughed as he watched Kris try to open the car door but to no avail. He started walking slower, whistling and looking around.

"Oh, what a beautiful day it is outside! Don't you just want to stop and smell the flowers?"

"No! Get over here and unlock the doooooors! Roberrrrtt!" Kris whined, still trying to pry the door open. When he reached the car, Robert took his sweet time unlocking the door, then climbing in, then closing his door, then putting the keys in, then reaching over, then unlocking Kris's door. "Oh my god, finally!" He said, jumping into his seat and slamming the door closed. "Come on, let's go! I have to find the perfect – Mmph!" Kris's excited babbling was cut off by Robert's lips on his. His eyes closed as he leaned into the kiss, electricity flowing through him. "Mmm, or we could just stay here," He whispered when they broke for air. Robert placed a soft kiss to his forehead before turning and starting the car. Kris pouted.

Robert chuckled and asked, "If we stay here, what do you suppose we'll go to the dance in?" Kris shrugged and put on his seat belt, bouncing with anticipation. Robert just reached over and ruffled his hair, a smile on his face.

L-l-l-l-l-ine b-b-b-b-reak

The mall was packed. Friday, after school, anyone and everyone was there at the mall. Yes, even you were there. Along with groups of girls giggling and swinging their bags full of clothes, groups of guys were hanging out in the food court trying to pick up chicks, and mall walkers were cruising the walkways. The mall cops sped by on their Segways©, and kiosk owners tried to hand out free samples to people who passed by. The noise level was an overall buzz, and from somewhere elevator music flowed softly throughout the whole mall.

The two boys made their way through the perfume ridden department store and into the heart of the mall. Their first action was to find a directory. Once located, they scanned all the stores, focusing on clothing.

"Where do you suppose we'd find relatively cheap suits?" Kris asked. Robert shrugged. Kris gave him a look.

"What?" Robert said innocently. "I'm not a suit kinda guy. Can't I just get one of those tuxedo shirts and call it a day?" Kris sighed and continued scoring the shops. When he thought he had one picked out he grabbed Robert's wrist and pulled him along. Robert followed grudgingly. As they stood outside of Suits N More, they tried to judge the prices from the look of the mannequins. "I think it looks good," Robert said, just trying to speed things along.

"Hmm, nah. There's a bunch of snobs in there. Let's check the one down there," Kris said, dragging Robert again.

"We're looking for suits! The people in these stores are going to be snobs!"

"Well, we can at least try to find less snobby snobs," Suddenly, Kris stopped in his tracks and gazed up at the store in front of him, eyes going wide. Robert waved his hand in front of his face, but Kris was frozen in glee. Robert looked over and face-palmed.

"I'm guessing we're going here,"

"Hell yes we're going here!"

Fabulous Ensemble was the epitome of clothing stores. At least, it was to Kris. The store had everything for men and women; suits and jackets and dresses and pants and hats and ties and just about anything else wearable. What set it apart from the rest though, was as soon as they stepped in, it was like a rainbow threw up. Yet, somehow, nothing clashed. Everything in this store was a different color or pattern or texture. In short, everything in this store was fabulous. "I think I've died, gone to heaven, and opened my closet," Kris said in a daze.

"I think my eyes are going into a rainbow seizure," Robert grumbled, trying not to be eaten by all the colors. Kris snapped out of his frozen stance and immediately began searching around the suit section. Robert stood to the side in the empty isle, arms crossed over his chest, and leaned against a display stand. It held an array of ties and collared shirts, all a mixture of colors. He looked them over, trying to see himself in them and mentally cringing. He could hardly stand wacky day when he was a walking lollipop. Him and Kris had ended up switching all their accessories by the end of that. He looked over to the blonde who was holding up a lime green jacket to himself and looking in the mirror with an unsure expression on his face. Robert couldn't help but smile. Kris was the only one who could pull off wearing a candy store and look adorable doing it. He loved that about him. It was his thing and he pulled it off perfectly. How anyone else couldn't see it was beyond him. He was also the only rainbow thing he'd allow within a ten foot radius of himself. Just being in this store was starting to make him itch. He was snapped out of his thoughts when he felt light taps on his shoulder. He turned.

"Hello~ Welcome to Fabulous Ensemble! I'm Donnie! Is there anything I can help you with?" A very effervescent man dressed in pink and fluff smiled brightly at Robert, flicking his bright blonde hair over his shoulder. Robert couldn't help but stare for a good minute before he remembered that he was asked a question... and that staring was rude.

"Oh! Oh, no thank you. I'm ok," He quickly answered before pointing over at Kris who was now looking at the bow ties. "But, uh, my friend could probably use some help,"

"Your 'friend', hmm?" Donnie gave Robert a knowing look and a smirk before making his way over to Kris. Robert couldn't hear what they were saying, but he watched as Kris's face lit up when Donnie said something, and then they both laughed. He saw Kris flick his eyes over to him, and thrn they laughed again. Robert crossed his arms over his chest again and turned away with a HMFP. Whatever they were saying about him, he was just going to ignore. He was also not about to get jealous of that Donnie guy. He looked more like a girl than anything anyways. He snuck a glance over at them and bristled as he watched them both walk into the fitting room. HOLD UP A MINUTE! He took a step towards the fitting rooms, ready to give that guy a piece of his mind. What did he think he was doing walking in there with his- he quickly stopped. Donnie walked back out of the rooms and started making his way towards Robert, his boots clicking on the laminated floor. "While Kris is trying on a few things, would you like any help selecting your own suit?" He asked Robert with a smile.

Robert mumbled something before answering, "I'm not really a suit guy. Do you have anything simple... and not neon?" Donnie laughed before leading Robert towards the back of the store.

"I have just the thing!"


They left the store about an hour later, Kris buying more than just his suit and Robert actually pretty happy with his new stuff. Kris had paid for everything even though Robert tried to pay for his. Kris just wouldn't allow it.

"You have to admit that store was pretty epic," Kris said, grinning at Robert. Robert shrugged.

"I guess. If you like that kinda thing," He looked at Kris. "Oh, wait!"

"Ha ha, very funny," They continued walking around the mall, trying to kill time before the football game. They went into an electronic store but got kicked out a few minutes later for setting all the alarms on the clocks to go off at the same time. They went into a mattress store but got kicked out a few minutes later for laying on a bed instead of buying one. They went into a toy store but got kicked out a few minutes later for being too old to play with the toys. They went into a preppy store but ran out a few seconds later because they couldn't breathe through the fog of perfume.

"Want to go get some dinner?" Robert asked once they regained use of their lungs.

"Sure!" Kris said. "Where should we go?"

"Let's go to one of the legit restaurants, not something from the food court," Robert suggested and Kris agreed. They soon found themselves in a small soup and salad kinda restaurant, looking over the menu. Kris decided on what he wanted and placed his menu on the table, looking over at Robert who was still trying to make up his mind. A small candle sat in a red glass holder on their table illuminating the features on his face and Kris felt his heart beat faster. Soft violin music played throughout the restaurant. Around them, other couples were sitting and talking and it made Kris smile. They looked so happy on their dates. That's when it hit him.

"Hey, Robert?" He said quietly. Robert hummed to show he was listening, but didn't lift his eyes from his menu. "Is this like... a date?" Kris's blush was almost impossible to see in the glow from the candle, but when Robert looked up, he knew it was there. He locked his eyes to Kris's blue ones and gave a sincere smile.

"Yeah, I guess it is," Kris smiled back, and slowly they both began to lean forward, knowing without words that this moment called for a kiss. But, before they touched, the waitress came back and they swiftly sat back in their seats. After she left with their orders, Kris suddenly couldn't stop giggling. It then spread to Robert in that mystic way that giggles spread. Soon, they were both full out laughing and getting strange looks from the other inhabitants of the restaurant, but they didn't care. They didn't care one bit.

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