Chapter 1 Louise's Wedding

"Kresley! Get your ass out of bed!" exclaims my dad from down stairs. I groan and roll over in my bed. I put my pillow over my head and try to fall back asleep, hoping it's all a dream. "Kresley Louise! Let's go! You have fifteen minutes before we leave!" I sit up in my bed and throw my pillow at my door. I then pull my covers off and slowly climb out of my bed, rubbing my sleepy eyes. I go to my mirror and give it a dead stare.

I am wearing a long grey shirt with only my underwear. My hair is in a messy ponytail and my make up from the day before is smudged. I sigh and and go into my bathroom, double checking my bedroom door, to make sure it's locked. I then go and wash my face and brush out my mangled brown hair. After fixing that I go over to the back of my door and take down the light green bride's maid dress. After squeezing into the tiny dress, I apply my deoderent and then look back at my bed. There lays my boyfriend. His black hair is in a spikey mess and a satisfied smile sits upon his face.

"I thought you were asleep," I snap and cross my arms.

"When your dad called I woke up. You look sexy," he says and winks. I roll my eyes and throw my pillow that was sitting next to my door at him.

"Don't leave until we do, and make sure you lock the door," I say and then unlock my door.

"No goodbye kiss?" He asks and sits making a puppy dog face. I sigh and then go to the side of my bed. I plant a light kiss on his lips and then back away. "See? That wasn't so bad."

"Whatever, I'll see you tonight alright?"

"Yup, I love you babe."

"Love you too," I say and then leave my room just as my dad calls again.

"Kresley! We are leaving!"

"I'm coming! Jesus!" I scream. I hurry down the stairs holding a pair of heels in my hand.

"Well it took you long enough, were you talking to yourself in the mirror again?" he asks as he pushes me out the door.

"Yes Dad, 'cause I excessively talk to myself in the mirror and admire myself. That's how self centered I am," I growl and climb into my dad's mercadise. "I don't even see why we're going. You and Mom aren't married, and you hardly speak to each other. Why do we have to go to her wedding?"

"Because you are one of her bride's maids and it would only be proper if I went, to show her that I am happy that's she's moved on," he explains.

"But you're not. Everyone knows you're still in love with Mom, which I don't even see why. It can't be her personality. She doesn't have one."

"I'm not still in love with your mother and of course your mom has a personality. Just because she centers herself around her job doesn't mean she has no personality."

"Well, she might of had one, but it's gone now. Ever since her and Boob, I mean Bob, got together she hasn't called me except for cancelling our weekends and inviting me to her stupid wedding. She wouldn't notice if we didn't show up." I cross my arms and stare at the passing cars on the highway.

"I'm pretty sure she would notice, she's your mother for Christ's sake."

"Yeah, maybe since I'm a bride's maid. And she only made me a bride's maid so she can show everyone how young she still looks. I mean with all the plastic surgeory she's had, she looks like my damn twin, except for the fact that she's blonde and fourty-five."

"Kresley, please don't ruin this tonight. It's your mom's big night and no one wants your negativity," my dad pleads. I roll my eyes.

"What ever, but I'm leaving after the ceremony. I have plans with Ryan tonight."

"Ugh, what do you see in that boy?"

"His drugs and booze."

"What!!" The car comes to a complete stop on the side of the highway.

"I'm kidding Dad! Jesus! It was a joke!"

"Well fuck Kresley! Don't say that! Are you trying to give me a heartattack? Drugs and booze? What the hell?" We pull back onto the road. "And you're not leaving so soon."

"Dad, be happy I'm coming to the damn thing in the first place! You really expect me to stay for the whole thing? So Grandma can critize my hair and mom can completely ignore me and forget her own daughter's name? I'm not staying dad. And you can't stop me." He sighs. He knows he can't stop me. He never has before. He gives into me, just like he did with Mom. He gave into her about her going to work and him raising me. He gave into to her with moving out of the house three years ago. He didn't even try to fight for her during the divorce, even though he was so in love with her. But then again, he didn't try to get her back after he found out she was having an affair on him for the third time. Typical Dad.

We pull off the highway and a few mintues later we pull up to a large cathedral. Bob is Christian, and filthy rich. He's also the guy Mom had an affair on Dad with. What a good Christian right? Bob supposedly has three sons. Triplets actually, but they all looked nothing alike. All I know is that they are eighteen and one of them will be walking me down the aisle before my mom. All three of them are the Groom's men. It kind of sucks actually. I have to walk arm and arm with my new creepy step-brother. Woo hoo.

As soon as I walk into the church I am pulled away by my mom's friend Amy.

"Thank God you're here. They've been looking everywhere for you. What'd you do to your hair? Don't you have any better make up? Why aren't your shoes on? Is that dirt under your nails?"

Ten minutes later I am standing behind Amy, waiting to meet my three new brothers. I cross my arms and wait. Then I turn my head and spot three guys walking up. A blonde, brunette and one with black hair. They all look related, but seem to all move differently, and they looked nothing like Bob either, thank God. The blonde's hair is spikey and short. His eyes are a beautiful baby blue. His smile is gorgeous. The brunette has nice short hair that is neatly gelled. His eyes are also a baby blue and his smile is just as handsome as the blonde's. Then the black haired guy's hair was a little above his chin and a single green streak sits in it. His hair hides his eyes and his face holds no expression. I watch as the three boys walk up, all of them having the most beautiful bodies I had ever seen. I then look away as the black haired guy moves his head in my direction.

Oh my God, I just checked out my new step brothers. I shake my head a little and then turn back to them. Before me stands the black haired guy. I stare at him, suprised and speechless.

"You must be Kresley," he says in a smooth, cool voice that gives me chills. He holds out a hand. I gulp and then shake his hand. "I'm Avery." I nod and then smile awkwardly. "Bob has told me a lot about you. You're seventeen and you're into partying and skipping school right?" I stare at him shocked.

"Bob? He's your dad isn't he?" I ask, confused.

"No, Bob is just my and my brothers' guardian. He took us in after our mother died six years ago. He was her boyfriend for about two years though. But I guess he is the closest thing we have had a to a dad." I nod slowly and then turn away from him, still a bit confused.

"Alright, is everyone lined up? Okay! Let's party everyone! I know there was no rehearsal but you should all be smart enough to know what to do. Walk with the music, smile, and don't talk! Alright, que the music!" The wedding planner exclaims and then disappears. I sigh and look back at Avery. He holds out his arm.


"No," I snap and slide my arm through his. I hear an organ through the large oak doors and then they open. Hundreds of people are looking at us. I suddenly feel very self conscious. I look down at my dress and then fidget with my hair.

"You look beautiful," whispers a smooth voice into my ear. I look up at Avery, who stands a good three inches above me, in shock. That was unexpected. I then look forward again as we step out onto the aisle. I take a deep breath and soon we are halfway down.

I stare at the three brothers as they talk to Bob and some other men a few feet away. They were all so beautiful. I found out the other brothers' names. The blonde is Jay and the brunette is Emory. Avery, Jay and Emory Stanton. They all seemed so perfect.

"Your father told me you were leaving with Ryan after the ceremony," says a snippy voice from my side. I don't take my eyes from the boys.

"I changed my mind, mother," I say. I then look over at her. "Why do you care? Aren't you happy that I stayed? Now you can tell everyone about your mess up child and show them how much better you are off without me." I glare at her.

"Oh, what ever Kresley, I didn't make you a bride's maid for no reason, and don't call me mom in public. You know how I feel about that," she snaps.

"Oh, I know Louise," I say calling her by her first name. "You don't want people to know how old you really are! Does Bob even know your real age? Oh wait, I forgot, he's like sixty isn't he? Well, good luck being with someone who is as old as Grandpa!" I turn away from her and storm out onto the padio outside. I lean against a railing and take down my hair. I let my dark brown waves fall down my back and sigh in the cool night air. I knew staying would be a mistake.

"Are you alright?" asks a voice. I turn and see the blonde brother, or Jay. "You sure got out of there as fast as possible." I smile shyly.

"Oh, you saw that?" I shrug. "I'm not too big on weddings, or my mom."

"Who Louise? You must be Kresley then."

"Yeah, you're Jay right?"

"Yup, nice to meet you." We shake hands and then he leans against the railing with me. "So Bob has told us a bit about you. Party girl right?"

"What? No. Well, yes," I say and laugh a little. He laughs too. "I'm just a bit rebellious is all. I'm not to big on my familiy."

"I see, well it looks like we have something in common already," Jay says.

"What? You're not a family person either?"

"No, I love partying, it's better than following the rules," Jay says. "So how old are you again?"

"Seventeen," I say. "I'll be eighteen in two months."

"Really?" he says and smiles wickedly. Kresley smiles. She could only imagine the ideas he was getting.

"Yeah, and after school I'm moving out as soon as I can," I state. "I hate living with my dad."

"Hey Jay, who you talking to?" asks a voice from behind. We turn and see Emory walking up to us. "Oh, hey, I'm Emory." He puts out a hand when he reaches us. I shakes his hand and I can feel the strength in his arm.

"Kresley, bride's daughter," I say and smile.

"Ah, you're the one that likes to-"

"Party and skip school, yeah that's me," I interrupt. "Is that what he tells everyone?"

"Pretty much," Emory says and shrugs.

"Yeah, that's all Louise says about you too so it's all Bob can say," Jay states.

"Hey! Emory, Jay! I've been looking everywhere for you!" says yet another voice. I look again and see Avery. When he spots me he smiles. "Hey beautiful." I blush and smile.

"So she's the one you had to walk with? Lucky, my bride's maid was like thirty years old," Jay says.

"Yeah, same here," Emory states. "So Kresley, tell us more about yourself."

"Actually, it's time for us to give our speeches, well, for you to give your speech Jay," Avery says.

"Oh, okay, let's go then," Jay says. We then all head inside.

"So what do you think?" Avery asks into my ear. I shiver at his cool breath in my ear.

"Think of what?" I ask acting as uneffected by his breath as possible.

"Of Jay and Emory, do you like them?"

"Oh, yeah, they're really nice," I say. "You all seem really different from each other, for being triplets and all."

"Yeah, my mom made sure of that. When we were all six, she took us each aside and asked us one thing that we really wanted to do. Emory wanted to play basketball, so she signed him up for a little league. Jay was into karate, so now he's a black belt. And I really wanted to play the piano, believe it or not. So now I'm an expert pianist. We are all completely different. Jay's the partier who gets all the girls. Emory is the athlete who gets all the girls. And I'm the quiet poet who, well, get the girls when they want me get me." I smile again.

"Wow, So do you all naturally have different hair colors?" I ask.

"No, Jay and Emory are actually identical. Jay died his hair about two years ago and has kept the blonde. It actually suits him well. Brunette isn't really him. He hated being mistaken for Emory all the time so he fixed the problem."

"So you're the only one who didn't get the-"

"Good looks?" he interrupts.

"No, I was gonna say the identical genes," I say and frown at him.

"So what are you saying?"

"What? What am I suppose to be saying?" I ask, confused, which seems to be happening a lot lately.

"Are you saying I'm pretty?" he asks and smiles childishly.

"No, I'm saying your handsome," I blurt out. I then widen my eyes a little. I don't know why I was so suprised that I said that. I usually speak my mind.

"Oh, well thank you." He smiles and looks away. We sit down next to each other at the Bride-Groom table while Jay stands to make his speech.

"So where does black hair come into the picture in your family?" I ask, leaning over a little.

"My mom had black hair. Jay and Emory got my dad's looks. Everyone says I got lucky because of that fact, and I agree with them because my father was a jerk," Avery says. I nod and sit back.

"So where do you get your looks? I don't see you in your mom, or your dad," Avery asks.

"Actually I got my grandmother's looks. When I was little everyone said I looked exactly like her. People still do today," I state.

"Oh, I've heard about that happening. Generation Twins. I always thought that was kinda neat," Avery says.

"Bob has been a father to me and my brothers for almost seven years now," Jay says boldy from the end of the table. "I wouldn't have it anyother way. And Louise, you're going to make a wonderful part of the family. I'm looking forward to having my children call you grandma!" I watch as my mom flinches at the remark, but smile sweetly. I crack up. Grandma? She hates being called mother for Christ's sake. "Welcome to the family Louise! Congratulations you two! I hope you have a happy rest of your lives!"

Everyone cheers and claps. I roll my eyes.

"Jay said that grandma thing on purpose," Avery whispers. "He hates Louise. It's kinda funny too, because none of us like her."

"Well that makes four of us," I say and take a sip of my wine. That is the one thing I love about weddings, the wine, even though I'm still under age.

My father hands me my jacket and we begin to make our way outside to the car. I had danced with each of the brothers and had come to like them a lot.

"Kresley! Wait up!" I hear a voice yell from behind me. I turn and see Jay running up. "Hey, listen, this summer, before me and the boys go off to college, and before you go I'm guessing, we are going to Bob's place up north in Maine. We were wondering if you wanted to spend two months there with us. I mean, it would be awesome having someone other than my lame brothers to talk to. What do you say?"

"Is Louise gonna be there?" I ask.

"Well, for the first month and a half, no, it will actually just be us because Louise and Bob have this big business trip in Japan or something," Jay says after pulling me off to the side, away from my dad. "We are actually not suppose to go there until the beginning of August but we always go early. It would be sweet if you came."

"Sure, I would love to," I say and smile.

"Alright, well, since school ends in a couple weeks, we'll call, and be packed and ready when we get there alright?"

"Yup, I'll talk to you then," I say and wave good bye. I then head back to my dad.

"Maine for the summer?"

"Yeah, can I go?" I ask, though it was kinda pointless.

"Is Bob and your mother going to be there?"

"No Dad, we're going unsupervised for two months," I say. It wasn't a lie. "Of course they'll be there." That wasn't a lie either.

"Then of course. I'm glad you kicked it off with your new brothers," my dad says.

"There not even related to Bob!" I exclaim. "They're not my brothers. Ew, no Dad, they are just more like Bob's best friend's sons or something."

"What ever, let's get home, I'm bushed," my dad says and we climb into our car.

"What? Watching Mom all night wear you out?" I tease.

"I wasn't watching her all night! I was actually eyeing one of the other bride's maids." I roll my eyes as we pull out of the parking lot.

"What ever."

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. I know Kresley might seem like a tough girl with a rebelious spirit, which I'll admit she is, but you'll see her soft side come out a little. And even a little emotional outbursts. I mean, which girl wouldn't when you have three gorgeous guys to worry about? Comment please!!!~FantasyisReality